The 2.21 update of The Elder Scrolls Online has arrived. Here are some changes and fixes added by this patch. Developer ZeniMax Online Studios has now released a new update to The Elder Scrolls Online and a new patch for PC and Mac versions of the game. Players can buy ESO Gold as much as possible in order to get the best gaming experience. Here is everything players need to know.

Art and Animation. Fixed the issue that Wargame Trebuchet's emoji would not be animated during battle. Crown Stores and Crown Crates. Fixed an issue where purchasing Vampire skill maximizer from the Crown Store would not increase the skill line correctly. Fixed the issue of receiving animation errors when using Crow Assistant in certain situations. Fixed an issue where others who were not in the player group could use their crow assistant.

Exploration and Itemization. Fixed an issue where rewards for valuable emails sent to characters who had not reached level 50 or higher did not include items from the new PvP suits introduced in Update 31 (Hrothgar's Chill, Plaguebreak, and Dark Convergence). Players can also get rewards such as ESO Gold by completing tasks. Housing. Furniture items will now block interaction, allowing the door to be blocked again. Miscellaneous. Fixed rare crashes that could occur when the timing of certain activities resulted in errors, such as disconnecting from the network when loading into character selection.

After the patch is released, many players should not encounter these problems again in the game. This may be good news for some players who are preparing to buy ESO Gold. Because they will be able to get a better experience. If players want more information, they can follow the relevant forums and buy ESO Gold on IGGM.

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So far, The Elder Scrolls Online has released many expansions. Some expansions have brought new content to players, and some new professions and tasks have brought freshness to players. Players do not love some extensions. In fact, if players rate an expansion highly, then they may willingly buy ESO Gold for their character. Among several expansions, the most popular among players is Summerset. Some players even prepared enough ESO Gold to get excellent results in ESO.

Among the main expansion packs of Elder Scrolls Online, Summerset is arguably the most fascinating expansion pack with the storyline. In the universe, this marks the first time in Tamriel’s history that the boundaries of the Summerset have opened, allowing players to explore areas that are rarely touched elsewhere in the series. Players will get rewards such as ESO Gold by completing some interesting tasks. Given that Summerset seems ready to become a mysterious contender for the location of The Elder Scrolls 6, it is worth exploring the area.

Most importantly, due to the Psijic Order skill line, Summerset introduced new abilities. The ability to follow the skill line adds unique game mechanisms to Elder Scrolls Online, such as stopping the time and resetting the character’s Health or Magicka. Jewelry Crafting is another ability worth pursuing. Players can use ESO Gold to make jewelry more easily. The various challenges on the Summerset map also allow players to earn ESO Gold and other rewards, making it the best expansion for teams and single players.

In any case, each extension is worth playing for players, because it also proves the developers’ efforts to bring new content to players. So if players who love ESO want to stay in ESO for a long time, they can still play each extension and buy ESO Gold to improve themselves.

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The Elder Scrolls Online has released five major expansion packs, each of which brings something unique to the game. So, which one is best? The Elder Scrolls Online has released many expansion packs, some of which are more important than others, adding new areas, mission lines and even professions to the game. Players can use ESO Gold in the game to quickly upgrade and get the items they want. But the evaluation of each expansion pack is different.

Elder Scrolls Online Worst Expansion: Morrowind. Morrowind is one of the first major expansion packs of Elder Scrolls Online. It was released in 2017 and added a lot of new features to the game. ESO’s Morrowind expansion takes players back to the iconic island of Vvardenfell, where they directly take part in the history of The Elder Scrolls series by assisting Vivec in stopping the meteors above Vivec City. Besides the new locations to be explored, with the release of Morrowind, ESO also added a new class and an additional PVP game mode.

Like ESO’s Greymoor expansion, Morrowind takes the player’s nostalgia as a selling point, which seems to be good or bad. In addition, it can now purchase separately many DLC content in the Crown Store, such as additional player professions, which may reduce the value of directly purchasing the entire content. Players can also buy ESO Gold to get a better gaming experience.

