The COVID-19 pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for celebrities to engage with their followers. With modernization taking on the world at an alarming pace, the need to stay on followers’ radars has become inevitable for celebrities. Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter are great, but what if there’s a way for celebrities to earn income by monetizing their content?

This has led to the unprecedented growth of premium celebrity subscription apps for fans like OnlyFans. Are you an entrepreneur who aspires to develop an app like OnlyFans? If so, here are some cutting-edge features that you shouldn’t want to miss out on in your application.

Social sharing: Enable celebrities and followers to share their content on different social media handles, thereby boosting visibility.
Braydendiego 8 december 2020, 6:59

The need for celebrities to engage with their fans has increased with the advent of social media apps. Now that people have been using social media apps for relatively a long time, they are looking for alternatives that pump up their user experience. This mindset has led to an increase in the usage of subscription-based social media apps. These apps create a win-win situation for every stakeholder in the ecosystem. Celebrities can monetize their content and followers can engage with them by paying for personalized sessions.
RobertPattinson 3 december 2020, 5:36

As an entrepreneur, you would have heard of the thriving social media industry that many businesspersons are waiting to venture into. We all know that social media apps can be used to share photos, videos, communicate with other users, and follow celebrities. Among the common social media platforms available, an app with a relatively new feature was launched in the market in the year 2018 - The OnlyFans app. It was a dedicated app to help users connect with their favorite stars personally. Users loved the experience that the app provided. They were able to receive personalized birthday wishes, shoutouts, etc., from their most admired stars instantly. It is, at present, one of the most successful social media adult content-sharing apps in the market.

Any interested business person can set foot in this sector with the clone app solutions available at nominal rates in the market. You can approach a suitable firm that provides a customizable OnlyFans clone app in a few days. Since the competition in the market is increasing, it would be wise to launch the app at the earliest.

Unique features of an app like OnlyFans:
In order to stand out from your competitors in the industry, you can include the following extensive features to your app.

Pay-per-view messaging:
With this feature, your users will be able to interact with celebrities on a payment basis. They can send private messages to stars, and when they get a response, they have to pay a fixed fee in order to view the message.

You can provide several membership packages to your users. They can quickly choose a package of their choice and pay a subscription fee via any one of the payment options available in the content-sharing app.

If users love the content that the creators provide, they can tip a little extra as a way of appreciating them. This will motivate more artists to join your platform and retain your existing stars as well.

Group live streaming:
Content creators can come together to provide a video treat to their combined fans via the app. They can live stream their content in groups and receive a fixed amount of money as a streaming fee.

Fan badges:
Content creators can choose a loyal fan and provide them with a top fan badge in order to thank them. This will enable a large and loyal user base for your brand.

Wrapping up!
These are a few stand-apart features that will help you establish your OnlyFans clone app solution in the market instantly. Make sure you integrate other add-ons to make the app more interesting. Get started now!
Jerlinjustin 2 november 2020, 8:21

The need for celebrities to interact and stay on people’s radar is increasing more than ever. On the other hand, fans and followers aspire to follow their favorite personalities and create a connection with them. What if there’s a medium that exclusively connects content creators with their followers? Apps like OnlyFans breed on this idea and have made it a profitable business venture.

With OnlyFans witnessing massive growth within just a couple of years since its inception, entrepreneurs are aiming to capitalize on the situation by developing an app like OnlyFans. Are you an entrepreneur aspiring to introduce a premium social media subscription app? If so, do not fail to incorporate a seamless workflow in your platform. Let’s discuss the workflow to consider during OnlyFans clone app development.

Initially, users download the app and register with the platform by either specifying the details or logging in via social media handles.
Likewise, celebrities register with the platform and update their profile based on their skills.
Users browse for content creators and filter their results effortlessly with the advanced sorting options.
After finding their desired celebrity, they subscribe to their profile by paying the subscription fee.
Users enjoy access to celebrities’ videos and images. Creators can also establish connections with their followers via the in-app chat/call option.
Users can also request videos from celebrities on special occasions. Celebrities can accept/reject requests based on their convenience.
Creators can view their earnings, and customers can rate/review content creators based on their experience.

By incorporating such an uninterrupted workflow in your OnlyFans clone script, you can get instant traction among the audience. Make the most out of the situation and reap profits by initiating your app development today.
Braydendiego 16 october 2020, 9:20

Although social media already offers enough dose of content directly to users from their favorite celebrities, people always felt a void. If you have been with the recent innovation in social media, you would have come across the OnlyFans app. It is a popular premium membership site that offers subtle and mundane content for its users. They can also be referred to as fan club sites since they connect directly with their favorite celebrities.
The primary difference between Onlyfans and Twitter is that fans need to pay to connect with their favorite celebrities. Users can follow a profile for free on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, etc. However, every profile on Onlyfans is premium. They need to pay a membership subscription cost to follow them and access their respective content. The providers will deduct a commission from the celebrities’ subscription fees.
The competition is less for OnlyFans as the sector is relatively new for the world. Although they have to go through various social and legal footraces, they make a massive income. As the word goes out, several entrepreneurs are going to be inspired by this business idea. It will spark a new trend of developing OnlyFans app clone to get their slice of the market. They can quickly pursue their business idea by customizing the clone script to meet the user requirements and increasing demand. It is an effortless and affordable way for entrepreneurs to create a similar platform.
It is preloaded with features from the original app such as Merchandise store, Premium content gallery, Integrated adult payment gateway, Calendar system, etc. In addition to this, exclusive features can also be integrated into the app. Developers can easily incorporate the entrepreneurs’ innovative ideas to make uncapped money. In addition to the commission fee from subscriptions, you can also earn from direct messages. The celebrities can send custom messages directly to the users. The price to access the message will be decided by the celebrity and differ depending on the message’s format, such as picture, video, voice message, etc.
Be it the subscription fee or purchase of content from the celebrities, the model’s earnings will be split dynamically, and their share will be deposited instantly in their bank account. The endless freedom of no restriction on the type of content that can be posted adds icing to the celebrities and fans. They will not be held by any strings and can feel closer to their favorite celebrities.
RobertPattinson 13 october 2020, 7:02

Subscription-based social media apps are in great demand and are being used by many users. Onlyfans app is a billion-dollar business and is popularly used as an adult content entertainment app. The app provided a platform for adult entertainers and adult content viewers. Initially, it was used by the music artist, but later on, it did turn out to be a platform for erotic entertainers. Developing an Onlyfans clone app with a robust revenue model can enable you to be a part of this massive business domain. The revenue model through which the Onlyfans clone app functions are:

Commission from subscription

Users can view the model’s profile and access its content only by paying a subscription fee. The model can set the subscription fee for their content as per their wish. Through the subscription, the admin receives a part as the commission. This is the primary source of revenue from the Onlyfans clone.

Tips from live streaming

Models can carry out live streaming through which they can earn a substantial amount by tipping. The admin and the models can conclude and fix upon a percentage of the tipping generated to the admin.

PPV messaging

The pay per view messaging system is where the users need to pay a fee to chat with the models. They can send messages for free, but to view the response, they need to pay a fee. This is another way of revenue generation in the only fans clone app.


The entertainers/ models can refer to other models and encourage them to use the app. Once the referred model signs up to use the app, the model who referred will get rewarded. This is beneficial for the models as well for the admin to increase the reach of the app.

Ever since the pandemic, the usage of Onlyfans app and the subscription-based social media apps are increasing rapidly. You can indulge in this business and witness good profits using the Onlyfans clone
Jerlinjustin 25 september 2020, 5:28