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A place of darkness and inconceivable evil Naxxramas was the living nightmare that was a an omen of the strength of the World of Warcraft Lich King. The city was filled with death knights in servitude in a mismatched world of abominations, decayed undead creations The players were faced with WoW's most daunting challenge in the years since its launch. Many never got to experience the triumph of ending Kel'thuzad's brutal reign, however finally Lordaeron had been freed from the Scourge and the players who remained alive could begin to rebuild anew.

WoW: Classic is filled with unforgettable stories, but not all of which could be covered here. Only the most important events have been delved into specifically in relation to the lore of later expansions. The original expansion did not come with a unique plot like other expansions in that some players might not understand what the impact was of their actions. However, the exact details concerning every moment as well as the motives that go with it within World of Warcraft: Classic's story can be found scattered all over the pages of dialogue, tomes and questlines. player has to just go out there and locate them.

The blood elves are one of the numerous races playable that can be played in the fantasy MMORPG game World of Warcraft, but you might wonder why opting the blood elves also requires fighting against the Horde. In comparison to race of other members of the Horde blood elves look like the odd ones out in the game, particularly beside the likes of the tauren, orcs and undead. To understand the reasons why the sin'dorei decided to commit themselves toward WoW's Horde in lieu of joining the Alliance in the first place, one must know the background prior to the game's launch.

The tale of the blood-elves (sin'dorei in their own language) is worthy of note as only recently have they acquired this moniker in lieu of what they used to be commonly referred to as- the high elves, or the Quel'dorei. They are distant descendents of night elves . They have always been distinguished by their love with magic and, particularly their dependence on the power of magic. In the early days of Warcraft history, the high elves enjoyed a prosperous existence in idyllic lands, the splendor of which became a legend to the other races of the continent.

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Although World of Warcraft initially launched with only eight races, the game has expanded to include 23 currently. Although 10 of these options are referred to as "allied races" are more of a variant than original races, they provide players with the possibility to choose the kind of character they'd like to play. While World of Warcraft's player base being able to choose from a myriad of choices available but they do tend to gravitate towards a few popular fan favorites.

Although Blizzard does usually not provide specific details about the population of its realms However, there have been several different census projects throughout the history of World of warcraft. Since these sources are not official, they're not able to give exact statistics for every realm but they can be used as a reliable estimate. The numbers here were compiled prior to World of Warcraft: Shadowland's release, the expansion did not introduce new races. This means that the figures are likely to remain precise.

The most frequently played race for Alliance gamer in World of Warcraft are Humans with around 15% of the total characters in the game. Humans have been in existence since the beginning of the series' first game, Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans and have been a dominant figure in Azeroth's lore. Humans' status as a popular race among players of World of Warcraft comes as an unsurprising fact, as many players enjoy creating characters who look like themselves , but may not feel comfortable playing as a fantasy race.

Night Elves are a close second to Alliance races of WoW with around 12percent of the class choosing the nighttime humanoids. Night Elves are an important part of the game's story, having played an essential contribution to the War of the Ancients and continuing to do so in the Third War. Night Elves have a number of attributes that might entice people to play them, including a connection to nature that was not present in the first Alliance races. They are also the sole Alliance race that has access to the Demon Hunter class in World of Warcraft which is not a surprise why they have maintained their popularity.

Even though they weren't added after World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, Blood Elves are without doubt by far the best race for Horde players. Blood Elves represent just over 15% of players in the game, which is more than 10 percent more than the second most popular Horde race, Orcs. Blood Elves possess a number of advantages over the other members of their faction, such as accessibility to both Demon Hunter and Paladin classes. It is also likely that certain Horde players would prefer playing as more of a human-like race, thus making Blood Elves a clear choice.

Given how well-known Blood Elves have become in World of Warcraft, it is no surprise that the most viewed "allied race" is the Void Elves, since they are similar to them in their design. The least popular Non-allied races, assuming that both factions' Pandaren characters are counted as one, Goblins come in at the second place with two percent of the number of players.

Even though every race in WoW comes with passive advantages and distinct racial characteristics, many gamers are more likely to pick their character based on looks instead of ability. In between Humans, Night Elves, and Blood Elves, it is clear that many gamers in World of warcraft favor human-like races, which have had a significant impact on the history of Azeroth.

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