Players who have been familiar with the basic gameplay of Path of Exile Expedition before should know that they can blow up some ancient artifacts in the game and sell them to merchants to earn POE Currency. Chris Wilson also announced a series of changes to the game, including nearly 20 skills and support gems, potion rework, new items, the return of Path of Exile: Royale, and more. Expedition expansion adds a new event where players can bomb artifact sites to get equipment.

Entrusted by Kalguur, players will place traps along the ground to dig for loot and other artifacts. But these explosions also caused ancient Kalguur to rise from the grave and fight back. Not only can they use explosives to complete missions, but they can also blast some ancient walls to hunt for treasures. Maybe they can pick up some ancient artifacts or treasures. Sometimes some players get lucky by opening dilapidated chests and get powerful loot.

Although players who gain artifacts may bargain with Kalguur, they must remember not to anger these NPCs, otherwise the transaction may fail and result in nothing. Players need to balance making deals and NPCs that don’t provoke them. Grinding Gear Games has also made many major changes to Expedition. Players will get 19 new skills and support gems. The studio will also redesign the game’s Flask system, which previously forced players to tap keys with their fingers. The developers say that before the change, some players even created homemade devices to help press multiple keys at the same time.

All these additions are accompanied by many nerfs, which may cause divisions in the community. Grinding Gear Games launched a new initiative to make Path of Exile more challenging, starting with changing the balance of the game. Players can also use buy more POE Currency to deal with those challenges that are gradually becoming difficult, in case they spend a lot of effort but achieve nothing.
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GGG has released Path of Exile Expedition League on PC and Mac, PS and Xbox on July 23 and 28, respectively. The game team announced that the Expedition expansion pack has added major updates, including Expedition Challenge League, four new merchant NPCs, 19 new skills and auxiliary gems, large-scale balance changes, flask system rework, and some new project types, which will bring them Players have an unprecedented fresh and exciting experience.

Developers have also made some powerful changes to Path of Exile: Royale game mode. Path of Exile: Royale is a temporary game mode of an action role-playing game. The task is for 100 players to play the last game on a big island to compete for the final winner. They have completely redesigned this mode to provide a better spectator mode, leaderboards, improved terrain, interface upgrades, a treasure trove of flask refreshes, and more.

The peculiar game mode is open again this weekend, and every weekend thereafter. Its available period lasts until the end of the Expedition League. GGG also hopes that all these new content can help players kill time before the arrival of Path of Exile 2, because they may not release it until 2022. Players are also eager to see what developers can do in the next big version.

They have been looking forward to new content for a long time and they also hope that this Expedition League can bring long-term, interesting and challenging content. If they are also pursuing more brilliant achievements and honors, it is best to buy some POE Currency to enhance their character’s strength and ability to respond in crisis situations.
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The new expansion of Path Of Exile allows players to use bombs to dig out bad guys. Hack and Slash RPG Path Of Exile just launched another expansion pack, which brings a lot of game updates, adjustments and new challenge alliances. Path Of Exile: Expedition is an explosive league. Players need to detonate the expedition location and kill all creeps that climb out to get a lot of rich rewards including a lot of POE Currency and rare items. POE’s scheduled release day maintenance has ended, so players are now free to join the queue to learn about new content.

In the Expedition League, players will encounter a group of Kalguuran merchants and help them retrieve the rune artifacts of their ancestors. At the marked expedition site, they must strategically place a series of explosives and detonate them. These explosions will unearth a large group of undead Kalguur. Players must kill them to collect the equipment and artifacts buried in them. After they bring the goods home, they can hand over the cultural relics to Kalguuran merchants through bargaining and bartering. Players can also make logs leading to other adventure sites or trade with other players to get what they want.

GGG said that in addition to the new challenge league, Expedition also brought many new skill gems. Players can get all these details in the Expedition patch notes or the news interface of the POECurrency website. The first act of POE also has some changes, including making monsters more dangerous and adding new cell creeper and ghoul enemy types. The Path Of Exile: Royale mode is back as a weekend mode.

The development team will continue to optimize and maintain the Expedition League in the next three months to provide players with a long-term, high-quality gaming experience. And those players who are starting to take risks in the game now are best to Buy POE Currency in advance before detonating activities, otherwise they may fail in the mission and get a bad experience.
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As always, Grinding Gear Games has created new options for players to build their characters. There are exciting new basic types and unique items, with Kalguuran as the theme. However, the core of creating new gameplay is undoubtedly the skill gem. In this extension, the developers really want to change the meta-game of Path of Exile by introducing as many new skills as possible to attract a variety of game styles. Therefore, the development team created 19 new skills and support gems, each with the theme of one of the players’ sublimation professions.

