With Amazon New World, MMO fans are considering how they can get enough New World Coins to start their journey in New World. In other traditional MMORPG games, if players want to earn Gold quickly, they need to pay a lot of energy and time. Although they can indeed gain some in the end, it is not enough to support them towards higher achievements.

Houses in New World are not the only things players can buy with many RPG New World Coins. If they want the best weapons, they must spend some NW Coins at the trading post in any town to purchase specific resources. However, players can also profit by selling equipment and resources they don’t need in these shops. There are several ways to make a fortune in New World. Although they are all easy to perform, players still need to spend some time to do some fairly mundane tasks. Another way to get New World Gold is to complete missions, so if players are tired of those repetitive methods, they can also choose to complete the missions given to them by the citizens of each town.

Although the faction missions themselves will not reward players with many New World Coins, they will receive a considerable amount of tokens after completing each mission. When they have saved enough tokens, click the “Buy Rewards” button to open the reward store while talking with the New World faction leader. Inside, there are many weapons and armors available, but this is not the most profitable. The most valuable items are holding runes that require tokens and New World Coins to purchase. Players can use these runes to make better packages. In order to get higher quality runes, they need to improve their rank in the faction by completing faction missions.

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The final new world beta will begin this week. The good news is that everyone can join Steam this time, because it will also be an open beta and not only those who qualify for the closed beta can take part. After several delays, developer Double Helix Games is preparing for the last test period during the New World open beta. Players are also best to buy some Amazon New World Coins in advance to prepare for the battle.

Since New World news was revealed, developers have conducted several game tests. This week’s beta will take a big step forward, even larger than the closed beta in July. Amazon Studios has confirmed that they will release it in September. They will launch more new content this month. It will release the full patch notes before they release open beta, so gamers will know if they have added any new New World Coins or weapons this month.

Before the release of the new world on September 28, they still have some work to do. The internal test uses the test server to help developers find errors and provide them with a lot of constructive feedback and more key knowledge. During the closed beta period in July, server problems and overpopulation caused long queue times, which prevented some players from experiencing the danger and beauty of Aeternum. The servers will be available in North America, Europe, Australia and South America.

Gamers are also warned that, just like the closed beta, all progress will erase. This means that when the full game experience is launched globally on September 29, all New World servers will be clean. There is no sign that Amazon plans to postpone the launch of the new world on Steam again in 2021.

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As the developers said, their intention before New World was fully released was to optimize it. Many players have already bought New World Coins, but they have received news of postponement. Although most of us think it is limited to repairing crashes and errors, it looks like they take it a step further. The hallmark of a well-made game is not how well it runs on the best hardware, but how it performs under the minimum system requirements.

In terms of game file size, for New World, players need at least 50 GB of free disk space. To play New World, players need the minimum CPU equivalent to Intel Core i5-2400. It is recommended to use Intel Core i7-2600K to run it. The cheapest graphics card is AMD Radeon R9 280. However, the developer just announced that the recommended CPU will be reduced to R5 1400 AF. This shows that Amazon has successfully fulfilled its promise of optimizing the game, and players can also be excited about it. In addition to preparing New World Coins for the game, this reduction of system requirements seems to be relaxing.

Ryzen 5 1400 is the entry-level chip of AMD's latest Ryzen 5 series for the mainstream market. The 1400 is an economical quad-core 8-thread CPU with a base/boost clock of 3.2/3.4 GHz. Ryzen, this little guy is everything you need to play New World. In terms of system requirements, its predecessor is AMD's Ryzen 5 1600, which is a brand new CPU with the old name of 2017. It is mainly R5 2600 because it is a slower variant series of Zen+ CPU in 2000, but the name is 1000 series.

But for some players who do not understand the technology, what they can know is that New World can run more smoothly than before. This is not only because the system requirements for hardware are reduced, but in fact it also shows that the game can be better used by players after many optimizations. New World will have a public beta on September 9th. Interested players can go and experience it, and they can also prepare enough New World Coins for the arrival of New World.

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New World is a game that hardly needs introduction. In the past few months, it has caused a lot of sensation on the Internet, whether it is MMO or non-MMO players. Below I will briefly introduce New World, including how to understand and get New World Coins.

New World found that there are still problems after going through the inside a few times, and now decided to release it on September 28, 2021. During the New World game, players must craft, build, and join factions to survive on the island of Aeternum. It was developed as an open sandbox where players can do what they want without having to follow some strict mission lines to complete New World Coins. But it depends on their level, the higher the level, the more they can do.

The New World game has great potential. With its expert knowledge, content and rich visual exploration field, it can completely compete with other giants of the MMO type. Just looking at the statistics, the evidence is in the pudding. It is estimated that there are about 200,000 players taking part, but looking at the total time after the closed beta, New World actually has 1 million players taking part in the closed beta! FFXIV broke the record of most players taking part in the test, with approximately 150,000. So it is easy to see how popular this game is with players now.

Although the release of New World has not yet been held, its success is undeniable. Many novice players have been attracted by it after they started to try it. Now if you haven’t played this game, get started!

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As early as 2016, the then Amazon game studio announced that New World was under development. But the long wait is not over. New World still has problems in several player betas in the first half of this year, and the release of New World has to continue to be postponed.

In short, New World is an action-centric MMO featuring faction wars. This is a rich, exploratory, and ever-changing open world, full of missions, various treasures, and factions that can be confronted. Discoverable places and settlements to conquer. The new world has a wealth of occupations, from making, refining to gathering. Players can skillfully use all available occupations, using fire, flint, ore, minerals, and other resources.

The entire game economy of the New World is built on the  Amazon New World Coins. From training spells and abilities, equipment upgrades to anything else in the game, Coins are needed. Players want to get New World Coins, besides farming and buying New World Coins, they can also plunder. Just like any other MMO, looting and selling each item to the game supplier will speed up their coin collection in the new world.

Second, players can also earn New World Coins by completing tasks. One of the best “getting started” ways to earn Coins in New World is to complete tasks. Each mission will earn them a certain amount of Coins and rewards, and as their roles upgrade, the number will increase.

Finally, players can also make items and sell them to get New World Coins. This is not immediately workable, because any type of craftsmanship or furniture profession requires some upgrades, but after level 10, it can prove very worthwhile. Since the game is new, there will be many low-level players seeking to buy better quality equipment, so they can loan weapon forging and armor to them with extra coins.
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