Food-delivery on-demand apps are flourishing in the online market. There are many on-demand apps for delivering food at the fastest speed. Doordash app is a food delivery app from the local restaurants to the customers. This Doordash app is popular in the cities of the US. People can buy their favorite foods from their favorite restaurants. The delivery workers are freelance workers chosen from the app and not by the restaurants. Thus this helps more local restaurants to step in to utilize the Doordash app to boost their business.

Features of the Doordash app:
The admin, the restaurants, and the customers can look into the live tracking of their foods.
Contactless delivery- The food is delivered to the customer with a contactless delivery. The delivery officer places the food and moves 6feet away from the place.
Safety badges- The admin can add safety badges to the restaurants' profiles during this pandemic situation.
Take away- Apart from the door delivery, customers can order the food, pay for it and pick it from the respective restaurants.
Single store delivery- You can also allow and expand your single store’s business.
Multi-store delivery- It also allows you to fulfill the orders from various stores attached to the on-demand delivery app.
Multiple Payment options- Doordash ultimately enables the customers to use various payment options such as credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, cash on delivery, and many more.

Winding Up:
With the latest technology, the local food businesses are expanding their space in the online market to boost their business. It is the right time for entrepreneurs like you to launch in the competitive market with food delivery services. The on-demand doordash app is available on Android devices, iOS devices, and also in web services. It also has separate panels for the customers, restaurants, and admin panels. This is a seamless platform for people to go one step higher in their business.
michalewilliam 12 august 2021, 6:20

On-demand apps have become the modern scheme of businesses. DoorDash app is a responsive food delivery application that enables users to consume their favourite food in just a few taps. The on-demand DoorDash app solution is suitable for single food establishments, restaurant chains or food delivery startups to establish their business. Are you wondering how this app helps to level up your business? An app like DoorDash entitles your user to search, order, pay and receive their favourite food items from the comfort of their homes. The more convenience your app provides, the more likely you're going to shine in your business.

How to make your app more convenient to users? Let us look into the features and functionalities of the app, which is the answer to the question.

Features & Functionalities of DoorDash App
Live-Tracking: Users can track the location of the delivery executive who brings in their order using the feature. It is made possible by GPS integration, enabling users to track their order in real-time.
Take Away: Besides providing doorstep delivery, you can offer takeaway options to customers who want to order online but pick up the order directly by themselves. It eliminates the wait time until the order gets prepared.
Contactless Deliveries: This feature has become more of a necessity in today's times to ensure the safety of individuals from contracting the deadly virus. This feature lets specify a spot where the order can be left by the delivery personnel avoiding the need to have physical contact.

The reason behind the astonishing popularity of DoorDash is the comfort it offers the users to make orders through the app. The user-friendliness is enhanced by the app features making it easy to use.

To conclude,
In TurnkeyTown's white-label solution, you can expect everything that a food delivery solution must-have. Packed with Stellar features wrapped up with an enticing UI, our customisable solutions can be an absolute delight to your users and you to gain profits. Connect with us soon to launch your app real quick.
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