The various currency items in Path of Exile are collectively referred to as POE Currency. Players may encounter various currency items during the journey. They are very useful in some specific situations, so many players will choose buy POE Currency to help themselves through some difficult situations. Players can encounter many currencies in Path of Exile, here are some POE Currency functions.

Cartographer's Chisel: Improve map quality. Orb of Fusing: Re-establish the link between sockets. Glassblower's Bauble: Improve the quality of flasks. Orb of Scouring: Remove all modifiers from the project. Chaos Orb: Reforge rare items with new random modifiers. Orb of Regret: Give back points for a passive skill. Vaal Orb: Damage an item. Regal Orb: Upgrade magic items to rare items.

Blessed Orb: Randomize the given value of the implicit modifier of the item. The implicit modifier will be the first modifier listed on the item information panel. Gemcutter's Prism: Improve the quality of gems. Divine Orb: The given value of the random modifier of the randomized item. Exalted Orb: Increase rare items with new random modifiers. Mirror of Kalandra: Create a mirror copy of the project, and the used items cannot be damaged. Many players will want to buy POE Currency to get these rare and useful items.

Prophecy Currency/Silver Coins. Players may also encounter Silver Coins from time to time. This is an item used as currency in Navali. In exchange for these coins, Navali will give you a prediction. After Navali is rescued from The Climb, players can find her in every town. This is an early mission, players can find her at the beginning of the journey. Silver coins have no other purpose, nor do they have the same functions as the items listed above. Although it is not as useful as POE Currency, it is also a useful existence.
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For some Path of Exile players, they may think that Scion is weak and useless, but if they really understand Scion and adopt the correct build and buy POE Currency for it, then it may play its greatest strength. Some players may not like the saying that she is a know-it-all, but she is a class starting from the middle of the passive map, so she may have an effect on every aspect. For novice players, if they don't know, they can easily fall into the trap. Here are some tips for novice players.

Look At The Ascendant Tree First. Players usually do not need to look at their Ascendancy options before defeating Lord's Labyrinth for the first time. This means they can spend time on the main passive tree first, and then spend time figuring out how to trade with other people. Players will also buy POE Currency to buy better equipment. Scion has only one Ascendancy option, creatively called Ascendant. Before putting any points into the passive tree, the player should know how they will fill the tree.

Go To Extremes. Looter games are still very active this year, and Path of Exile is a happy part of this group. However, to make players fall in love with this game, you need to find expertise. Initially, Scion didn't have such a thing. This is easily solved by making a path to external passiveness as a priority. The temptation can be close to the starting point, but it also means that this class has a lot of health and mana and has nothing to do with it. And some players may choose buy POE Orbs to enhance its gain effect.

Connect Opposing Passives. After reaching one extreme, quickly move to the other extreme. There are many reasons why players choose Scion, the only reason is that they can do two very different things at a high level. Players usually prepare enough POE Currency to make the game journey more interesting. Elemental archers and aura-buffed slayers are two of the many great builds that people have done with Scion. 
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Path of Exile's interesting game mechanism allows players to choose different classes and create their own unique characters in the game according to their own ideas. But more people will choose Duelist Class, which seems not surprising. At the same time, everyone wants to have excellent performance in the game, so preparing enough POE Currency may help. But for novice players, they also need to have enough understanding of Duelist Class. Here are some content.

Buy From The Vendors. Duelist is a relatively weak class at the beginning of the game, and the advice of experienced players may not sound that useful. When they complete the most difficult moves in the game or complete the perfect robbery, they forget what the Duelist is in its infancy. Other classes can rely on random drops and play games like ordinary predators. Players can buy POE Currency to purchase equipment and gems to make it easier in the later game.

On Critical Hit Advantages. Duelist breaks the rule that players need to be inconsistent at unpredictable times. Due to the very high attack speed, the spells triggered on heavy hits will disappear regularly. Therefore, when other classes discard these gems, Duelist should pick them up. After gaining sufficient attack speed, it is equivalent to releasing additional damage. If the players have the conditions, they can also Buy POE Currency to get better weapons to increase their damage.

