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The raids are incredibly simple. Just like the primary raids is an easy raid from 60. The hard elements of it have been eliminated. You don't need frost resistance gear you don't need to accomplish anything. play for fun. If you're playing with a gear you'll still keep feeling that potential of your character growing upwards with every upgrade you obtain.

There are two approaches to this. Let's consider the second scenario, in which you'd never be a player because you have no interest in joining any guild or pug actually in the grand scheme of things. Raiding is only and should only be a small part of your time because there is so much more to do , both for PvE and yp players. the achievement system open for everyone to enjoy. being able to be 100% successful because there is a lot to gain of them, however you can do so many things on your own like Lawmaster PvP achievement where, yes it's not a solo game, but you can cue accomplishments for solo reputation, collective mounts and pets , and so many more.

It's possible that you'll really enjoy the process of leveling and I'll tell you that right now there's nothing better than the feeling of leveling your character's heirlooms which have been replete with magic because it feels like you've got godmode on so far minaudiere Island was just playing five-man games and slowly building up an army of oatmeal. Another option is to level up to consider. The other option is that I'm gonna have two characters.

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If you're a jewel craftsman, make sure to craft both monarch crabs and modeling Ruby hair. Monarch crab is the one you'll usually use to fight bosses, while Ruby hair is great to use with the movespeed CD trash and you can swap it for a time when the CD is down. It's also great for boss fights , where fast movement is beneficial. If you're not a JC typically, the levantar the ultimate talisman. Let's discuss emblems, you'll receive 52 icons of heroism per day if you do every heroic and the daily quests gave you the chance to earn even more points through other quests. If you have the enough time to complete all the emblem items.

The most important thing I would recommend is libram of obstruction, chest guards of the last conquer gloves of the last conquer chainsed military beauties and waist guard of living iron. If you get unlucky with the Royal Crest of Florida on my list, I'd recommend getting crackles discarded plate panel prior to your first run. Otherwise I would skip it.

As I've already mentioned it's not super easy to achieve early on. Therefore, the lower defense of crackles in comparison to later means you'll need to drop some stem somewhere to increase the defense that will last for. It will take 220 emblems for everything so that will take four days to complete every daily heroic. Plus a little bit of questing. For those who aren't in a position to collect this many emblems before launch prioritize the brim of obstruction Fraggles discarded plate panel only if the rail crest Florida isn't dropping for you. The military chain is beautiful and waist guards from living iron.

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There's a reason that almost every professional and player makes use of these macros, they just help to make the game extremely fluid and play a significant role of having fast reactive plays. You'll need focus macros for your deep sheep , and your CS. Alternatively, you could have deep 123 CS and sheep 123. However, that's nine vines instead of just three.

The most important thing is for you to be overwhelmed. Our advice is to keep to the focus macros now and move on to arena 123 later. Focus on rank one Frostbolt is an important part of your rotation . It's approximate. The reason behind this is because there's plenty of dispels within the wrath spell and creates a really good trash buff to beat winter's chill. The main reason you'll be employing this is to counter the magic ability of Warlocks that devour which allows them eliminate their opponents in just eight seconds.

The thing you need to get into your routine against Warlocks should be to cast an unranked one frost bolt over their healer, then deep shaping the healer. In this way, there'll be a one in three chance that the Warlock consumes the key spell, polymorph. More often than not it is the case that you are using your iceblock to attack out of CC and score a kill. Utilizing the regular technique will consume one whole second. Whereas if you have a macro, you are able to stop it right away. Make sure you don't send it out when you're in trouble. Moving on, we have targeted Bell steel.

This is great for priests that don't cover their power infusions , but it shines best when it gets Shamans. It's not easy to spot an shaman when he's got an Grounding Totem down as all your spells are either traveling times that are high-value like Deep Freeze, or are just short range like fire blasts. The good news is that there's spell steel. it can consume grounding immediately which allows you to check it out. It's worthwhile to know that this isn't working when the shaman doesn't have magic boosts, but it's very uncommon. Moving to Warlocks are an absolute pain to deal with , and they can cause anger as a mage.

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Excellent job. NPC summons Avenue to call the next set of advertisements, and the ads cease to appear and give an experience. Wow, I am awestruck by shit like this. It's incredible. It's common for players to exploit early because that's how the game works . Take a look at the experience bar that is going up man like if he made it this fast he was getting level like every 50 minutes that's insane and you're able to do it as well. could I? I don't know if I can.

