Grofers is an online grocery store that helps to deliver groceries to the users. This has gained potential customers by providing grocery goods on time without any delay within a radius of 7miles.

The Grofers clone also has a multilingual feature that enhances the user experience to search and order products swiftly in their local language.

The Statistics Report

The recent survey reports that the online grocery market is expanding prominently and has crossed the value of around 6,500 crores.

The Grofer is expanding its features and services, thus enabling them to receive more than 40,000 orders per day.
VanessaWilson 8 december 2020, 6:40

With an evolving mode of on-demand services, induce your business in grocery business with an amazing Grofers clone app. Head to the below list of features to gain more insights of the grofers app development.

With the E-wallet integration, users can opt for multiple payment options. Also, cart abandonment will be reduced if users can have flexible payment options.
The GPS tracking enables to know the exact location of the order. Both the admin and the buyer can track the order.
The store pickup option is another feature that allows buyers to make the order online and pick up groceries from stores.
In-app chat helps buyers to clarify their queries with the admin or the delivery person.
Like any other app, this app enables flexibility in making payments. Buyers can use their credit/debit cards or even opt for COD.
VanessaWilson 30 october 2020, 10:55

The rise in the on-demand service app and the global lockdown imposed has led to all businesses finding ways to carry out their business online. To carry out an efficient grocery delivery business, a grocery delivery app is required. Grofers clone app can be used to develop a capable grocery delivery app because the grofers app is handy and seamless. Grofers has been in the market since 2013 and has delivered an outstanding service. Developing a grofers clone app has a high possibility of facilitating the same for your business.

Few features integrated into a Grofers clone app to make it stand out are

Suggested Products
The customers' products that are frequently purchased can be displayed on the main page of the app. This helps the customers to buy high demand products instantly.

Add to cart and checkout
The customers should have a smooth and optimized add to cart options and checkout portal with multiples payment options integrated into it

Accessibility on multi-platforms
The customers should be able to access and place orders on mobile phones, tablets, and PC platforms.

Order Tracking
The customers can live track their orders, and the delivery executive can also deliver the products at the customer's place using the GPS feature.
Order scheduling
The customers can pre-schedule their order for a particular date beforehand. This enables the customer to stock up according to their needs.

Inventory Management
The affiliate stores can have the autonomy to track the status of their search inventory. This helps them to stock up accordingly.

Data Analytics
Automated reports are generated to understand customer behavior and market trends.

Relationship Management
The admin needs to coordinate with the delivery team and affiliated stores to effectively cater to the on-going demand for the products effectively.

Customer Reward
Regular customers can be given offer coupons and can also be encouraged to take up long-term loyalty programs and subscriptions.

Wrap up
The Grofers clone app is highly customizable, and you change the color, design, and UI according to the business demands. Using a Grofers clone app for your business comes out as very handy and user friendly due to the efficiency it offers.
Kelseyharris 25 july 2020, 4:42