Max Out Spell Resistance. Around the fifth act, the Duelist will feel the heat from the enemy’s spells. As a melee role, these are largely inevitable attacks. Life stealing will help, but the blow will be devastating before Act 10. Use equipment with magic resistance. If the players do not have equipment, then they'd better prepare some POE Currency to buy better equipment.

Keep An Eye On Impale. The initial "best" build of Duelist involved mobile piercing, which can wipe out the biggest and worst enemies with a single energetic blow. This move and its corresponding Ascendancy, champion, have been weakened. The build is still an excellent build for a single goal, but the community is under great pressure to restore this fan’s favorite build.
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Players can choose different classes according to their preferences in Path of Exile. Some players may buy POE Orbs to configure better equipment for it after choosing a role. And some characters are very useful in themselves. Duelist is one of them, and many old players will choose it. If players don’t know something about it, here are some professional tips.

Tinker With The Skill Gems. Most of Duelist's skills and weapons are rigid, but in addition to using POE Currency to buy better weapons, skill gems seem to be used to stimulate their imagination. Some of them mix well with the class and don't have a consensus on the person they like the most. Duelist may blink with Flicker Strike, use Viper Strike to poison enemies, or use Cleave to kill followers. Or even all three are in the same version.

Guardian is either the worst or the best. Many people may think that saying that any combination of skills is either the worst or the best in the game is a sloppy statement, but in the case of Guardian Ascendancy, this is definitely true. This makes ranking it among other Ascendandies a very difficult task. The entire Ascendancy will enhance the companions in the party. Because the Duelist usually has no servants, it means it only works for other party members. Single players should not consider it. Group players should not consider anything else. If you want to quickly enhance yourself, players generally Buy POE Currency to quickly improve.

The Dominance Of Life Leech. For novice players, they need to fully understand the content. Helpful experts will always ensure that information about the Ascendancy course is included in advance. And at least they will not mention that Slayer will cause harm. There are several life-sucking skills in this tree, which are very different from Duelist. In addition to parrying attacks, Duelist does not have many natural defensive capabilities. Players can prepare some POE Currency to buy better equipment for them to increase their defense capabilities.
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For the old players, they all like to play Duelist, because it not only damages high but also has a large range. In battle, players who use Duelist are generally able to survive to the end. Although many players have bought POE 3.16 Currency to increase their damage, but they will also lament that Duelist is a great class. Here is some content about Duelist.

Stay away from smart trees. Even though it is good to conduct a lot of experiments in the game, the duelist starts with the lowest intelligence score and trying to solve this problem requires too much work. By insisting on dexterity and strength, the duelist will be in his element and cause the greatest damage. For those who are curious to explore, there are some niche constructions to try, but it sacrifices what makes this character so good. If you want to increase damage, players can prepare some POE Currency.

Survive by sword. Take a sword. If necessary, please learn to trade. When viewing the game list guide, please turn to the sword section, do not turn the page. Duelists have a large number of accessible sword lovers and should make the most of them. Deft Blade and Blade of Cunning each increase sword damage by 22%. In addition to these skills, there are some skills that can increase damage and attack speed. For a wise player, this cannot be given up. Or players can buy POE 3.16 Currency to get some better weapons.

Balance strength and dexterity. In Path of Exile, developers have balanced the game many times, and of course, Duelist is no exception. But the coexistence of strength and dexterity is very important. Some powerful people may miss a lot of time when they are hurt. Those with too much dexterity will often attack but cause very little damage. Duelist should send at least one bridge in each passive skill area of strength and dexterity. In any case, if the player wants to maximize the strength of a character, it is essential to prepare enough POE Currency
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Many players didn't know how to choose a character when they started Path of Exile. In fact, players need to have a correct understanding of the role. It is not that having enough POE Currency can play the greatest strength of the role. There are many characters that need players to understand correctly. Here are some S-Tier Ascendancies in Path of Exile.

Ascendant. The Scion is the only profession that has a single Ascendancy to choose from, but Ascendant's incredible flexibility makes it a great subcategory that can be built in large numbers. Using the position of the scion on the passive tree, ascent provides almost unlimited options when deciding which route to take. Ascendant nodes provide unique rewards based on each of the other 18 ascending points, which means that ascending points can basically choose two instead of one.

