Recently, after Amazon New World players discovered a way to use loopholes to copy New World Coins and items, Amazon Game Studios was forced to disable all forms of wealth transfer for New World, and the game team’s current goal is to punish those who try to play with this bug. Luxendra said in a forum post they believe the ability to trade and improve settlements is an important and interesting aspect of the game they aim to keep.

Territory upgrades are another method of coin duplication. Fortunately, New World’s next patch resolves the bug and removes any deceived RPG New World Coins from players who exploited or accidentally triggered the vulnerability. Developers can track how many New World Gold players who suspected of using the bug have got and investigate and take remedial measures against companies that have taken serious use of this behavior. They also want to ensure that no one suffers financial losses in the game by disabling wealth transfer methods.

In the long run, if the town maintenance lags behind the territory owned by the players’ faction, or if they cannot afford the tax, the developer will provide compensation. Amazon also said that it is studying solutions for New World Coins sellers to send spam chat messages. It has banned and suspended many reported gold hoarding accounts and robot accounts. In addition, Amazon has also increased restrictions to prevent low-level players and new accounts from trading or transferring New World Gold.

Ordinary players now only need to wait for the bug to be fixed to continue the normal game. And if they want to prepare in advance for the next large-scale New World event, they can first check some practical guides on IGGM to use skills or weapons more proficiently, or buy cheap New World Coins a lot, it is feasible.
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Amazon Game Studio added patch 1.0.5 to New World a few days ago, aiming to fix known bugs and weaken the coin sales problem that plagued players. According to the game team’s investigation, many New World players are suspected of illegal operations. They have been creating new characters and then using bugs to transfer their New World Gold Coins to other accounts. It has improved this phenomenon after patch 1.0.5 was added.

The new patch also includes restrictions on transactions and currency transfers for characters below level 10 and online for less than 72 hours. Unless players can meet these prerequisites, they cannot trade normally. In addition, they have changed some historic mission rewards, reducing the issuance of New World Coins. Players can collect Amazon New World Coins through these future tasks, which will not make a net difference for players who are committed to enjoying New World. Players who are reported will be suspended based on the severity of their actions, and the developer also recommends that players continue to report any violators they encounter.

Besides the above, they also fixed two loopholes, one is the item duplication failure of the storage shed and the crafting station, and the other is the gold duplication in the territory project. This fix should prevent it from causing problems when Trading Post is disabled again. The re-enabled Outpost Rush mode also has some improvements, including issues that prevent players from exiting the starting fortress, New World Coins, and Battle Bread buffs before the game starts, and fixes to the teleport loop error that players encountered when using the Unstuck feature.

If players want to browse more details about Amazon New World patch 1.0.5, they can find the information they want in the NEWS GUIDE on IGGM. The update program optimizes the players’ experience a lot, and if they want to start again, it is best to buy more RPG New World Coins at a lowest price at IGGM, which will be very helpful. Good luck to them!
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Just two days ago, after banning New World Trading Post at Amazon Game Studios, players discovered a new gold exploit, and at the same time they found a solution to the existing fault. Trading Posts is the central hub of New World. Players use it to obtain mission items to weapons, and everything in between. This is a key function to make the game economy run smoothly. However, since the gold dupe exploit was available, the game economy has been fragile. Players can use this vulnerability to earn a lot of New World Coins.

In response to this serious phenomenon, Amazon Game Studios stated that they will ban any players who are found to use it. They also decided to take drastic measures and completely disable Trading Post while investigating the problem and finding a solution. Developers will explore the extent of the bug's abuse and how to fix the gold dupe exploit, but these services will remain offline for the time being. This action covers all transactions involving gold. This includes sending currency, guild vaults, trading posts, and player-to-player transactions.

New World players have also discovered that any attempt to exchange game currency will cause them to receive a message saying “Coin transferal disabled”. Some people think this is a good sign that developers are taking extreme measures to combat exploits. However, others are not so enthusiastic about it. The same concerns have also been responded to by those concerned about processing fees and those who now cannot get all the New World Gold Coins if they deposit them in the corporate bank.

To make matters worse, players discovered that their measures inadvertently created a whole new golden scam. Amazon Game Studio did not give a timetable for their intention to reactivate the Trading Post and coin transfer functions. However, considering that their measures created a new loophole, they may take longer than they expected.

