With the advent of on-demand apps, people nowadays are habituated to the ease of acquiring services online. This trend has made people look for professional movers and packers solutions to help with the shifting services rather than doing it by themselves.
Let’s see the benefits offered by Uber for moving app:
It helps in establishing a good relationship with the customer.
Gains a wider reach for business.
Facilitates better customer service.
Offers ability to order and manage staff efficiently.
Easy order assessment and so on.

The pandemic has halted many businesses that have skyrocketed the demand for on-demand movers and packers services to assist users in relocating their goods with additional care. This offers a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to explore the on-demand moving service market with Uber for moving app solutions. However, to stand out from the majority crowd, your app needs to have a unique design that distinguishes it from the other.

Let us have a look at some of the distinctive features to have in your app.
Price Bargaining Tool: This option allows the customer to virtually bargain with the service provider on the quoted price for the service.
Schedule bookings: Offering the Schedule booking feature allows customers to book a moving service for a specific date and time, avoiding last-minute hassle.
Real-time tracking: Customers can use the live-tracking feature to track the exact location of the assigned driver, ensuring that their items are delivered safely.


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markluber 10 july 2021, 8:38