An attempt by the ILV to "slow down" communication with Twitter resulted in local "Internet cataclysms"
Unfortunately, any useful technical information on how exactly ILV decided to implement the what publicly stated, not so much. You can even say that it practically does not exist. So it remains only to speculate on the observations and available data.

From the observations at the moment, we have: scattered "local" messages that twitter really slowly opens (or does not open at all). Moreover, it seems that most of them concern a mobile application.

At the same time, at the same time, even through Rostelecom (by wire), Twitter itself opens quickly, and so does the video from its CDN.
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Twitter is one of the great social media platforms for every individual and business people run their twitter account successfully. This will bring many benefits to your twitter account including driving traffic to your website, providing more audience, getting more information about what the industry trends are, and so on. In this article, let us focus on some practical tips and techniques on how to run your twitter account successfully.

<h2>Hashtag Tips</h2>
Hashtags are really helpful to search for interesting and relevant content. Also, this will help users find your tweet whether they are about your brand, products, services, and industry trends. Hashtags are used to reach your social media presence and they can spread your tweet across the world. This will also help to analyze the performance of your tweets. So, choosing some right and trending hashtags are good to reach your profile all over twitter accounts.

<h2>Tips For Content</h2>
A twitter account with thoughtful content ranks higher in search engines. Tweeting high-quality content is a great rule in social media. Your twitter account should be a variety of contents. You need to create a tweet with effective and innovative content. Interactions are the keystone of a successful Twitter presence. Very effective and quality contents get more interactions. GIFs, images, videos, quotes, and infographics are some attractive ideas to enrich your content.

<h2>Tweet Others Content</h2>
Tweets from other twitter users are a great content origin for your twitter profile. User-generated content always provides great social proof. So, search some valuable and relevant content from other content and retweet that content on your Twitter account. Retweets are one of the great ideas to run your tweet for all twitter users. So, you can buy real twitter retweets manually, your social proof will be increased extremely. Also, you are able to communicate with thousands of people at one time. If someone retweets your tweet for the first time they will ask your tweet for their audience again, their audience asks retweet for their followers, and so on. So, each retweet asks another retweet for thousands of twitter users.

<h2>Post Regularly</h2>
This method is treated for every social media. Frequently tweets get more engagement as always. You need to tweet your post every day to get more reach and visibility. Make sure to post a variety of content every day. Schedule your tweet time and tweet count then post that number tweet at the correct time. Up to sharing 5 tweets per day is the best count for all twitter users.

<h2>Add Other Website Link</h2>
If you feel you are increasing your popularity you can provide other social media or websites or blog links on your Twitter account. This will help other users to follow you on the twitter platform.

<h2>Twitter Graphics Tips</h2>
Twitter is not a visual platform, but it allows and encourages visually related tweets. Visual tweets always get more attention and engagement than without using visuals. Creating eye-popping graphics, images, and videos will build more attention to your tweets and twitter account.

<h2>Create a Profile</h2>
When you are active on every social media platform, try to use the same profile picture on every platform. People always interested in your product will immediately know they are the right and trusted social media users. Also, both profile and background photos should look great and be attentive to you and your brand.

<h2>Tweet Entertainment</h2>
Twitter shows the result, most of the visual tweets are more popular containing visual contents. Make sure to find funny and interactive videos then tweet those videos on your Twitter account. Because most of the people are likely to watch very funny and interactive videos.

<h2>Make Conversations</h2>
The conversation is one of the best ways to know your audience's needs, interests, and problems. Make conversation every day or weekly once. The conversation always gets the best results. Adding polls is a simple and great idea to make the best conversation. Create some questions relevant to your product, brand, and services. Simply click the compose tweet icon and create your poll question and then choose up to 4 options as needed. Also, you can select your tweet living days between 5 minutes to 7 days and then click the tweet icon. Then after your poll live days, you are able to find your poll results.
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Twitter is a fantastic networking platform for engaging with your people. Here you can find tips and hacks for starters and those who want to enhance their height in the Twitter world.

