Those Path of Exile players who are financially difficult always get themselves into various difficulties because of the lack of enough POE Currency. If they want to achieve their own breakthroughs, they must master as many practical skills and upgrade guides as possible to earn Path of Exile Currency. Fortunately, players can use activities and strategies to earn additional income. Whether using alliance mechanisms or investment maps, players who insist on using Path of Exile’s extensive system will get a complete set of currency items and the rarest items. Here are some tips to help players earn money.

Most communities believe that supplier recipes are a complete waste of time. This can be said to be correct in leagues that honor more than 200 Chaos Balls, but the Robbery League has adjusted the price of honors to slightly higher than 60 Chaos Balls.

Because of this, when players enter the alliance, the Chaos formula is very suitable for earning currency. Players will get a Chaos Orb from the supplier by selling a complete set of rare equipment between levels 60 and 74. The complete set of equipment includes boots, gloves, belt, two rings, one amulet, chest, helmet and two two-handed weapons or one two-handed weapon. Selling an unidentified set of rare equipment will cause 2 Chaos Orbs instead of POE Currency.

Other recipes include turning the map into a cartographer’s chisel with a 20-mass mallet, selling an ilvl75+ rare equipment for Regal Orb, and selling affected rare equipment for two to four prominent fragments. These recipes are especially useful in Solo Self-Found.

Or there are more practical methods players can also try. If they are tired of these methods, they can also directly seek help from reliable online sellers to POE Currency Buy, which is also a very convenient way.
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During the epidemic, all players’ game duration has increased, and Path of Exile is no exception. The game duration recorded by Grinding Gear Games will continue to be refreshed in 2020.There are also more players choosing on the trading platform to Buy POE Currency.

Grinding Gear's last updated Path of Exile on April 16th. Under the influence of the season reset and the epidemic, Path of Exile’s playing time in 2020 has increased by 17%, with Atlas’s echo version at its peak. The designer said that players prefer the game’s outstanding core combat, similar to the traditional killing of monsters to get better loot and improve character abilities, instead of walking like collecting items. This is also the reason we organized the Delirium Alliance, we need to ensure the game’s strong core combat effectiveness and reward content. 

The current epidemic situation in New Zealand is stable. Designers have been able to work on both Path of Exile and its sequel in the office. Compared with working at home, the importance of face-to-face discussions between designers and fancy, working together in the office can improve Efficiency, less redundant norms. However, the epidemic has also brought about difficulties in recruiting. Regional blockades have allowed the company to recruit only one person to help. 

The design concept of Path of Exile2 is to continue and sublimate based on the first part, not only sharing the same endgame but also extending the goods you have purchased and sharing the same game account. Designers are also attempting game methods and platform sharing issues, trying to make Path of Exile cross-play before the console and PC. 

Path of Exile has undergone dozens of updates, and new items are emerging endlessly. For all kinds of new items that will appear in Path of Exile2, the developers said that naming is a very headache. This may be the reason why the sequel called Path of Exile2 early. With the arrival of the sequel, there will be more players Buy POE Currency
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Zizaran is a YouTube and Path of Exile anchor. He collaborated with a group of anchors and community members to crowdfund a 10-day professional challenge. The event is scheduled to start on June 12th. Players will upgrade their characters and kill Boss to compete for a lot of loot and POE Currency Buy to understand how all professions perform in the most difficult encounter of Path of Exile. It will hold the Class Gauntlet Event as an event alliance, which contains the new Monster Area of Effect Mod and other damage modules and Monster Life.

This event will increase the monster’s range of influence, monster damage, monster speed, monster elemental damage, reduce player resistance and increase monster life. Players only need to log in to Path of Exile on the day and click “Join” in the lower right corner to enter. Players will earn points based on level and specific boss kills. However, they should not forget that in order to obtain Boss kill points, they must submit kill records in the Path of Exile Community Discord.

The prize pool is crowdfunded by Zizaran’s event partners, communities and community anchors. In addition, the anchors and their communities will use the funds they raise for the event to create bounties. Bounty is a custom prize that can award to players who achieve specific goals in the event. Players can also pay close attention to their social media and POECurrency during the recent period to learn about when the fundraising event will be held and the announcement of the fundraising event.

Players who have taken part in similar events in the past should know that before they enter the event, it is best to choose a reliable online seller to buy some POE Currency as a backup, which is a wise choice. And they must also beware of other players, because there may be some players who are not keen on the content of the event, and the purpose is only to rob other players to get the resources they need.
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Previously,there was a drop in frame rate during the game.The Path of Exile special effects team stated it will focus on optimizing the game scene and character effects,but this process may be longer,and players cannot see the actual effect of the optimization for the time being.The team stated in a blog that the next patch released on June 7 will officially start optimization.Developers said that they are very dissatisfied with the effect of the game now,so they need to speed up the development of the optimization task.When the player runs out of VRAM,the game will still run,but the frame rate will drop immediately.

Besides affecting the perception and experience of the game,it is also likely to cause a crash.The developers stated they added a system to ensure that VRAM usage is kept to a minimum.Developer Grinding Gear Games stated it will try its best to give users the best gaming experience.There are still many problems to be solved in the optimization process.POE Currency system is about to become more abundant.

In the past,players often encountered sudden blurring of textures or excessive contrast during the game. In this version update, not only the shadows and textures have been optimized.Players can also use a “wipe cache”button to manually refresh the game quality.

Path of Exile started a fan art competition just yesterday.The entries must be game-related and only accept drawings and models,not videos.The competition ends on June 7, and the top three players can receive POE Orbs rewards.Players can also go to a reliable trading platform to Buy POE Currency on their own.
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