The Path of Exile community is disappointed by the lack of response from the Grinding Gear Games development team to the bad Scourge rolls.

Prior to this, Path of Exile: Scourge introduced a unique mechanism in which players can place items or maps in Blood Crucible. After killing monsters in Nightmare Realm, besides rewards such as POE Currency, players will also get a pair of Scourge rolls with positive and negative effects. Then, Blood Crucible will corrupt items.

As the community said, the negative effects of Scourge rolls will cause the positive items to cannot function when corrupted items. This situation is irreparable to players who spend POE Currency to buy items with buff effects. Although GGG released an update last week that brings improvements to Path of Exile: Scourge, these are not enough for players.

The negative effects of Scourge rolls exceed the vast majority of positive effects on specific items or maps. Although the recent update has improved map scrolling to some extent, this “band-aid solution” is like the developer just intends to apply a major benefit to the map and complete it.

Some players believe this problem needs to be solved urgently. In fact, the recent series of Path of Exile: Scourge updates have brought some comfort to players. Including POE Currency and the addition of new items have been recognized by most players, so they are also willing to give GGG enough time to improve existing problems step by step.

However, GGG has also stated that they will improve Atlas and fix bugs that still exist so far in order to release extension 3.17 in time. Atlas itself is large and may require a lot of development time to make it better.

Aside from these unsolved problems, Path of Exile: Scourge is worth the players’ energy to explore more interesting tasks. If the task is difficult, players may wish to buy POE Currency to upgrade their equipment and improve their strength.
jamysen 10 november 2021, 5:14

Path of Exile players should currently fight with the devil in the Scourge League. Although the battle was difficult, the spoils they got were also extremely rich. But the harvest shouldn’t dazzle them. In their free time, they should focus on the weapons and equipment that have been damaged. Just imagine, it would be a shame if the players failed the mission because of the unusable damaged equipment in the battle.

And corrupted items are unpredictable, so it is best for players to understand how they work in advance. Corruption in Path of Exile is very complicated and can affect the development of the character. A corrupted ring can gain poison immunity, for example, and armor can get reduced damage reduction. The number of bonuses adds another level to Path of Exile’s steep learning curve. Corrupting gear might do absolutely nothing, just adding a useless “corrupted” modifier that doesn’t change stats. Players should only gamble with corruption on gear that’s been completely leveled up.

Players can find a rare currency in a monster or arcanist safe. As expected, players are more likely to encounter them in the Vaal side areas. They can also use 7 Vaal Skill Gems and a Vaal Sacrifice fragment to make them. But the disadvantage is that Vaal Orbs does not always work, and it is even possible that players may not receive any results after investing a lot. Therefore, players should cultivate or trade a lot in advance. They can also try to put corrupted items in storage boxes damaged by Vaal Orbs to process the damaged items in batches.

In the Atzoatl temple area is an invasion area called “Locus of Corruption”, which is upgraded from a standard corruption room. This is an altar of corruption. If the player hands the item to the altar, it has a 25% chance of getting two corruption modifiers and a 25% chance of being destroyed. It can also turn all slots into white or re-roll items into different rare items.

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If Path of Exile players want to succeed in POE Currency trading, they must understand of the ins and outs of the game. Crafting is a simple way to make POE Currency, but if players don’t know what basis to use, then they will encounter hard things. Farming, drawing, making, and getting important knowledge and experience in the process at the same time are essential to earn POE Currency effortlessly.

Players who want to use POE Currency to get the items they need to wait for the opportunity. They must wait until people sell their items at a price lower than what they actually own. If people who don’t know the price sell expensive goods at a cheap price, they can buy it immediately and sell it at a higher price. The POE currency market requires you to have a broad understanding of the items and their prices, but if players are proficient in POE currency transactions, then this may be the fastest way for them to earn Path of Exile Currency items for free.

Another very profitable way to get POE currency is to provide players with boss farm services. Players first need to be a high-level or capped player, with enough decent equipment to complete the job quickly, and know the best way to kill the boss, so that their customers can get what they pay. Once you solve this problem, they can also easily get some reliable POE currency in a short time with minimal effort.