Post Frequently
Formerly and frequently, the rule is best suitable for those who enter Twitter for the first time. You don't have any prime time to tweet or how many tweets can posts per day at the beginning stage. You don't know the right time to catch your people. Since your followers don't notice your tweet all the time. One may check in the morning and another group in the evening. By posting regularly and formerly, your followers may see at least one or two posts.

Don't be overboard
Make sure your frequent tweets have some limits, so they should not be overboard. People may feel bored or lose interest in your tweets. The only point is, don't provide too much content for your followers. Analyze your total tweets rate with an engaging rate if your tweet rate increases and your engagement rate falls. Then your followers are not happy with your content.

Build Engaging Content
You know that Twitter is a popular social media content marketing platform. But some may forget their goal. If you want to get your followers, then you must create engaging content. It must be captivating to hold interest so you can go for asking queries, Twitter polls, and create public conversations.

Update Within a Seconds
As soon as you find a hot topic is streaming on Twitter, don't miss the chance; grab it. If you focus on engaging, then go with the flow and join with trending conversations. For example, many brands and industries show their support by tweeting to women's history month. Don't feel bad if that topic does not match precisely about products. It is ok to have relevant content to match your brands. Don't hesitate to get involved in trending conversations. It may build hilarious moments when you participate in trending funny topics. That helps to create your content related to your brands. People can get traction for their new tweets easily when they buy twitter views instantly. This can help the new content get into several pairs of eyeballs.

Make Use Of Character Length
Twitter made an announcement that tweets can include up to 280 characters. When they introduce these specifications, everyone is happy to share their thoughts on each tweet. Providing informative words to write tweets should give complete meaning and should not be lifeless.

Go For Twitter Analytics
If you have the idea of modifying your Twitter profile and it came from a sudden understanding. Modifying ideas can be useful, but it may feel like quick decisions. It is better to go for Twitter analytics to get what's performing and worth it or not. After the analyses with the help of information, set your desire to reach your audience. For example, If you find your engagement rate is higher with videos, then links. Then you should consider creating more video content.

Participate In Your Community
Actually, Twitter is a communicating and interacting tool too. Give your participation in that part also to connect with your community. Plenty of organizations give less time for connecting with their followers apart from brand content. Communicate with your followers, value your follower's feelings.
KairaRalph 7 august 2020, 11:40

Twitter has changed 3 offices during its short history, and soon it will make its largest moving to a new office. Let us take a look at the origin of its office history.


The beginning

Initially, Twitter’s office was located at 164 South Park Avenue in San Francisco:
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Yesterday Twitter unveiled a new version of its interface. Its design is simplified to make it easier, faster, and richer experience. The new design will be the same for and mobile applications. In addition, TweetDeck application is updated and ready for the new version.

Visit and find out more details about the upcoming changes.
Skull 9 december 2011, 17:54


According to analysts of eMarketer the worldwide revenue from advertising on the social networking services will reach 5.54 billion dollars in 2011 and it will be doubled by 2013. Calculation was made by eMarketer based on a range of popular social networking services including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Half of the revenue that makes 2.74 billion dollars from advertising on the social networking services goes to the United States this year. It is not surprising that a large portion of the amount is the credit of Facebook service, which according to the expectations of experts will get more than 3.8 billion dollars in 2011 thanks to advertisements that is viewed by a large audience of 800 million members of the networking.
Profit is growing steadily and eMarketer company data suggests that in the next few years there will be major sources of advertising revenue not only in the U.S., but also in other countries. By 2013 the profits will make 51.9% of the total in other countries, which is estimated at $10 billion dollars. The social networking services will get nearly $5 billion dollars from advertising in the United States this year.
Revenues from advertising on the social networking services grew by 50% in 2010 and according to the preliminary estimates will increase by 55.6% this year. However, the growth will fall to 45% in 2012 and 25.2% in 2013.
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