Amid the COVID-19 crisis, on-demand grocery delivery apps are a massive hit. The convenience of availing doorstep essentials, coupled with accessing a wide range of products, is propelling the need for grocery delivery apps more than ever. Even retail grocery outlets are eyeing to explore the online market space due to its massive popularity and revenue.

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to initiate your Bigbasket clone app development? If so, are you ready to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic situation? This blog discusses a few vital strategies that can make an app like Bigbasket combat the outbreak situation comprehensively.

Take care of your supply chain: Coping with the demands require an all-encompassing, ever-present supply chain. Your supply chain includes grocery suppliers and delivery chains. Hence, maintain adequate stock and build healthy relationships with suppliers to avoid the risk of running out of groceries.

Equip your delivery chain with safety gear: Your delivery chain comes in direct contact with your customers. Hence, provide safety gear like gloves, masks, sanitizers, etc., to your delivery drivers. Besides, automating the process of verifying your delivery drivers on their safety standards with a face mask recognition software can come in handy.

Encourage contactless delivery options: One of the significant reasons for virus transmission is through external physical contact. Eliminate any form of contact in your on-demand grocery delivery app ecosystem by encouraging your delivery workers to adapt to ‘zero-contact’ deliveries. This way, instead of handing over grocery orders directly, your delivery drivers will drop them at discrete spots suggested by customers.

Safety badges for grocery stores: Building the trust factor is crucial to sustain in the market. Hence, scrutinize grocery stores on their safety standards and provide safety badges to them. By displaying safety badges near their names, the customer trust-factor enhances substantially.

Summing up,
Surviving the outbreak situation will open the floodgates to unrestricted revenue for an entrepreneur. Implement these strategies in your Bigbasket clone script and scale your grocery delivery app among the masses. connect with us for more! visit
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Online grocery delivery script is one of the fastest-growing businesses in recent times. As the number of people looking to order their grocery items online increases. The customer value of an online grocery delivery business is also increasing steadily. The online grocery delivery software is popular among startups and entrepreneurs. As the number of people using the latest technology increases, the growth of the online grocery delivery business is only on the rise.

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Our online grocery delivery script has separate dashboards for all stakeholders in the grocery delivery business model. All the stakeholders can manage their services using these panels. We have coded our dashboards with the MEAN stack framework so that it works much faster than the others.

It is one of the important modules in an online grocery delivery system. We have embedded our grocery delivery script with payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, etc. Users can make their payment either by using their credit or debit cards.

By using this option, A customer can review or provide ratings to the corresponding online grocery shop. This review and ratings are helpful when a customer looking to order on that particular shop and also helps in listing the shops.

The two features which help the admin in bringing lots of customers to the brand. It helps the admin to grow their business. And also a customers can earn money on sharing their invite code to the other customers.
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