But the best way is undoubtedly to buy POE Currency at POECurrency. Especially in the currently popular Path of Exile 3.16 expansion, players with more POE Scourge Currency can equip their characters with stronger equipment and weapons. Interested players can try it.
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In the mysterious world of Path of Exile, one of the most used and simplest builds by novice players is Arc Totems. Totems will naturally re-trigger the players’ active skills, providing multiple ways, and players only need to press a button to cause damage to the target, and then collect the loot. One of the best ways to make the Arc Totem skills work is for the Templars.

Arc Templar requires players to enter the Hierophant Ascendency, because it can provide players with better Arcane damage, mana and improved Totem usage. By default, this has a very good ratio to Arc Totems, so most rookies will use them as their main damage tool. In addition, players need The Cruel Labyrinth trait, as it offers increased damage per totem, along with better recovery to their health and mana.

The advantage of this version is that its construction cost is very low. Totem gear is fairly easy to get and very cost effective to run. If players want to further increase Arc Totems’ damage, they need to be equipped with Elemental Focus, Added lightning damage and lightning penetration to achieve POE Currency.

For boss battles, players need Assassins Mark to increase damage to the target, and summon Lightning Golem to provide additional support in difficult encounters. They’d better put Dash in their boots so that everyone has a lot of mobility. This is a fully practiced POE league beginner build, so how easy and well-documented the build is to implement.
CSCCA 3 november 2021, 1:33

Path of Exile: Scourge, launched by IGGM, contains everything that the classic ARPG represents: terrible demons, imminent dangers, increased POE Currency and items, and powerful ways to shape characters.

When the player arrived at Wraeclast, a figure wearing a hood seemed to appear from nowhere and would seek the players’ help. She wants players to implant a rust-looking device in the body called Blood Crucible. When the player kills an enemy, Blood Crucible will be filled with the enemy’s blood. When the threshold is reached, the player can activate Blood Crucible, which will temporarily push the player into a parallel reality where some form of doomsday event is taking place.

Corruption penetrates into this reality, and if the player lingers for too long, it will hurt them. Put items into Blood Crucible to take advantage of this corruption. Once players have used enough corruption, they can spend POE Currency to transform their items to get powerful upgrades. But please be aware that corruption can bring unpredictable benefits and disadvantages to the player’s items. But don’t worry, players can put them back in Blood Crucible up to 3 times, and then try again for more powerful effects!

Go back in time, summon giant tornadoes, or turn weapons into luminous energy blades, all of which can be achieved in Path of Exile: Scourge. The game also introduced many exciting new skills to help players eliminate the greedy tribe. If the player likes to play with friends, six special skills have been added to the game, allowing players and their companions to connect and help each other. IGGM has also improved the game rewards that players care about most, increasing the amount of POE Currency and the value of weapons.

In addition, IGGM has transformed the iconic Path of Exile skill tree in Path of Exile: Scourge. Everything still feels familiar, but now players have more ways to use passive skill mastery to build cool new characters. Players can also buy POE Currency to become Wraeclast’s best weapon holder. The choice is the player’s own, and the possibilities are endless.

From the release of Path of Exile: Scourge to the present, many players have felt its charm.
jamysen 30 october 2021, 3:59

Minions are one of the simplest PoE league starter builds in the game. While the Skeletons got a nerf in the 3.16 patch notes, it is still a viable self-starter. The perks of the build allow players to summon hordes of skeletons to do their masters bidding, commanding skeletons, spectres and other spooky Halloween themed creatures at its foes.

The main gem you are looking to acquire is the Vaal Summon Skeleton. The skill summons hordes of Skeleton Archers, Warriors and Mages, commanding by a Skeleton General. It means you want to go into the Necromancy Ascendency so that your minions get increased health, POE Currency, and several other benefits from minor perks to really flatter the collection of minions.

In addition, you'll want items like the Midnight Bargain. Several weapons out there increase your minion count, minion damage, minion movement speed, and other buffs. As for your other synergy items and skills, you can even spec into the Zealotry skill, as that increases your magic damage, scaling with your Mages.

