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Etrix clone is a customized Ethereum smart contract-based MLM script that assists as a base for the crypto enthusiasts looking to build a platform like Etrix. The Etrix clone enables you to run a 100% complete decentralized smart contract MLM platform similar to Etrix. In this article, let us discuss a few essential pointers for investing in the Etrix Smart Contract.

What is the Etrix MLM clone?

The Etrix MLM clone comprises all the existing features present in the Etrix platform. Matrix schemes like team matrix, forced matrix, and hybrid matrix enable users to make more money within a short period. With the help of the Etrix MLM clone, you can launch an Ethereum smart contract MLM platform similar to Etrix. io within a short period. As this type of crypto business is booming in recent days, if you are a crypto entrepreneur, it is the right time to invest in this platform to boost your income levels. The following are the core features of the Etrix Clone script.

Special features of Etrix Clone Script

It helps to launch a 100% decentralized smart contract MLM platform without any hassle.
Smart contracts developed on the Ethereum Blockchain network.
Offers a 100% white label solution
Integration of crypto wallets
Etrix clone script is an unhackable platform that can efficiently handle more than 10million users at a time.
Multiple payment gateways with an attractive UI/UX design.

Wallet system of Etrix clone script

Etrix platform allows the users to make use of two types of wallets.
Meta Mask - The desktop users are provided with Meta Mask wallets to store their crypto assets.
Trust wallet - The mobile phone users can utilize Trust wallet to carry out their MLM services.

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An Introduction of !!

Etrix is a First Smart Contract With Binary open MLM structure With Two Matrixes. It has Forced Matrix and Team Matrix. Both Team and Company Forced Matrixes are working simultaneously. Etrix is noted for the fastest and easiest way to earn ethereum for every 90 days.

How works?

1. Signup

To Sign up and to get the 1st level in the System you need 0.08 ETH and that will be send to your upline. The first person joining below you in the Matrix will bring this funds back to you. In fact the first transaction is the Sign up.

2. Siginin

SIGN IN TO THE ACCOUNT, using only the Ethereum wallet number (without password). The password is not needed, since your account is in a smart contract, and not on the site. Therefore, your account cannot be blocked or deleted from the System even by the site administration.

3. Get Referrals

You need atleast 2 direct referrals to be eligible to receive commissions.

4. Start Receiving Commission

Once you signup in the system, by default level 1 gets activated in the forced matrix and once you reach 2 direct referrals, you can activate Team Matrix.

5. Repeat it every 2 months

You gets activated in a particluar level for the span of 90 days. If you want to extend the period of any level, you need to extend the level.

6. Level Upgrade

Upgrade to subsequent levels to start earning huge profits. Make sure to buy the level before your downline buys a particular level, else you will miss the commission.

7. Always Secured

Nobody can close your account, to stop payments or make changes to the system, since the smart contract is loaded into the Ethereum network. It can’t be deleted or changed. Referrals can be invited without a website and referral links but directly into a smart contract. Therefore, the Etrix System will exist as long as the cryptocurrency exist, and the cryptocurrency will exist as long as the Internet exist.

How to set up an MLM platform like

Etrix Clone Script helps typical people to start your own Ethereum smart contract based MLM platform like Etrix.

Set up your own MLM platform from Coinjoker, with inbuilt functionalities of Etrix Smart contract MLM website. Besides this customized etrix clone script is also designed by focusing enriched whitelabel functionalities to append your platform with more features !! The MLM clone script has various 100% ROI generating business modules which supports to build your passive income instanlty !!

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