The conventional method of buying groceries have been reshaped with the advent of online grocery delivery services. Starting your own online grocery store will be the right choice. Approach a vendor who develops an online grocery store application and tell your requirements. Companies like TurnkeyTown provide ready made Instacart like app development solutions that will save time and help to launch the app in a short time. All you have to do is look out for service providers/partners and disclose an agreement with them.

We will further move to know about the features of the app.

Social log in- Value the time of the user by providing easy log in options. The social media login allows the user to log in to the app with his/her social media accounts.

Category section- Make the user’s selection process simple with the category-based search. Divide the category into sub-categories and make the searching process more simpler.

Customization- The user can customize his/her food by specifying the type of ingredients to be used, toppings, etc.

Checkout cart- The user can add the number of food items to the cart instantly.

VOIP voice calls- As the aim of the Instacart clone script is to infuse smarter solutions, the VOIP call is one such. The user can contact the delivery person/vice versa directly from the app.

Gift cards- Offer gifts cards to the users so that they can avail of in-app discounts. By doing so, you can increase the user engagement rate considerably.

Narrowing down, approach a vendor who has experience and expertise in the Instacart clone app development. Tell them your requirements and get the application done.
VanessaWilson 23 november 2020, 6:05

Give your users the pleasure of online groceries shopping. When it comes to online groceries shopping, Instacart comes to play. They offer quality services and unmatchable shopping experience. If you have plans to develop an Instacart like app, then this blog will help you to achieve the same.

Top features of the application:
The user can login to the app even with their social media handles.
With the wide range of available categories, users can select their desired items and add to the cart.
Users can get bonus points from referring the app to their friends/family members.
Based on the quality of service, users can input their ratings and reviews.

Benefits of choosing the app from us:
In addition to the above mandatory features, we integrate many other features to the Instacart delivery script, based on your requirements. Each feature will have a fixed amount.
With Adservice integration, admin can post ads and boost the revenue.
With Gift card options, users will have more affinity towards the application.
Spread your business across regions by integrating multiple languages.
Apart from these features, the app like Instacart supports cross platform accessibility making it easy to switch between apps and web. The app has an inbuilt payment wallet like Paypal and other wallet systems.


We are bound to provide white label and customizable solutions. We’ll provide the original source code of Instacart clone, and you are the sole proprietor. We will also provide support, post product launch. Give us a call and we are happy to have you onboard.
VanessaWilson 28 october 2020, 10:50