I bet they'll probably patch that shit out right after was able to see it. get banned yeah I don't think that this guy ought to be banned if that's how the game functions, that's the way blizzards works. do not know if that banning people from doing this kind of thing is a good idea why did they get banned I thought it was done by the game's administrators in the past too. Let's go pop Holy shit.

My favorite part about this man winning the race is the fact that every fucking Raider and retail Wow on Twitter, he is like man. Classic players. They're pretty bad, aren't they? They are really bad at the game. Retail. WoW players are way more skilled. Yes, we're better This guy is a retail player.

Exactly. So that's my top Fucking Part Man. The use of party fully level one dead characters for group experience. That's great. I had no idea it worked this way. I thought they had to get the experience to take place. I'm thinking it's time to All right, here. We're off. I like how there's such a thing as this fucking emo. I'm amazed at the hasard emoticon. There it is. Wow.

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For the third scenario there are a couple of different options available. One of them could be Shadow Labs, which I'm not a big fan of due to the fact that mobs can easily get away from you and heal. The other is botanika. It would be a lie to you that I liked the botanika. I'm not sure. I do believe that the mobs do a lot of magic damage and are also a nuisance to manage, but they're not able to escape you. It's an added benefit.

That means if we do this at level 70. we'd be getting about 900.000 experience per hour. However, since we're at an upper level, we get around 70% of the XP However, we're doing it quicker. This means we can get approximately 750.000 experience per hour. One aspect I can be saying about this is that you only have to take it on for one level. Apart from that, I'm not sure what I can say good to add about this situation I'm not really a fan of the botanika hence why I'm not going to do it at level 70.

After we hit 77, we can head back to the dollar store and get the cold weather flying the next stop is Ice Crown And this next farm is actually going to be an open world farm. Now I know in the video, I mentioned the dungeon and that you could visit Anca Hat and offer this place a performance. For me, however, I found this to be a lot easier. This is a pretty well known farm that yields about 700 to 800.000 hours of experience. And the spec that I'm playing in my depth night is quite unholy.

And the reason for this is because of corpse explosion along with the AoE. The priority is to kill the big banner guy first. We'll accomplish this by causing diseases to the target rather than spreading the pestilence that kills and causes decay across the AOE than using Deathstrike to heal ourselves. When the mob dies, then we'll utilize corpse blast and are going to continue this process until all the mobs have died. For glyphs and talents on this farm I'll give you an address in the description below, if you'd like to investigate.

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This comes from the final boss's atmosphere Hold heroically with a nice amount of heat and the damage you deal to your spells. You're gonna see a lot of people trying to get this because, until you're in raids, this is the best you can get for the items you need to use in raids. You've got a magnificent dragon figurine. This is a trinket for healing, which is great in the hands of priests or Resto Druids.

This only comes from os 10 You got fury to five flights of attack power, which is a stacking attack power trinket from os 25. Which everyone who uses attack power is likely to fight over you've got illustrations from the Dragon Soul which is exactly like that except stuck in spell damage instead. There's no doubt that a lot of your casters are likely to be arguing over this headpiece of reconciliation. It is the only available two to six pieces that you can get in the first phase with spirit haste and spell power.

The same goes for obsidian great helm with strength crit and expertise on this plate helmet. The pennant cloak is a style that lots of people will want, there's going to be a lots of competition over this because yes, it is a two to six capes. It's the highest level of ilevel is achievable on a cape within the first phase within Korea is speed and strength.

A different item that is a must be unsalted cuffs which come from Safari and are again paired with spellpower haste a Red socket. They are spirit intelligence incredible braces. And as I say they're two to six ilevel as well. Leggins of the honored are again worth mentioned as they're the sole one to six leg that you'll be able to get if you're an agility based user who is agile, quick to ability to hit and attack.

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So the second thing that I believe is worth mention is play with the nameplates. Now this for me is possibly one of my most favorite things. If you look closely here, you'll be able to see the moment I'm close enough to that the bar for health. This is the first time I've completely customized this. So let me show you what settings I've actually used.

Health bar look allows you to customize everything in this but I've made it as simple as possible. Also, I've gone with a simple type of look. This is way of looking. like it. So I'm thinking that all is set to clean clean. And I've set the border thickness to the highest you can see that we can make the observations downturn or even show you see Oh, I like this way of looking.

