A secret hidden 25 years ago in Windows 95 was revealed by a software developer. The easter egg was hidden in Internet Mail, an email client native to the operating system, and, when activated, it displays the credits related to those responsible for the application, in the style of the scrolls seen in the cinema and similar to another game of the type, which has already had been discovered on the platform.

The discovery was made by reverse engineering specialist Albacore, who believes that this is the first time that the easter egg has been shown in practice. To access the list of credits, simply access the Help menu of the native email program and then select the "About" option. Then, it was enough to select the first DLL file displayed in a list and type the word “mortimer” on the keyboard for the secret window to open to display the names of those responsible for the software.
Tags: Windows 95
aprabha2611 6 april 2021, 13:39