These skills alone are enough to change the prospects of Path of Exile’s best game strategy, but developers are taking a step further by making some major changes to the game balance. They not only redesigned the Flask system but also changed various systems to make Path of Exile an excellent and challenging game as it once was.

If players have not tried Path of Exile, or it may have been a while, now is the best time to reinvest. Not only was there a new economic competition when the Expedition League was launched, but players also worked hard to find the new best strategy and gameplay. When the community discovers this complex new landscape, new players can be there with them.

GGG can’t wait to see what characters and outstanding builds Path of Exile fans have created after this expansion. It is always a pleasant surprise to look how far people can push the limits of Path of Exile’s multifunctional game. And those loyal players have also bought many POE Currency to fight for it. No one wants to lag others. Come on!
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The idea of Grinding Gear Games developing the Path of Exile 3.15 extension is to provide everyone with new gems to try and enhance the play style of their characters, no matter what build they play. Players have a lot to say about the newly added 19 new gems, but what attracted most of their attention is the Explosive Concoction (Pathfinder) gem, which is a projectile that can make a loud noise. Wilson described it as a fairly novel skill, which contains some completely new game concepts.

First of all, this is the first POE skill that can and must be used when unarmed, and it also marks the first time that a skill directly interacts with the benefits of players’ flasks. When throwing at the target area, the mixture will cause fire damage and use your ruby, sapphire, and topaz flask charges to provide some rewards. It depends on they drew which flask the charge from, although players can also use this skill with no available charge, but what they release will not reach its powerful power.

What developers really like about this gem is that it brings to life the idea of throwing flasks at enemies and making them explode. Combined with the flask-focused benefits provided by Pathfinder’s Ascendancy passive skills, it thrilled them to see which new game styles this gem enables. In the lengthy information stream above, there are many, many new gems available for viewing, so if players desire a complete summary, be sure to check it out. The developers also introduced players to the changes made by the studio to the difficulty of the POE to help solve the power creep since its release, new challenge league content, and more.

If players want more help to realize their desire to help their characters become stronger quickly, they can turn to POECurrency for help. There, they can buy some cheap POE Currency and browse a lot of relevant real-time news and guides. Every Path of Exile player hopes to achieve outstanding results as soon as possible and then fully prepare for the subsequent activities.
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Path of Exile and Destiny 2 have something in common that is far more than simple on the surface, including in these two games, players can use their own wisdom to create peculiar buildings to deal with various content. Where Path of Exile has skill gems, auxiliary gems and unique items, Destiny 2 comes with guns. Each gun has its own privilege pool, exotic items and various modules to choose from. There are also professions in both games. Path of Exile has seven basic professions, 19 sublimation professions, providing different gameplay, and Destiny 2 currently has three fundamental elements, each of which has three sub-categories, and POE Currency.

Because of this, the branching effect of each component will completely change the way each game is played. Even if Path of Exile Expedition’s Storm Rain and Destiny 2’s Anarchy have similar effects, it is impossible to predict how much the former’s new skills will affect. The Path of Exile Expedition league brings players a brand new experience, but it also means that there are many unknown risks. Therefore, players must be very careful to balance their construction between effectively clearing the area full of small monsters and causing enough single-target damage to the boss.

This means that the premise of Storm Rain sounds very promising, but when the Path of Exile Expedition League is released on PC this Friday, it remains to be seen what its damage figures actually are. This new member of Path of Exile’s skill gem series may be an Easter egg, even enough to guarantee a build around it. This shows that even very different games are likely to have some interesting similarities.

Every player needs to take this new expansion seriously. If they have little confidence to win a glorious victory in the Expedition League, POECurrency can provide them with powerful help. And players can also spend a small amount of money to Buy POE Currency to enhance their characters or buy better weapons and equipment.
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Path of Exile is the most popular dungeon crawler and real-time service action role-playing games. The game has a game loop that feels like a panacea for Diablo fans to find more content, and a beast with some old-school design concepts. Path of Exile uses the brutal difficulty method of the old ARPG, while acknowledging that any real-time service game requires new players. With its latest Expedition, GGG may wish to engage with old and new players. Many people have already purchased enough POE Currency for the upcoming new challenges.

Game Rant was invited to participate in a pre-screening of the live broadcast that recently announced the new Expedition expansion. This will be the first expansion of Path of Exile since the release of the Ultimatum. A short Q&A with Grinding Gear Games’ Chris Wilson and other publications revealed a lot of excitement about the new expansion, a large part of which is that the GGG team hopes to help change Path of Exile into the challenging ARPG future.

Balancing the starting learning curve of any game that has an online or multiplayer game component is crucial. As the community expands, fighting games are a classic example, and games with an incredibly high learning curve are being balanced to help new players. Path of Exile and other RPGs with PvP and Endgame PvE are no exception. The developer Grinding Gear Games has seriously considered this because its latest expansion has changed the development of Path of Exile.

