China is funding the development of the world's first prototype supercomputer for exaflop computing. The speed of the system will be a quintillion operations per second. Such a capacity the country will send to support the program of marine research.

KlauS 7 october 2017, 10:49

imageThe China's great firewall just blocked access to the domain in the country. This is due to the new release of nodejs version 0.6.4. This may sound strange, but the firewall blocks all websites that actually contain the numbers 64 and 89. This is related to the grievous Tiananmen Square protests that took place in the 1989. The students began the demonstrations to encourage continued economic and political reforms. The government used the military force against the protesters and shot the students. Therefore, the Chinese government is trying every possible means to limit the access of population to the history of those events.

Chinese developers have already asked the version developers to change that:
“Because the number «64» has been filtered by CHINA GFW.
The new nodejs version 0.6.4 has caused to be blocked in China.
Our Chinese nodejs developers visit website that is RESET now!

Please help us, change the version number quickly!

ps: the «89» magic number will cause the same problem too.
So the future version 0.8.9 should be avoided.

Please help us, and screw up the GFW!”
BumBum 5 december 2011, 16:10