Elder Scrolls Online 4th best extension: Elsweyr. The Elsweyr chapter of Elder Scrolls Online allows players to venture to Elsweyr’s hometown of Khajiit, which has not been fully explored since the release of Elder Scrolls: Arena in 1994. Given that, Elsweyr seems unlikely to be an upcoming scene. Although ESO’s Elsweyr expansion only includes the exploreable northern Elsweyr area-southern Elsweyr is also included in the game, but not in the DLC-the map is still full of expansive areas to visit. Players want to go on in ESO for a long time, so it is best to prepare some ESO Gold.

Elsweyr also introduced a new player class, Necromancer, and the return of dragons. In other words, Elsweyr is more suitable for group games than single-player games, because there is little single-player content added, and it pay more attention to the 12-player trial in the expansion. Dragons, although they provide a lot of good loot, they are more likely to be knocked down with the help of others. If players want to easily defeat the enemy, they can also buy ESO Gold to increase their strength. This chapter also provides fewer furniture recipes than other DLCs such as Summerset, which is disappointing for players who want to invest in housing.

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In some areas of ESO, there are many powerful bosses and many enemy players. So for players, if they want to survive, they must have some ESO Gold to buy better equipment and weapons. In fact, besides buying ESO Gold, there are many ingredients in the game to make potions. Sometimes the right potion can help the player go on for a long time. Here are some of the best potions.

Essence Of Immovability. Ingredients: Lorkhan’s Tears, Columbine, Mountain Flower, Wormwood. There are some other ingredients that can make this potion. This special mixture not only prevents the player from being knocked back and banned but also restores health and endurance. This potion is very suitable for any player to use in the PvP area. It is not a potion that players will always use, but it can help restore allies on the battlefield. It is best to pop this potion when the ally is down and enemies surround the player. No enemy can slam the player using it or use any crowd control ability. Just shield it to reduce damage. Players can also use ESO Gold to purchase some equipment to reduce the damage of the enemy.

Essence Of Stealth Detection. Ingredients: Lorkhan’s Tears, Cornflower, Water Hyacinth, Wormwood. Players can also make it with other ingredients. These ingredients not only help increase detection but also increase Weapon Critical. This special mixture is more suitable for endurance DPS, but if other characters want to use it, they can take out the Water Hyacinth so that the tanks, healers, and magicka DPS can use the potion. This potion should be used when the player suspects that there is a sniper or bomb nearby.

This potion can detect enemies 20 meters away. Use it after occupying the keep, outpost, or castle of Cyrodiil, because most bombers destroy enemies near the gate or near the flag. After holding the flag in each district, it is very useful in the imperial city, because there are some bombing opportunities to destroy the players standing next to it. Of course, players can also buy ESO Gold to get better weapons to destroy the enemy.

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In The Elder Scrolls Online players can use alchemy or buy ESO Gold to improve themselves. If players are not worried about running around Cyrodiil to occupy fortresses, castles, fortresses or outposts, they will usually try to obtain Elder Scrolls from the enemy alliance. Even running in Imperial City or Imperial Sewers is troublesome. Players must avoid not only enemy players, but also the powerful bosses wandering around these two areas.

There are enemies in every corner, and the right potion can help the player's journey easier. Of course, players can also prepare enough Cheap ESO Gold to improve their strength and get better equipment to easily defeat the enemy. There are many mixtures that can satisfy almost all constructions. There are so many ingredients in the game, and the recipes are almost endless, but some potions stand out.

Essence Of Spell Power. Ingredients: Lorkhan's Tears, Cornflower, Lady's Smock, Water Hyacinth. This mixture is useful for both PvE and PvP because it adds Spell Damage, Spell Critical, and restores magicka. The healer can also use this potion. For some healing spells, their amount of healing depends on how high the spell damage is done by the caster. Players can use it to enhance their own strength, and can destroy the enemy in a short time, making it perform well in any battle. Players can buy ESO Gold to get it.

Essence Of Weapon Power. Ingredients: Lorkhan's Tears, Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn, Wormwood. This potion is also suitable for PvE and PvP. It will increase Weapon Damage, Weapon Critical, and restores stamina. It is convenient for any endurance DPS, but it is especially useful for any player who has a sniper. Using this potion before sniping someone will improve the player's stats and can help them eliminate the enemy within 1-2 hits, depending on the bow they have. Of course, players who want to increase their damage can also use ESO Gold to get better weapons.

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