Necromancer. Necromancer is simply too good at anything. No matter what kind of Minions, make the body more useful, offensive or defensive or Mana affinities. Many things Necromancer can do. And regardless of the depth of the final player, even if you don't use POE Currency to buy good equipment, this kind of Ascendancy has always been a very consistent choice for many builds and all levels.

Assassin. No matter how hard Grinding Gear Games tries to weaken it, Assassin is still one of the most played Ascendancies in every league. Because of its extraordinary affinity for crit, poison, elusive, and crit, Assassin has always remained outstanding. This character can do many things like Necromancer and Ascendant, but it also has a very clear play style, suitable for many endgame versions. Many players will choose it and Buy POE Currency to configure better equipment for it.

Elementalist. Due to its blood relationship with Golems, Elementalist can easily become whoever it wants to be. It allows players to summon more Golems, and each Golem will increase its efficiency according to the number of Golems. This can either be used to make minions do all the work for the player, which is almost what happens when using Summon Carrion Golem, or the player can use the edge suppression buff granted by Golems to make skills like Burning Arrow destroy everything. At the same time, if players want to increase damage, buy POE Currency may be helpful. 
YYJJJ 18 september 2021, 2:11

Path of Exile Expedition has been available for almost two months. It can be a great way to eliminate stress and get some rewards. There are also new POE Currency, new store NPCs and new items to collect. Now if there are newcomers who are just experiencing Expedition, they will see a new NPC, a detonator, and several markers around the two. These marks, signs or sticks depict what players can dig into the area, from treasures to enemies or challenges.

If players want to dig anything under the rubble, they must place explosives in the area to be digged. Encounters start at 4, but this limit will increase as the mission progresses. The distance between the explosive and the primer cannot be too far, so place it carefully. They will explode in the order it placed them, and then players can collect loot or fight the enemy. If they fall, it is easy to return to the battle to continue fighting or looting the remaining boxes. Although players will get most of the junk equipment, it is important that they can still get some POE Currency.

The 3.15 expansion introduces four new NPCs related to Expedition. They are Gwennen the Gambler, Tujen the Haggler, Rog the Dealer, and Dannig Warrior Skald. All are merchants. If players have the items or materials they want, they can trade with them for a certain amount of profit. We can find the Expedition log around level 34. These opened up a huge expedition map to get more rewards. Before solving a problem, make sure you are prepared.

In the current game situation, Expedition rewards may not be able to win you some Exalted Orbs. In other words, players should use these artifacts to trade with new merchants to get the best items. Nevertheless, it is worth trying the new skill gems introduced in this alliance, if nothing else. If the players’ financial strength is acceptable, they can buy more POE Currency and go deep into Expedition to obtain greater achievements.
CSCCA 18 september 2021, 1:00

There are many professions in Path of Exile, and many players will choose their favorite professions to build. But many players may not understand the mechanics, so one carelessness will mess up everything. Some players may find that their characters do not have high damage, so they often buy POE Currency to buy powerful equipment for their characters. In fact, as long as you have enough understanding of the classes in Path of Exile, it is an excellent choice. Here are the Classes of A-Tier Ascendancies in PoE you need to know.

Gladiator. One of the most balanced Ascendancies in Path of Exile, Gladiator, is an excellent choice for offense and defense. It combines outstanding block nodes suitable for dual wielding and shields with challenger charging to increase damage and speed. The Bleeding Node includes one of the best clearance perks around “Bleeding Explosion”, which only has a compound damage output. Once the player kills an enemy affected by the bleeding, they will explode and cause AoE physical damage to nearby enemies. Although it is not as high as the damage of some characters who use POE Currency to buy powerful equipment, it is enough.

Inquisitor. Once not a skilled class, Inquisitor changed when the ceremony started and gave new life as a mixed role between casting spells and using attacks. It now represents the “battle mage archetype” in RPG, of which “the fanatical instrument” is the prime example here. If the player has recently attacked, this node will now provide crazy casting speed, while other nodes make the judge heavier than other nodes. If you want to improve your strength more quickly, it is very necessary to prepare some POE Currency.

Occultist. A very comprehensive Ascendancy that can be effectively used for many builds. Occultist is one of the best Ascendancy in the game, but it has not been fully achieved yet. Its ability to cast additional curses is always tempting, especially considering that mystics can also impose curses on evil enemies. This class is also more useful than other classes for POE Currency.

