The conventional method of buying groceries have been reshaped with the advent of online grocery delivery services. Starting your own online grocery store will be the right choice. Approach a vendor who develops an online grocery store application and tell your requirements. Companies like TurnkeyTown provide ready made Instacart like app development solutions that will save time and help to launch the app in a short time. All you have to do is look out for service providers/partners and disclose an agreement with them.

We will further move to know about the features of the app.

Social log in- Value the time of the user by providing easy log in options. The social media login allows the user to log in to the app with his/her social media accounts.

Category section- Make the user’s selection process simple with the category-based search. Divide the category into sub-categories and make the searching process more simpler.

Customization- The user can customize his/her food by specifying the type of ingredients to be used, toppings, etc.

Checkout cart- The user can add the number of food items to the cart instantly.

VOIP voice calls- As the aim of the Instacart clone script is to infuse smarter solutions, the VOIP call is one such. The user can contact the delivery person/vice versa directly from the app.

Gift cards- Offer gifts cards to the users so that they can avail of in-app discounts. By doing so, you can increase the user engagement rate considerably.

Narrowing down, approach a vendor who has experience and expertise in the Instacart clone app development. Tell them your requirements and get the application done.
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It’s time to take off your business at a high speed. Yes, you heard it right. Technology paves way for a spectrum of business opportunities. In that row, the online grocery stores have taken an uplift. Dig into this blog to know about the Instacart clone app development.

Keep your business away from your competitors by imposing distinctive features and pricing plans. Here comes the list of features we provide at Turnkeytown.

Category based search - Users can proliferate into the wide range of categories to find their favorite food items./restaurants.

Toppings- This feature will be a hit among users. Users can decide the toppings to be added and the ingredients for their foods.

VoIP voice calls- This feature will enable users and service providers/delivery persons to talk to each other without the need to share personal contact numbers.

Diverse languages- Attain the interests of global audiences by including multilingual support. This feature is a must for your business.

Ad-service- Running ads are an excellent way to amplify your revenue. Use Google Ads and FlashMob to host ads on your Instacart clone script.

Kick start your business in food delivery service with our custom built Instacart clone app. The app envelopes features to make your business standalone from other competitors. In addition, we infuse scalable options so that you can cope with the future business expansion.Engrave your brand among users and reap the benefits.
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The recent events have shed light on the essential needs for grocery delivery applications. A recent survey revealed that almost 48% of the people purchase products through grocery delivery applications. The current pandemic scenarios has increased the need for remote solutions that offer minimal contact, one among these solutions is Instacart like app. Budding entrepreneurs can utilize the trend to their best interest and invest in Innovative Instacart clone app development.

In order to partner with the best app development company, it is essential to have a complete idea about the app development process and tech stack to include. This will provide insights about the functioning of Instacart app development solutions.

Stages involved in app development process

UI/UX development: The front end is the visible end for the customers and the first impression is set based on the user-interface the app offers. Here are some of the aspects that needs to be considered while designing front end:

The application must have simple navigation facilities so that customers can easily book for grocery via Instacart clone script.
There must be consistency maintained throughout the application in terms of font face, icons used, color, and so on.
Moreover the app must have a workflow the customers are familiar with so that they can easily familiarize with using the app.

Back-end development: The server management, data storage, and information retrieval are managed extensively by the back-end. Try to use cloud storage and servers to enable seamless experience for the customers.

In addition to that the testing process is crucial as the software bugs are resolved in this stage of the Instacart clone app development process. The errors detected in these stages are to be resolved in subsequent development stages.

TurnKeytown offers a ready-made Instacart clone app which has included all the salient features offered by major applications. Visit our website to learn more about attractive aspects of clone apps.
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