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In the recent New World report, a bug was revealed, that is, when players are offline, after they have completed item transactions with other players, they did not receive the corresponding amount of New World Coins in their accounts, but instead is a “housing compensation message”. It makes them very confused and annoyed, and they are also asking Amazon Game Studios to fix this bug quickly to soothe the mentality of the players affected by the bug.

At first, a player named Nunchaki shared this problem in New World, saying that when another player was online, there was no problem buying their items from the auction house, and they had no problem receiving New World Coins. So after completely quitting the game, Nunchaki tested it again. When they logged in again, they found their items had been sold, but they did not receive New World Coins.

Nunchaki also explained that the value of the items he sold was approximately 3.5k New World Gold. This was apparently sold overnight when they were offline, and after logging in again the next day, they received the “housing compensation message” but did not receive any compensation. Lost the RPG New World Coins that he deserved.

In a forum post, several other players reported the same problem, claiming that they also sold the item, cancelled it, and did not receive Amazon New World Coins after the sale. Amazon Game Studios has not resolved this error, but it seems to have caused a lot of trouble for New World players and the game economy.

And according to recent feedback, the number of daily online players in New World has dropped drastically, and these endless bugs are one of the culprits leading to this phenomenon. If the game team still hopes that New World can develop steadily for a long time, they must try their best to optimize the game to the best possible degree to ensure that every player can get a smooth and good game experience.

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In New World, players can make many types of armor, such as light, medium or heavy. Armoring also provides advantages as storage bags that can be manufactured and sold and used to increase inventory capacity. For the materials and resources required for armor, we need other skills to assist in order to play its role. Players can also trade materials with each other and buy New World Coins to get the crafting materials they need.

In the production interface, the material panel will display the required materials in the middle of the screen. The items to be made require primary materials and secondary materials. Players can also add special benefits to choose the first benefit they want to add to the project, or add Azoth to get more opportunities for privileges or gem slots.

If New World players want to improve the Armoring Skill, it is best to stick to the lower Tier. Because as the grade increases, the production materials will become more expensive. The cost of creating a project at a higher Tier is almost twice that of the former. And players who choose the lower Tier can more easily find the resources available to them.

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During the closed beta in July and September, Amazon Game Studios aggregated all the feedback they received during this period and has now released the complete game to the public. Jumping into the world of Aeternum sounds interesting, but players first need to know the basics of what to do, such as how to cultivate New World Coins and Items, otherwise even the most experienced MMO fans will need to spend some money after entering New World Time and energy to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and gameplay before you can start the journey smoothly.

When players see powerful New World items (such as armor), they want to get it directly. This is understandable because it provides better statistics and higher survival rates for the player’s character, but people need to know whether their equipment will affect their overall weight. This will not only affect their speed of movement but also their ability to avoid attacks. The weight of the character can be indicated by the vertical bar next to the armor slot in their inventory. Amazon New World adds up the total weight of the character’s New World Items. In turn, this divides the player’s equipment into three categories: light, medium, or heavy. According to the player’s equipment load level, they can get distinct disadvantages and benefits in battle.

For players with lighter weights, they will dodge and get a +20% damage bonus. For players of medium weight, they can only do evasion, but get +10% damage bonus and +10% crowd control. For heavyweight players, they have +20% crowd control and +15% blocking, but they can only do slow dodge. Depending on the player’s goals, their weight will affect the way they fight. For those who plan to build stronger and don’t mind sacrificing mobility for higher defense, then being classified as heavy is the way to go. But for those who want a more evasive style for their defense, keeping lightweight is the key.

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Amazon New World is currently being affected by a severe deflationary currency crisis, so that on some servers, players are beginning to exchange raw materials with each other instead of spending the increasingly valuable New World Coins. Although players can get some New World Coins by dropping monsters, salvaging them, and completing missions, the NW Coins owned by players will soon be exhausted due to the rapid circulation rate. The value of money is much higher than the material is the culprit.

Although the issue of deflation has brought many problems to players in the game, the decline in raw material prices alone may affect the way fans play games in the future. As the price drops, this may hinder players from upgrading certain skills to generate income. For example, if the price of raw materials falls sharply, then players may be less likely to spend time mining them, because the return on selling the ore will become so insignificant that it is not worth their time.

