With the increasing content and mechanism of Path of Exile, it does not seem very friendly to the novice players who are just getting started. They may be at a loss when upgrading, so here are some tips to help them get on the road smoothly and learn more ways to Buy POE Currency. There are many Path of Exile novices who are still trying to understand many features in the game.

The first thing players who have not reached level 65 need to worry about is the blue bag. This continues until level 30, so they don’t have to pay too much attention to side tasks. However, starting from level 30, players will need to pay more attention to the evolution of characters through POE Build. Their primary concern is to get as much XP as possible, but if they have enough confidence, they can deal with any monsters they think fit.

When you reach this level, you can at least run non-red maps. You can continue to do this to level 90, after which you can research and cultivate POE currency for your use in the game. You are now reaching a higher level of Path of Exile, so you will begin to complete the map. You can change the difficulty to get better rewards and experience, but obviously the price is more difficult to complete. However, when you start to reach these levels, you will notice a drop in the upgrade speed, depending on how fast you upgrade. However, mapping is a necessary step to enhance the role.

This is what newcomers should do when they first play Path of Exile. When they really grow up, they should master more practical skills and buy more POE Currency to support their subsequent development. Without a strong mentality and smart mind, it is difficult for them to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. Come on!
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Maybe some players are still confused about the actual release time of the Path of Exile 3.15 extension, it’s just because they are in a different time zone. According to Pacific Daylight Time, the new extension will be officially released on Twitch by Grinding Gear Games at 1:00 pm on July 15 and will release for free on July 23. The trailers they released earlier revealed new skills, hinted at the upcoming league mechanism, and also showed new NPCs, which stimulated players’ desire to try and demand for POE Currency.

Grinding Gear Games has begun to announce its next expansion pack and Path of Exile League. GGG has released a new trailer, showing the many skulls on the pole. Various new skills were also shown, one of which looked similar to Soulrend, but fired a projectile that destroys chaos in the surrounding area. If you look closely at the skull, you will find icons of different types of rewards. How the alliance mechanism will play out remains to be seen, but it is expected that the usual skill gem gains and weakening, sublimation POE Currency, etc. However, it seems that Ultimatum will not be added to the standard by GGG. However, the developers do like its content and may bring it back with some improvements later.

We expect they will launch it on PC first and then on game consoles next week. As for Path of Exile 2, it is scheduled to be released in 2022, but it may eventually skip PS4 and Xbox One. In this matter, the development team had a hard time. Because its beta version was supposed to be released at the end of last year, it is precisely because of the dual blockade of Cyberpunk 2077 and COVID-19 that it will delay until 2022, which makes it difficult for fans who have been expecting it.

Players should also turn more attention to the new league. There are already some smart players with foresight who have purchased a lot of POE Currency for the 3.15 expansion in advance. If the novice players who joined not long ago do not do so, they will fall behind. So work hard, warriors in exile!
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Path of Exile is taking advantage of the 3.15 expansion to replace the Ultimatum League with the brand new Boat League. The new extension will soon make its debut in the studio’s live conference. As a league, Ultimatum also has its moments, such as the great community participation in the first few weeks. It showed this through posts about successful gambling with the Trial Master and those seriously wrong gambling. Since the 3.15 update may release in about ten days, fans want to know what the trailer is about, especially since the focus seems to be more on new skills rather than revealing too much information about the league.

However, the new trailer for Path of Exile’s upcoming league shows a terrain patch full of skulls with glowing symbols and mounted on spikes. In terms of themes and colors, the skulls are reminiscent of Fairgraves and various microtransactions related to the theme. Then, at the end of the trailer, some new NPCs are standing in the snowy terrain, looking like a hybrid of the iron species and the night watch in Game of Thrones. One of these NPCs seems in motion, and the overall pirate theme of the trailer is not surprising. Many long-time fans became obsessed with the Boat League meme, which was especially dominant when Heist first appeared.

Over the years, GGG has been building a vast community for Path of Exile, and as the games it creates continue to expand, it has become natural to attract the community with memes and jokes. The Boat League meme is not the only meme that the community still insists on. Other honor mentions include the secrets of toucans and fishing, but for Hester, the possibility of boats and sea operations actually seems reasonable. Therefore, although the official Twitter account of Path of Exile states the ship is not something for the next alliance, what looks like a pirate theme in the 3.15 update is important.

Players should prepare for this early. After all, many players have already purchased an enormous amount of Path of Exile Currency in advance to deal with the next new challenges and new content. Especially those novice players who have just joined Path of Exile should concentrate on reading a lot of game guides to familiarize themselves with Path of Exile’s game mechanics and general gameplay. Come on!
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It has been 7 years since GGG released Path of Exile. Unless the developer stops updating and improving the game, the game will only continue to develop. If there were not so many fans who loved POE back then, there would not be the glory of today’s POE. Thanks to the continuous increase of loyal players over the years, Path of Exile has also strengthened the game experience for players during this period. Many players are keen to complete various challenging tasks in the game to get POE Currency, which can help them establish a significant advantage in the game.

