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Spring has arrived in Genshin Impact accounts using the Windblume Festival, which started last week, following your release of Patch 3.5.

Players can celebrate the brand new season together with Sumeru’s characters coming over to Mondstadt and meeting up in numerous activities around Collei and Sucrose.

The full event was published earlier today together with the launch in the third and last phase. The Mailed Flower is one with the rewards featured from the time-limited event.

It’s a four-star Claymore with Elemental Mastery as the sub-stat. Its unique passive grants a buff on Attack and EM when Elemental Reactions are triggered. Free four-star weapons can be extremely rare and valuable, therefore you shouldn’t miss the ability.

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The weapon will demand Fetters from the Dandelion Gladiator, Desiccated Shells, and Spectral Husks for being Ascended. The items increase in rarity because it gains levels. The Shells (Desiccated, Sturdy, and Marked, in line with their rarity levels) are obtained through the elimination of Consecrated Flying Serpents, Red Vultures, and Scorpions.

The Mailed Flower Claymore can be a reward for completing the event’s numerous minigames. You’ll need to clear most of the quests and objectives in the minigames to attain points and claim its refinement items prior to the event ends in order to make the most out of the weapon, however.

First, you’ll start participating in the event and initiate to clear its various objectives for getting its numerous rewards. You’ll meet several prerequisites:

The Mailed Flower Claymore could be spotted inside the event’s menu. To see to get it, select “Floral Pursuit”. You’ll view the reward appearing on the first map. You’ll only need to complete the mal to obtain it, without requiring a particular score.

Once you’ve claimed the weapon, if you need it to be the strongest possible, your livelihood won’t end here. It’ll be challenging for players for getting duplicates with the weapon since event-linked ones are sometimes unique inside the game.

Instead, they shall be able to use the Unfading Silky Grace item, bought inside the event menu’s shop, to refine it. They’ll have the ability to purchase three of these, each costing 600 event tickets.

Those tickets are earned through completing quests and activities from the event. Usually, players can get Primogems for testing the mini-games, and definitely will start earning tickets by completing them in higher difficulties.
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