Trickster. The Trickster is an incredible Ascendancy, arguably one of the best in the entire game. It has amazing offensive nodes, excellent defensive advantages, and it has a wide range of uses. The main reason Trickster is not an S-level career is that once players can use POE Currency to invest in better construction, it is Ascendancies that are often placed on the sidelines. But players can buy POE Currency to configure better equipment to enhance its strength.
YYJJJ 17 september 2021, 2:09

There are many professions in Path of Exile for players to choose from, which is why it is so popular. Because players can create their own characters according to their own ideas, they can also buy POE Currency to equip their characters with better equipment. Here are some classes of C-Tier Ascendancies in Path of Exile.

Hierophant. Hardly entered B-Tier. When the ritual started, Hierophant was weakened, and it lost its unique ability to summon two additional totems. However, this category received additional rewards on the nodes surrounding Arcane Surge, making it an attractive option for Mana-based constructions. Specifically, the builds around Lightning Spells, Arcane Surge, Arcane Cloak, and Archmage are all good for Hierophant.

Pathfinder. Because of its affinity with flasks and poisons, Pathfinder was previously one of the best Ascendancy in the game. It has seen some weakenings and changes, and is now in good condition instead of being suppressed. This category still provides great benefits for Exiles who are willing to delve into the Flask game style, and may be very effective for some specific builds. One of the best examples of a good Pathfinder build is Toxic Rain, which benefits from chaos damage and AoE increase, as well as gaining more projectiles by using Unique Flask Dying Sun.

Slayer. It is one of those evergreen Ascendancies, especially for melee builds involving skills such as Cyclone. This is because Slayer's inherent high Critical Strike Chance when using weapons makes it a juicy choice for attack-based constructions that rely on critical strikes, AoE, and possibly immunity to reflected physical damage. Another alluring element of Slayer is its built-in enhanced "Culling Strike", which means that Slayer can instantly kill enemies with less than 20% health.

Raider. As one of the weakest Ascendancies, Raider finally got a change not long ago, making it an incredibly viable option for mass builds, from Dexterity-stacking builds to Toxic Rain, from Elemental Hit strikes to Blade Blast. Raider is very versatile, especially because it can easily get Frenzy Charges, Onslaught and Phasing. Of course, wanting to increase damage is also very simple, as long as you prepare some POE Currency to buy powerful equipment.
YYJJJ 16 september 2021, 2:05

There are many types in Path of Exile to choose from, and players can choose a character that suits them according to their preferences. However, due to the complexity of the passive skill tree, players must fully understand the mechanics of the game so that they can create a powerful character. Of course, using POE Currency to buy some powerful equipment can also quickly increase your strength. Here are some C-Tier Ascendancies in Path of Exile.

Saboteur. Saboteur can be said to be one of the best starters in the league, and they provide a very powerful single-target damage option. Nevertheless, traps and mines themselves are still a bit niche, although both can eventually expand to crazy damage in the final stage, but their performance is still gradually declining. Because players tend to buy POE Currency and use these POE Currency to configure better equipment for characters to produce better results.

Berserker. Berserker is neither a bad Ascendancy nor a great one. It provides great synergy with builds that try to get as much raw damage and anger as possible, but there are other classes and builds that can achieve similar results without being damaged by more damage from all sources. Some players even use POE Currency to buy some damage-absorbing equipment.

Champion. Like Saboteur, Champion is not exactly a C-tier, but it is not a real B-tier either. This is a class that is very focused on Impale, which is an incredible source of damage for bosses and clearing the map. The problem is that while Champion was and is still a very reliable choice for many builds, there are other builds that generally offer more damage than Champion, including those that rely on Impale. Some players will also prepare POE Currency to buy powerful weapons to increase damage.

Deadeye. Deadeye is at a turning point, a great intermediate class, but it hasn't surpassed many other classes. This Ascendancy has recently received buffs and changes, which can increase damage and projectiles in new ways. There is also an incredible addition node, which changes the way the Mirage Archers summoned by Deadeye behaves, stacking up to three.
YYJJJ 15 september 2021, 2:00
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