What are RAM vs ROM vs Flash Memory?
ROM and RAM belong to the semiconductor memory. ROM is the abbreviation of read only memory, and RAM is the abbreviation of random access memory. ROM can keep data when the system powers off, and RAM is in the opposite, a typical RAM is the computer memory. But sometimes we are not clear: what is the difference between Flash Memory and ROM and RAM?How much do you really know about memory, or RAM, ROM, and flash memory specifically? Here we will tell them in different aspects, this article will act as a guide to basic memories.

I What are types of RAM?

RAM Upgrade Guide - What You Need to Know

1.1 Static RAM (SRAM)

SRAM is very fast and the fastest storage device to read and write currently, but it is also very expensive, so it is only used in demanding places, such as the first and second level buffer of CPU.

1.2 Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

DRAM keeps data for a short time and its operation is slower than the SRAM, but it's still faster than the ROM. In addition, it's much cheaper than SRAM. The computer memory is DRAM. DRAM is divided into many kinds, the most common ones are FPRAM / FastPage, EDORAM, SDRAM, DDR, RAM, RDRAM, SGRAM, WRAM and so on. DDR RAM, one of which is introduced here.
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