Path of Exile game team released new extensions this year in order to thank the players for their genuine support. Players rely on the mechanics and functions of the new mode to kill the Quartet in the game. But don’t be too surprised because GGG’s release plan for this year is not yet complete. Their idea is to launch four expansions every quarter to promote the multi-faceted development of the game. Players familiar with POE know that this will increase the opportunities for players to collect POE Chaos Orb. Next, we will introduce the players to what new attractive content may be released this year.

Path of Exile 2 is a non-independent game that runs effectively as a 4.0.0 patch. Players will see new and fun advertisements and better interface graphics in the game. And the most important thing is that POE2 joined the new game core for the first time, so players will be able to fight better. Players can still choose any version of POE to play according to their needs. But please remember that the functions created in Path of Exile cannot be used in Path of Exile 2. However, there is good news that it will keep POE Items purchased by players in POE 2.

This year is a good time for Path of Exile to develop vigorously. The upcoming expansions and mobile ports in the game will appeal to many players. Players may play all of your time this year just by playing this content. Through the previous introduction, players can also know that there are too many expansion tasks waiting for players to enter this year. Just as in the face of the upcoming Path of Exile 3.15 expansion, players had better Buy POE Currency in advance. Enjoy the happiness that Path of Exile brings us! !
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Grinding Gear Games has not announced a release date for the mobile version of Path of Exile. In fact, they may never launch this game on mobile phones. In a previous interview with Gamespot, Wilson told them that if Path of Exile Mobile is bad, they won’t bother to release it. However, in the same interview, Wilson explained that the game does run on mobile devices, and Grinding Gear Games is deciding how they want to locate it before committing to a release date. It is worth mentioning that the continued development of Path of Exile 2 may also affect the release.

The development of Path of Exile Mobile handled internally by Grinding Gear Games, but naturally, their priorities may be more inclined to Path of Exile 2, and they reported that they hope they will release it in 2022. This will definitely affect the release date of Path of Exile Mobile, which may be the reason we have heard no fresh news from the developers.

However, this seems unlikely because console players currently cannot play with PC users. As we mentioned above, the development team has not yet decided on the form Path of Exile will take, so it may be a completely different entity, making cross-playing impossible. Path of Exile Mobile will be a free game. The game team stated that even if Path of Exile Mobile is released, players cannot win more battles by spending more money. It does not surprise the old players at this. After all, one reason why Path of Exile has such a big reputation is that it is free.

Players can purchase in-app purchases in the PC version and console version of the game to unlock more storage space or cosmetics, such as weapons and equipment skins. They can also purchase more cheap POE Currency through POECurrency, which saves money, time and effort.
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The duelist is the favorite of veterans. He is a person who can hit a vast range of damage and protect himself on the front line. The caster is happy to believe that they are in trouble dealing with many enemies or weakening threatening targets. He is difficult to play in the early stage, but he has received some advice from the professional players. Significant effect. If players will buy POE Currency for their characters, then there will be better performance.

1 Stay away from The Intelligence Tree
Although the game motivates players to conduct a lot of experimentation, the duelist starts with the lowest intelligence score and trying to solve this problem requires too much work. However, don’t be angry, there are many better things to be angry, such as harvesting nerf. By insisting on dexterity and strength, the duelist will be in his element and cause the greatest damage. For those who are curious and have the spirit of exploration, you can still try it.

2 Living by the sword
First take a sword. When viewing the game guide, please turn to the sword section. Duelists have many accessible sword lovers and should make the most of them. The blade of dexterity and the blade of cunning each increase sword damage by a few points. Among these skills, there are other skills that increase damage and attack speed. These are high-damage skills, and there is no reason to give them up.

3 Balance Strength And Dexterity
Although it was released many years ago, Path of Exile is still one of the few popular games in 2021. This is not accidental. I have injected a lot of ideas into the game, and the balanced duelist profession is of course the developer’s idea. It is important to increase strength and dexterity equally. I will hit those who are too powerful hard, but will miss a lot of time. Those with too much dexterity will often attack but cause minor damage. The duel should send at least one bridge in each passive skill area of strength and dexterity.

Players who love POE can also buy POE Currency to purchase new game equipment to improve their combat effectiveness, hurry and act.
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In Path of Exile, if players have a demand for a certain item or some rare Path of Exile Currency, they can exchange with other players who own these items to get what they want, which differs from the traditional Dungeon Crawlers. And as long as players study the transaction carefully, they will find that this is a very profitable thing. It turns out that some players with clever minds have made themselves very rich in this way. But there is no practical strategy to help players understand trading. So it usually requires players to practice their accurate knowledge.

Chaos Orbs is the closest thing to POE Currency. Path of Exile differs from most RPG games in that there are no fixed currencies such as gold, points or coins that appear in other games. Instead, the value of things related to other items in the game. Merchants exchange items for items, and so does the player group. Having said that, players believe Chaos Orbs is the standard for comparing all items, which is a useful resource that is highly sought after by the player community when randomizing item modifiers. In the end, gamers will use hundreds or even thousands of them to make perfect equipment, re-roll maps, and other purposes. They are great as a currency because they can only be got by crafting or occasionally dropping monsters, which naturally prevents uncontrolled inflation.

