To increase the attractiveness of smartphones, manufacturers put as many different programs on them as possible. This is clear. Just take and delete the unnecessary ... Stop.

It turns out that some programs cannot be removed. For example, on selected Samsung models unable to delete Facebook (there is only the 'disable' option). They say that the Samsung S9 also comes with Microsoft's "non-removable" apps preinstalled.

These smartphones are for example. The same problem with other models. Many have non-removable programs from the manufacturer itself.
Papay 26 february 2021, 11:10

The second quarter of 2012 is in a full swing, and the number of rumors is growing around IPO of number 1 social network. Let's recall what happened to this network and try to calculate how much it really costs. Where did the figure of $ 100 billion come from? And why is it overstated?
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ZimerMan 6 april 2012, 11:48

Representatives of the social network Facebook announced about their intention to create a reliable and practical search service for the search of the necessary information among the large amount of the user content. Until now, many Facebook users complained about the lack of the normal means for the search of the necessary information among the tools of this social network. Still, the administration decided to create the search, and Lars Rasmussen, previously working in Google on Google Wave, is involved in development of this service.
Sparks 5 april 2012, 15:16

Starting March 30, 2012 all public Facebook pages will be converted to a new design. By the way, now the page administrators can preview and see how it will look like, as well as try out some new features.
Now the information is presented in the form of chronicles in the new design. Also, the new functions and the features include:
Skull 2 march 2012, 13:58


The University of Milan and Facebook have finished a research on the theory of six degrees of separation. It was based on the social graph of Facebook. There have been investigated all Facebook accounts. It turned out that any two people are 4.74 steps away (not 6 steps), by way of introduction, from each other on Earth.
By the way, in the U.S. the number of chains is less than 4.37 (statistically, Facebook is used by more than half of Americans in the age of 13 and older).
The researchers said, "Even if we take the most geographically remote Facebook user in the Siberian tundra or the Peruvian jungle, a friend of your friend probably knows a friend of a friend".
Three years ago, Microsoft made a similar research of 242 million MSN users that had written at least one message per month. Their result was equal to 6.6.
Sparks 27 november 2011, 13:36


Max Schrems is a 24-year-old law student at the University of Vienna who has been engaged in an unequal battle with Facebook company for several months. It all started with the fact that Max sent a few well-composed requests and got a CD-ROM with all the personal data that was collected over three years of activity on the site from California's office.

Every citizen may demand from Facebook within 40 days of all collected personal information on him/her. The website has a special form for such request. You will receive a CD with the PDF file in the size of several hundred megabytes and more than 1,000 pages. Max Schrems got a PDF file of more than 1,200 pages, all information has been divided into 57 categories in the file (work, education, friends, political views, hobbies, pictures, etc.). As Max says, even the KGB did not have such a complete dossier on the citizens.
Sparks 21 october 2011, 12:37


According to analysts of eMarketer the worldwide revenue from advertising on the social networking services will reach 5.54 billion dollars in 2011 and it will be doubled by 2013. Calculation was made by eMarketer based on a range of popular social networking services including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Half of the revenue that makes 2.74 billion dollars from advertising on the social networking services goes to the United States this year. It is not surprising that a large portion of the amount is the credit of Facebook service, which according to the expectations of experts will get more than 3.8 billion dollars in 2011 thanks to advertisements that is viewed by a large audience of 800 million members of the networking.
Profit is growing steadily and eMarketer company data suggests that in the next few years there will be major sources of advertising revenue not only in the U.S., but also in other countries. By 2013 the profits will make 51.9% of the total in other countries, which is estimated at $10 billion dollars. The social networking services will get nearly $5 billion dollars from advertising in the United States this year.
Revenues from advertising on the social networking services grew by 50% in 2010 and according to the preliminary estimates will increase by 55.6% this year. However, the growth will fall to 45% in 2012 and 25.2% in 2013.
Sparks 11 october 2011, 14:40