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The concept of contact lens: 1 - LED microchip, 2 – power receiver and control circuitry, 3 - antenna, 4 – and interconnects, 5 - transparent polymer, 6 - system to project virtual images perceivable by the eye retina

It becomes closer the day when we can read the mail and watch movies with the closed eyes. A group of the U.S. and Finland scientists has conducted successful testing of the world's first contact lens with built-in display and power receiver on the rabbits. According to researchers, the rabbits did not have any side effects and the eyesight was not damaged.

The testing on mammals is a one of the steps of costly testing process of new drugs. The first version of the contact lenses contain only one illuminating LED-pixel, but display resolution will gradually increase, and in a couple of decades certainly will get to the HD level.
xially 26 november 2011, 12:00