Nowadays, we tend to grab our mobile phones and search on the internet for whatever we are in need of. It is for the same reason to fix up things at the household led to the emergence of the on-demand Plumbers app. By launching an on-demand plumber app, you can lend a hand to get the repair done for your customers with ease that will start to earn a better revenue for you.

How does the plumber service app works, and what makes it unique?
The app can have three panels
1. User App
2. Plumber App
3. Admin App

Workflow of the app:
The User can select the type of service from the menu displayed on the app
1. The plumber gets notified about the service request, and he can accept or reject the booking order based on their convenience
2. The doorstep service delivery is provided to the customers at the selected time slot
After the delivery of service, the customer can proceed with the payment
3. The customers can rate & review the service provided to them

To make your app stand unique, you can have add-on features in your app to make it more user-friendly. Features such as,
Social Login: The users of the app can sign in using any of their social media accounts to facilitate quick and easy login
Confirmation with service details: Once the User’s booking request is confirmed, they can be provided with the details of the service provider, like name, contact details, etc., and their booking slot timings
Live-Tracking: The customer app can have the feature to live track the service personnel after the booking confirmation is made that enables the customer to know the time it will take for the service provider to reach their location

Final note,
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markluber 16 june 2021, 9:05