Do you know the condition of your pieces of equipment and assets? Are they getting proper maintenance on time or not? Maintenance is crucial for business but the question is which type of maintenance suits your business! In this blog, we will know what is predictive and periodic maintenance and we will compare them as well.

Periodic and predictive maintenance are two important maintenance types. Both have many similarities but they are different from each other. So, let us begin with the periodic maintenance!

What Is Periodic Maintenance?
Periodic maintenance is schedule maintenance type, in clear words, it is time-based maintenance. After a certain defined period of time, periodic maintenance is performed. This specific period is defined by maintenance managers after analyzing the data. It can be daily, weekly, monthly. Periodic maintenance results in extending equipment life, increased reliability, and decreasing downtime.

Periodic maintenance can be used on those assets which are very valuable to daily operation so that production and productivity do not stop. MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) and MTTR (Mean time to repair) play an important role in the periodic maintenance and implementation as well.
Assetinfinity 15 april 2021, 11:47