And look, you can set that to full you can sort of too high I'm thinking 1210 might be the level I'd like to set it. However, it is most likely in the same range. It looks great. Well, then it's basically like this was my UI This is how I got it through the one we talked about earlier, which was questi. It's really easy.I still would see this as an excellent way to passively make gold through an automated via cloth cooldowns off the ah as well as crafting into the bag after cooling down and then just taking the profit but probably an easier and more reliable method would be making smaller quantities of gold using those 20 slots of frost bags or even Soul Shard bags and enchant in bags.

The blacksmithing trade is definitely less interesting to speak about than tailoring , since the bulk of your gold-making potential comes from actual here you'll be able create a full set of the basics gear that you can play PvP or even half decent PvE improvements from slots left out of the decent quest rewards. You could make the complete set for holy Paladins. It's a strong set that any strength using DPS can use or even tempered items which are intended for tanks.

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The overall Activision Blizzard net revenue was $772 million in the quarter, which was down from $804 million this time in the same period last year. The bright spot on the Activision Blizzard's income statement for the quarter was its digital revenue, which comprised more than 68 percent total revenue. That's a quarterly record.

Other highlights from Activision Blizzard's earnings report today include:

World of Warcraft: Ultimate Evil Edition is scheduled to launch for "console" later this year. It's been confirmed for PS4 but not Xbox One. World of Warcraft subscribers have decreased by 7.8 million , to 7.6 million.Gamers know that they have pre-purchased more than 1 million copies of the World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor.Warlords of Draenor is scheduled to release within the "back portion" in 2014. Destiny preorders are near to making records for a new IP.Activision believes that the "shared-world" shooter will be an entirely new genre that will be led by Destiny.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick expressed optimism about the business's outlook for the coming year, thanks in large part to Bungie's $500.000 game Destiny.

"We have a solid pipeline of products for the remainder of the year, starting on September 9th, which is the date we plan to launch of Destiny which we believe will be our next billion dollar franchise and also the biggest videogame IP launch to date," he said.

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Also included in the Collector's edition , is a digital soundtrack that includes music from the new expansion, as well as a collector's coin. Also, it comes with the same digital rewards for previously mentioned in Digital Deluxe edition, which offer a wide range of goodies for Blizzard's games. The most notable items are those that are used in WoW which include an animal Mount (Seabraid Stallion for Alliance, Gilded Ravasaur to Horde) as well as an animal (the adorable baby Tortollan). Also, there's a World of Warcraft card back, StarCraft II Horde and Alliance sprays as well as sprays for Alliance and Horde, a Heroes of the Storm "Primal Flamesaber" mount, as well as other World of Warcraft items. This includes "Horde, and Alliance-themed" voice tracks for Torbjorn and emotes for Tracer; Anduin, Jaina, Sylvanas, and Saurfang sprays; as well as Kul Tiran and Zandalari's players icons."

Custom-designed Choppers made by the famous bike designer Paul Teutul Jr. of Discovery Channel reality TV show American Chopper fame will be being introduced to World of Warcraft . If this announcement caught you off-guard You're not alone. We caught up with Paul Jr. himself and Blizzard this morning on the eve of PAX East to try to figure out what was going on.

"For us, it's nothing new because what we provide similar to firms like Blizzard is an outside-the-box approach to marketing. Everyone asks "How does this make sense?' and with content we make it make sense," Paul Jr. stated. "For me I believe this is more suitable than some of the work we've put out that has proven very popular. What I like about this is it activates the fanbase, and from an artistic perspective, we're able to build something that bridges the gap between reality and fantasy. There's nothing like that out there."

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The World of Warcraft movie has been hit by an unintended setback. CraveOnline spoke to Spider-Man director Sam Raimi at Comic-Con last week. The director stated that he's not working on the upcoming film based on Blizzard's online massively multiplayer role-playing game, due to his involvement in Oz: The Great and Powerful. Raimi is out as director of the World of Warcraft film director.

"Actually, they don't want me to direct World of Warcraft anymore, because after I accepted the Oz job , they needed change to another director." Raimi said. "They were required to make it."

No mention was made concerning an alternative to Raimi as the World of Warcraft film director. At press time, Blizzard did not respond to P2Pah's request for comment.

The World of Warcraft movie was revealed in the year of 2006. In 2006. Blizzard said that its goal was to create "one of the best films of all time." The year 2009 saw Raimi made an official announcement as director, and later the same year, Saving Private Ryan scribe Robert Rodat was announced as the film's writer. In the year 2010. Raimi provided more information about the film, stating that he was working on a 40-page script that "needs some work."

"We're discovering the characters, and through the characters we're discovering the story...we're trying to create realistic characters that can live in the World of Warcraft , as though you were in the game in the game itself," he said at the time.

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