Instacart clone is the most used grocery delivery app by many businesses. It gives the users an effortless and comfortable experience. Whether you have created a grocery delivery app for your own business or run an aggregator app combining many grocery businesses, few essentials need to be met in the store app. Let us look at a few of them.

Organize inventory
The Vendors will be able to display their items in their inventory panel. That way, it's easy for the customers to find the products that they need.

Availability status
The stores can update the availability status of the available products. They can also mention the expected restock of the other products.

Track the delivery executive
Vendors will receive notification in the estimated time of arrival of the delivery personnel. This helps the vendors to keep their goods and parcel ready for pick up.

Contact delivery personnel and customers
The shop owners can contact the delivery executive and customers through the app in case of queries and updates.

Multi payment options
The vendors accept payment through a multitude of ways. The most preferred method is online money transactions, where a nominal amount is credited to the admin, and the rest is given to the vendor.

Store details
The vendors can update and edit the store's features and details any time they want.

The vendors have the option of listing their products in categories and subcategories. This makes the store easier to find and access for the customers.

Bestsellers and minimum order limit
The store owner can update the best selling products of their store, enabling the customers to buy them instantly. The vendors also set the minimum order price limit.

Order request and history
The vendor will be intimated of the order and accept it based on the availability of the stock. The store app also has a history of all the orders.

Billing details
The app has all aspects of the bill. Vendors can manage all their billing information and details with ease.
Kelseyharris 5 august 2020, 7:06

The pandemic has caused massive dropping in the ROI of many business and grocery delivery businesses are no exception. To help sustain the business, many entrepreneurs have turned to look for unconventional methods of delivering grocery. Many customers prefer door to door services, and working that into traditional business is an effective way of boosting the ROI. Instacart clone can be used to develop a high-quality grocery delivery app as the app works smoothly with high-end features.

Few high-end features integrated into the instacart clone app are

Instant search
Easily search for the food item you want to deliver. Give specifications and add to the cart. Getting your favorite food delivery is just a tap away.

An extensive page for each product
With the help of this feature, get to know the details about a particular dish, the process of making, the provider, and customer reviews. This helps order the right food at the right restaurant.

Wishlist page
If you immensely like something you've ordered and would like to munch it over again, add it to your wishlist. This feature helps get access to your favorite dish easily without searching for it the next time you want to order it.

Order page
All the items you've ordered get stored in the section. This helps you repeat the orders in a single tap and keep track of the number of times you order food outside.

Notification page
This gives instant notification of the food ordered. This helps keep a track of the status of the food that will be delivered.

Account page
This section helps control the primary profile setting of the page. It also helps invite friends using referral options by which you can gain points.

The global shutdown shouldn't be a reason that your customer can't munch on their favorite food. It also can not be the reason that you can not receive good profits in your business. Develop an instacart clone app instantly and improve your business profits.
Kelseyharris 28 july 2020, 4:36