The transaction needs to be completed manually by the players. Because Path of Exile does not set up a special mechanism or platform to allow players to trade directly. This is better if the player is in the game, because they can only hold the party between two active players. But if they have not received feedback for a long time, then it is best to turn their attention to those new information Buy POE Currency.

The day when Path of Exile releases the 3.15 extension is getting closer and closer. Players are best to seize this time to trade to get what they need urgently and buy more POE Currency. Almost no one can maintain a state of being alone and without the help of others. Therefore, mutual benefit and win-win is the normal state of getting along between players.
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Nexus.gg announced some time ago that it has partnered with GGG, the manufacturer of Path Of Exile, to provide a customized store for content creators. They believe that these will help sell equipment in free online action role-playing games.

Broadcasters and creators will be able to plan custom stores on their live broadcast or YouTube website, and add their favorite items and content through the Nexus platform. These stores will help GGG sell more equipment and POE Currency to more players who love Path Of Exile, and creators will get 8% revenue from it.

This is similar to the affiliate marketing of a website. If network creators can recommend customers to purchase products with specific links, they will be able to get a portion of the benefits. But a feature of the Nexus platform is that it can display a store on the webcaster or YouTube user's page, so that fans can immediately purchase game-related equipment and currency when they see the broadcaster using it during the live broadcast.

Justin Sacks, CEO of Nexus.gg, feels very excited. There are many content creators, anchors and YouTubers who are very interested in it and are actively participating in it. Path Of Exile will receive more attention because they are also about to announce their New expansion.

Bex, the community director of GGG, the developer of Path Of Exile, said in a statement that Nexus gives them the opportunity to give back to Path Of Exile content creators in a way that is indistinguishable for everyone. They are particularly happy to watch. To their communities can flourish in this way.
YYJJJ 28 june 2021, 3:07

Since Path of Exile entered 2021, it has released two very interesting extensions called Echo of Atlas and Ultimatum. The former differs from most of the seasonal leagues we have seen released by Grinding Gear Games for several reasons. For starters, this alliance came later than expected. Grinding Gear Games scheduled to launch on December 11th. Although this move has hit the enthusiasm of players and the enthusiasm for buying POE Currency, it is correct considering the long-term development of the game.

After the 3.13 expansion released in January of this year, most Path of Exile fans have more enthusiasm and motivation to study the Ritual League deeply. Its special feature is not only that they delayed its release for one month. They also released it with a new endgame expansion pack called Echoes of the Atlas, which adds further depth to the already extensive endgame process. It also allows players who previously gave up playing POE to return in droves. Although the 3.13 extension is not as full of loopholes as the previous Heist, Grinding Gear Games stated they found that because of the excessive number of players online, excessive server pressure caused server instability and some players POE Currency Buy.

Despite the collapse, after a weekend of games, many players once again devoted themselves to Path of Exile. When thoroughly understanding all aspects of this game, the vast majority of players are still rookies, but this is not entirely their POE Currency. Because these seasonal leagues almost always introduce new game mechanics after the league ends and add them to the core game rotation, and since 2013, about four new mechanics have been added every year, there are many things worth considering. So players will not master all its mechanisms and gameplay so quickly and easily.

So far, Path of Exile will release 3.15 extension in mid-July. Time flies, but the fire of enthusiasm among players has never extinguished. There are already many smart players who have purchased many POE Currency and Chaos Orb in advance, and are always paying attention to the latest expansion information. Speed up!
CSCCA 28 june 2021, 1:36

Based on the existing known information, we can know that Path of Exile 2 is about to implement new models and animations. Path of Exile is not an ugly game. However, this seven-year-old game can still use some necessary visual upgrades. The engine itself will see some improvements. Path of Exile does not have too many requirements for the configuration of the computer. These engine improvements may make the game more stable and make it easier for more players to learn. They will also have more motivation to complete the Challenge Cup and collect rare resources and POE Currency.

They will reinvent the skill gem system. The skill gem system in Path of Exile is a unique system. Skill gems are inserted into weapons with type slots and then connected with auxiliary gems to create new attributes or combo skills. In Path of Exile 2, the skill gem system has undergone a major transformation. I previously placed support gems in gear slots, but now they will place directly in the skill gems it modifies. This provides players with more room to build without sacrificing any depth of the game skill gem system.

Path of Exile Ascendancy introduces a feature that allows each class to be extended to other final game class options. Duelists can become gladiators or killers, and witches can become mystics or necromancers. These Ascendancy classes add some much-needed breadth to the game style of each class, and Path of Exile 2 will add even more. GGG announced it will add 19 new Ascendancy Classes to the game through Path of Exile 2. There are currently 19 Ascendancy Classes in the game, and each profession can choose three, except for the successor who has only POE Currency, and the new Ascendancy option is likely to reflect this cross-professional distribution.

GGG will announce everything next year. Players should now focus on the upcoming Path of Exile 3.15 expansion, which will release in mid-July. They should also Buy POE Currency for it and work towards higher goals.
CSCCA 26 june 2021, 1:49
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