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If you plan on getting into the healthcare business, on-demand medicine delivery can be an ideal option. As technologies are evolving day by day, people continually depend more on mobile apps. The advent of on-demand service apps has made it easier for people to sit at their respective homes and get their essentials things/services at their doorstep.
Before getting started with the business, ensure that you have obtained all the necessary licenses to sell medicines online and hire a reputed app development company with extensive experience in this niche. Identify your target audience and optimize your app to match their requirements. Here are some of the critical features that are responsible for the proper functioning of your on-demand medicine delivery app.
Critical features that you shouldn’t miss on your on-demand medicine delivery app
Features for your customer--side panel:

1. Register/Login
2. Locate drug stores in their vicinity
3. Return policies for medicines
4. Uploading prescriptions directly in the app
5. Schedule refills of medicines
6. Loyalty points for customers
Features in pharmacy owners’ app:
1. Register/Login
2. Establish a connection with users in real-time
3. Tracking the medicine inventory
4. Tracking the orders in real-time
5. Contact users via chat/call
Features in the admin panel:
1. Analyze the user data
2. Monitor the overall business operations
3. Overview of the ongoing orders
4. Access pharmacy details
5. Access inventory and schedule orders
Advanced features that you can consider integrating into your app:
1. Customer relationship management (CRM)
2. Reviews and ratings
3. Affiliate marketing
4. Trending fitness meals
5. Home delivery
6. Expert counseling
7. Associate medical stores
8. Search filters
9. Upload e-prescriptions
10. Chain management for supply
The team required to build your on-demand medicine delivery app:
Ensure that you choose a professional app development team to get the best results. They should be efficient enough to strategize the operations and deliver a premium product. The size of your team will vary on the scale of your application. Here is a list of people you will have to hire as your development team.
1. Quality analysts
2. Bug testers
3. UI/UX designers
4. Marketing specialist
5. Associates and managers
6. Doctors and physicians for assistance
Cost of developing your on-demand medicine delivery application:
The cost of app development will vary depending on the features and functionalities of your app. If you are planning to develop your app for Android and iOS, it will cost you more. Similarly, your app development team’s location will also play a significant role in determining the overall cost.
Bottom line:
The on-demand pharmacy delivery apps are a boon to the healthcare industry as they make things easier for patients and can get medicines delivered to the doorsteps. The app’s seamless interface and innovative features will offer nothing less of a premium experience for users.
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