The website and online store "Eldorado" is about 40 thousand purchases every day. There is probably no need to explain what this means for the company's business.

Historically, the store runs on the Bitrix engine with a huge amount of custom code and add-ons. The storage is a MySQL cluster with four master servers.

A significant number of companies have monolithic applications, and many have to work with them. There are plenty of ways to deal with the monolith, but, unfortunately, few people write about successful ones. I hope that the story of how we prop up our monolith (until we saw it) will be of interest to you.

We are well aware that massive architecture can bring a lot of problems. But it is easy to destroy it, by a simple strong-willed decision, it is impossible: sales are going, the site should work, changes for users should not be radical. Therefore, the transition from a monolith to a set of microservices takes time, which we need to hold out: to ensure the system is operational and its resistance to stress.
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Basically, the implementation of systems in the cloud is carried out by the cloud provider in conjunction with the IT team of the contracting company and the software vendor.

The cloud provider performs environment provisioning, database installation and configuration, access security, communication tools, among other activities. And softwarehouses are responsible for accessing the environments created by the cloud provider and installing their applications in that environment.

All teams (IT staff, softwarehouse and cloud provider) must follow the approval and start of production to make sure the migration is successful.
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Depending on the role’s complexity a minimum of three-five years’ experience is normally required for a system administrator. Typically a bachelor’s degree in computer science is required for a system administrator role, in web technology, network administration or something similar. However, some employers may require further training depending on the role and if it requires the system administrator to specialise in a specific area. Therefore certificates and proof of training may be required from certain vendors.

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Common certifications asked for by employers are Cisco Certified Network Associate and Cisco Certified Network Professional. Depending on the technologies used within the organisation Sun Solaris certifications for instance may be required for administrating Solaris Servers. Other examples are Microsoft Certified System Administrator or MCSA for those managing Microsoft server technologies or Red Hat RHCT for those using Linux technologies.

To perform certain necessary tasks the system administrator will need to be familiar with a range of operating systems and programme - Microsoft, Unix, Linux, and Oracle. System administrators may also be asked to perform debugging duties occasionally, so they need to be familiar with the notion of computer coding and programming.
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Quite often the clash of views happens about the "copyright", but obviously the debaters do not understand where it came from, how it was developed, and what would happen to it later.
This post does not claim to be exhaustive, and it aims simply to describe the basic system regularities.

We will not describe here the distant times of the 13th century and a history of the first rights in the republic of Venice. We begin with what are closer and clearer to us.
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