The fact that over 400 million people use Instagram stories daily and some appealing features such as question stickers and music make stories truly on Instagram. Stories ads have selling power when you introduce your brand, and you know great stories will disappear within one day, so you can create a story they understand fast with novelty.
A Specialty Of Instagram Stories

In short, stories allow users to create a feed that will disappear after 24 hours, and you can create your content via photos, videos, and boomerang. Exclusive content only makes dedicated followers, and your unique post will be different from traditional posts. Instagram gives priority to your story content, and the purple circle around your profile says something to your followers, that is all-new stories. You can save your stories to your homepage and also use your old stories to make highlights under their bio. Original stories and unique stories make it prime for various campaigns, and below are some different types of popular Instagram stories.
How To Share User-generated Content

Many brands often share UGC on their social media platform, website, and marketing channels. If you wish to boost your product, sharing content with your audience first and UGC features expose your brand or service to the audience. You can promote engagement with user-generated content. The behind-the-scenes story is one of the beauties of Instagram stories because they don’t have polished products. If you wish to keep your followers with you always, announce a special offer for them and creative ways to use the format.
Make Your Visuals Count

Instagram is famous for visual content, so your story is not different, and your story compels you to watch your stories by Bright colors, different font styles, and characters or layouts. It is essential that you buy Instagram story views that are real to make your stories even popular and stand out from the rest. Your post make emotion instantly and capturing something special like landscape, nature, crowd, etc.,
Always Mind When You Text

Instagram has a default sans-serif font that is easy to read, but if you want to highlight your post, you should change your font packs or colors. Don't use some dark color, use red or orange to your post. Avoid too much text in your story, and it annoys your followers and makes short words phrases. Many brands are trying to put creative stories and showing differences from the crowd.
Add Interactive Elements

Use some interactive elements on your Instagram post to get engagement from your followers and this way to pick up our followers’ brains. Brands are always fresh and different from others, and you can add some quizzes for your stories. For example, true or false content placed your story to get more engaged with your story form call-to-action.
Story Advertisements

Advertisement platforms help many brands see more success, and your brand ad should include only ten photos or videos, full-screen format ( 1200*628). To show your uniqueness and use little text on your ad. Paid stories are well knowledged for a brand with a budget, so you can work within stories and know your target audience, you're the gold in the market.
MaryKyle 23 july 2020, 5:34