In some servers, the value of currency is now so high that players have returned to a barter economy, where resources are traded instead of coins. Players are now slowly accumulating RPG New World Coins with traditional trading methods. Although it may be an appropriate trading method in terms of game settings and environment, for New World players, this is only a further explanation of the problems caused by deflation in the game.

Amazon Game Studios is working to ease this problem. However, if this problem is not affected, the impact of deflation may worsen, and players will hope that a potential solution to their currency crisis will come soon. There is another available way that players can go to IGGM to buy more cheap New World Coins to solve their own financial difficulties. Even if the number of purchases is large, they do not need to pay too much money. Try it!
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New World has a huge number of players. Although many players have been busy upgrading and getting New World Coins, some players can still discover the secrets of the game and its hidden rare encounters. The ghost ship is one of them. Some players found a strange, glowing ghost ship sailing in the distance while fishing.

One can imagine how exciting this discovery is. The players who saw the ghost ship share their unfavorable surprises. MMORPG is attracting more and more players to join through a variety of peculiar activities and landscapes. Even a simple fishing activity can give players a different surprise experience. This makes players who bought many Amazon New World Coins in the game feel that it is more worthwhile. This is where New World is full of charm and reflects the wisdom of developers.

The ghost ship in New World once appeared on Cape Thomas Beach. This beach is an area for beginners. According to some players, the ghost ship only appeared for a few seconds, so players who are not good at observing or focusing only on tasks and rewards may not witness such a special sight. Although completing tasks and getting RPG New World Coins are the main content of the game, players may wish to observe other things in the game, and there may be unexpected discoveries.

In fact, whether it is New World’s storyline, faction wars, or special designs like ghost ships, it is worthwhile for players to buy New World Coins and spend more time exploring and experiencing the game. Looking forward to players continue to discover more such unique sights in the game.
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Aeternum is a beautiful place where players can walk slowly through its forests and swamps, admiring the natural world and occasional ruins. Players can temporarily forget the pressure of the task and just enjoy the feeling of relaxation. But such opportunities are always rare, and players will always run for the loot.

New World is to take full advantage of players’ desire for newly produced and survival games. It meets all the needs of players who love MMO. New World has many progress systems and provides players with a lot of New World Coins as rewards. However, in some tasks, players need to face repeated enemies and do the same operations. So New World needs to add some new things from time to time to increase the interest and freshness of players.

Players need to challenge and complete tasks to get a small amount of rewards continuously. In fact, it is more direct and faster to buy enough New World Coins at IGGM.

The factional confrontation in New World is very attractive. All three factions are trying hard to control Aeternum. Because of the fierce competition, players need to strengthen their factions. There are several ways to help players. The first is that players can do town projects, including crafting and hunting, which is conducive to the development of settlements. In addition, players can buy New World Coins to upgrade the crafting station to change the actual appearance of the settlement. Players can also complete more PvP tasks to increase the influence of factions in a certain territory.

Players in New World achieve the purpose of upgrading and enhancing their characters by completing tasks and buying New World Coins. This is a process where players can enjoy progress.
jamysen 21 october 2021, 3:50

For the beginners of New World, they may feel a little at a loss. New World is currently one of the most popular MMO games, there are a lot of content to understand. New players will have some doubts about how to upgrade, how to make and so on. Entering the world of Aeternum sounds interesting, but players first need to understand a lot of things, such as how to get New World Coins and items.

When players see more powerful equipment, they will think about getting it, which is understandable. Because good equipment will help players complete tasks, bring better results and more New World Coins to players. But players need to know that their equipment will affect their overall weight. Not only the player’s movement speed will be affected, but the speed of evading attacks will also be affected. The weight of the character can be seen from the vertical bar next to the armor slot in the inventory. Players'equipment is divided into three categories: light, medium or heavy. According to the player's equipment load level, they can get distinct disadvantages and benefits in battle. In fact, there is a way to increase the player’s equipment load capacity, which is to buy New World Coins at IGGM.

Because there is no mount, fast travel is the most useful feature of New World. After completing the first few missions of the New World, players will see a large settlement where they can use New World Coins to buy various goods or explore new missions. Players can find the temple of fast travel there. The Temple of Fast Travel is essentially a portal that can make moving around easier.

In fact, New World still has many things that players need to learn and explore. There are still many new world items to understand, and players can get New World Coins from many quests. Looking forward to the player’s exploration.
jamysen 20 october 2021, 4:03
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