There was the option to either keep your character's vanilla realms , which Wow TBC gold is Naxx or to move your character through Dark Portal to the TBC expansion.

TBC is the default setting for the majority of players because there's nothing new in the vanilla.

Certain characters remain vanilla. Additionally, they are rolling out Season of Mastery which is basically vanilla on a 12 month repeat cycle. This is likely to replace the classic era servers.

We expect that they will upgrade the TBC servers to Wrath classic in the same way they did in the previous expansion. There may also be the option of keeping your characters on dead TBC servers.
Weiweismart 25 october 2021, 2:08

In PVE at the moment , a new 70 mage can hit 1 button and if he's not out of DPS or even compete with an geared rogue for Wow TBC gold dps. Alongside water and food for the team, buffing is also recommended. And of course, an aoe.

But mainly we do okay DPS, but don't really add anything significant to the team. No AOE, b+ tier damage, no buffs. If you're only playing with the slots you need do not bring them. They can share a lot of loot with two classes that contribute things to the group.

Idk the reason why people complain that it is difficult being a rogue to get invited to groups. I was a rogue and I was able to create my own groups. You can create your own groups if aren't able to be invited to any. You can select the gear you'd like, and only invite those who don't really need the item. This is among the greatest advantages of forming your own groups. I was able to get full bis because i chose people who don't require leather gear.

Since I don't want to tank like you do. ...? Why should I have to perform 1k+ DPS when I'm capable of 500-600 DPS (I've hit 995 dps on boss fights) Off heal when it's required, and battle res in order to save the party after someone has made a mistake then innervate healer, and give everyone an additional 15% crit

Yes, my avatar is a feral. I usually tank, but often I just want take a break and enjoy some badges without having to worry about leading the run. But it just feels horrible when the whole group is pulling aoe and I'm sitting there yelling at a mob that does not die before I've earned five combo points. Unfortunately, Cat doesn't shine in 5 mens. While the value you mentioned is nice, it could be somewhat annoying. If there's an arcane mages within the group, they will definitely enjoy the insiders and it helps me feel a bit better about my shit personal DPS.

If your wild animal is healing , you're not alone. You're not a boomkin with powerful spells. We're not giving you advice on how to play , but even doing 950 is about 2/3 of the more powerful dps classes and any lower than that amount of damage could be considered carrying. In the same way, 500 damage is an amount that the team can carry. If you force dps to take part in these situations the team loses all power over dungeon leaders.

I only off heal for Oh shit times when the healer has become disabled (and the tank's overall health is getting in a dangerously low way for instance) or oom and innervate is cooldown. .... I'll shut off my tank when I need to or when the tank is down for any reason and the bres cooldown is in effect.
Weiweismart 3 october 2021, 2:23