Players who want to enhance themselves in the Path of Exile 3.15 expansion do not have to suffer from lack of development ideas. POECurrency can provide them with the most professional game strategy. If players need more help, they can also buy some reliable POE Currency on the site to promote their growth. In short, come on!
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The number of people who abandon Diablo to play Path of Exile is increasing year by year. So far, players have enjoyed the richness of gameplay, content, and mechanics. But with the lack of creativity, game studios also feel that players interest in Path of Exile is slowly declining. Therefore, after GGG announced the upcoming expansion of the expedition, they also invested in a series of balance changes and supplements to solve the metagame and difficulty of Path of Exile, including the POE Currency of the first act.

Like many online games, Path of Exiles player numbers have remained high during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, due to various reasons, including the unsuccessful release, the Ultimatum League failed to maintain its high momentum. The number of online players on the 3.14 expansion day only reached 99% of the previous expansion. The reason why it is only 99% is that the players encountered terrible server problems that day. Wilson said in a previous video interview that if all goes well, the 3.14 extended release date will at least reach 104% of the previous release date.

But GGG also understands that this expanded mechanism is not suitable for players. The retention rate during the league is very poor, slightly below average. This is partly because for players, its battles are a bit trash, and its item rewards are a bit trash. These are two things that the developers did not determine during the game test, but became apparent as the league progressed. Therefore, its reward system is quite heavy, which means that players spend less time playing it than usual, which is very useful for subsequent improvements.

This is an important point. Although Path of Exile has been online for nearly 8 years, Grinding Gear Games has learned some new things from players and how it makes games in each expansion. Ultimatum provides some excellent lessons for the studio. GGG will launch Expedition League soon. Every player needs to POE Currency Buy for it, which will be more convenient for their next activities.
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The recent version of Path of Exile: Royale comes with a customized version of Path of Exile’s fun skill tree, designed specifically for this mode. It is designed for quick and safe use (it doesn’t take up the players’ entire computer screen, so players can still watch the path of their own characters) and comes with over 90 new skills. It is also class agnostic. Grinding Gear Games also specially reworked some popular skills into lower-level versions for Path of Exile: Royale, which is friendly to players with POE Currency.

Grinding Gear Games will roll out this mode every weekend and fix any obvious balance issues within a week soon. If fans like this model, the development team will follow the progress to add extra features. People who win Path of Exile: Royale will receive a feast to increase their hiding place in the game. Although the feast is decorative, as players win more and more matches, it will expand in size and change shape.

Grinding Gear Games is not sure if Path of Exile: Royale can successfully live with giants such as Fortnite or Apex Legends. But this is what its community has been asking for years, and it has finally returned to players. The better news is that the arrival of the Path of Exile 3.15 expansion also dilutes the players’ boredom with the Ultimatum League. The new mechanism and gameplay will bring them more interesting experiences.

Faced with unknown risks and opportunities, every player should respond with full energy. If they want to achieve better results in it, they might as well POE Currency Buy to achieve their goals. Come on!
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As one of the most popular free-to-play games, Path Of Exile is very worthwhile. As a dark game, Path Of Exile is very similar to Diablo, but it magnifies everything that Diablo does by almost 10 times. Some people even think that it is a true sequel to the popular action RPG, and you can experience the game for free and provide all the content.

And Path Of Exile has regular updates, they will strengthen your character or create an excellent opportunity for new builds. The expanded content will not only add new bosses, areas, skills, and items but also rework the old content. By reworking, it means nerfing or strengthening. It is easy for us to feel dissatisfied with the nerfing of certain items and skills by the developers, but this is a way to keep the game fresh. It is very challenging to create new and suitable builds, so this also means that POE Currency plays an important role in every league.

In addition, the customized system in Path Of Exile is also a factor that attracts many players. Players will get a shared passive skill tree, so each class starts from a different point in the tree. Classes first get passive skills that are traditionally related to that class. For example, Marauders gain passive skills that increase physical damage, strength, and life, while the witch gains skills that increase mana, mana regeneration, and energy shield.

In addition, classes do not learn active skills. You will get skill gems, allowing the character to get skill gems by socketing them in weapons and armor. So this also means that even if you buy POE Currency, you can still enjoy obtaining excellent weapons and armor.

So these systems also prove that any class in Path Of Exile has the possibility to gain any skills, provided that they have corresponding requirements. Although Path Of Exile is not a pay-to-win game, sufficient POE Currency can also provide you with many advantages. Of course, players always want to save money as much as possible, so if you are looking for cheap POE Currency, you won’t want to miss POECurrency.

Now POECurrency is holding a discount event. The prices of all POE Orbs are far below the market price, so if you are a POE player, POE Currency Buy during the event is a wise decision. Now the 3.15 expansion is about to begin, so now is a good time to prepare for it!
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