If you're wondering about flasks, you'll need some form of mana flask. Your Vaal summon skeletons is quite a mana intensive build, meaning mana upkeep is essential. This is the core of the build. If you like the idea, we recommend looking for more in-depth min-max builds out there.

If you need more Path of Exile Scourge Currency, you'd better directly seek a reliable site to buy safe POE Currency. Hope you can succeed!
CSCCA 30 october 2021, 1:40

Path of Exile: Scourge is an online action role-playing game and fantasy world league set in the dark. The content of the game focuses on instinct and active combat, with powerful items and deep character customization. Players work hard for loot such as POE Currency and rare resources in the game.

For many fans, Path of Exile is an excellent game that can be logged in on different platforms. In addition, GGG has been fixing problems for players and constantly updating the game. Path of Exile: Scourge has received praise from many players since its release. Many of these players spent a lot of time and bought POE Currency in order to gain an advantage in the game.

In Path of Exile: Scourge, players can buy POE Currency to get and upgrade equipment, and then equip their characters according to their favorite style. Players can choose from Dueler, Witch, Templar, Predator, Killer, and Heiress. In addition, as is common in RPGs, it is necessary for players to understand important elements such as customization, and use items and skill points to shape their characters the way they want. There are many combinations to choose from, which makes the gameplay really interesting.

Path of Exile: Scourge still has a very interesting mission system. Players can use Blood Crucible to collect blood, corrupt items, generate modifiers, and change the map. Players complete the upgrade of characters and equipment during the killing. The upgraded loot rewards, including rare equipment, necessary resources, and POE Currency, are very attractive to players.
jamysen 29 october 2021, 6:09

Path of Exile: Scourge has been available on PC and Mac before, and it has landed on consoles yesterday, bringing a series of new features and balance to the game.

This new content brings the disaster of challenging leagues, new skill gems, tree overhaul, improvements to the Atlas Apocalypse game, new ambitious endgame content, new guild features, new unique items and more. PS4 and Xbox One players may wish to buy POE Currency to get a better gaming experience.

In Path of Exile: Scourge, the player implants a device called Blood Crucible in the body. Blood Crucible is filled with monster blood players defeated. The more blood collected, the longer players will stay in the parallel reality Wraeclast. The longer the player stays, the more difficult the game is, and the richer POE Currency rewards they receive.

In Wraeclast, players will also find several ways to change the spacing of damaged items. And, as long as the player eliminates the punishment and other monsters in the location, Blood Crucible will accumulate experience and be able to level up. Players can then allocate their skill points in their passive tree to achieve specialization, such as unlocking more inventory slots, converting items faster, and so on. In the end, the player can customize every ability of the blood crucible, but for this, hundreds of demons in this world must be destroyed. Players can buy POE Currency to have a stronger ability to complete the killing.

In Path of Exile: Scourge, players will find the World Forge, a device that can map Blood Crucible with their equipment. When a map absorbs enough corruption, it will deform. The map can be changed up to ten times, which explodes the risks and rewards of each map. When the map is converted a second or subsequent time, new beneficial or harmful modifiers may be constructed with existing modifiers to increase their strength, or new modifiers may be added.

After entering Path of Exile: Scourge, players on both PC and consoles will find it difficult to have an excellent result.It is helpful to spend more time and buy POE Currency.
jamysen 28 october 2021, 7:09

Path of Exile 3.16 supports players’ full expectations for new content, because of the failure of POE 3.15 expansion. The emergence of the Scourge League provides an excellent opportunity for players to return to the chaotic battlefield. Since this is a brand new league, GGG provided more new POE Currency and the opportunity to launch new builds. If players want to go further, they may wish to find some easy-to-use and functional builds.

To achieve outstanding success at Path of Exile Scourge, it is very important to start well. The first is the clarity of the build. If players are going to complete the storyline step by step, then they’d better complete it as soon as possible, especially when returning to the player. In addition, when they pass the last game, they need to clear the higher-level Atlas maps. Therefore, any clear build must play its role.

Players also need a build with good survivability and speed. The former or the latter depends on the build they are playing. For example, playing the minion build does not require so much survivability, because players can use groups of minions to fight the bad guys. Although, if they use close-range builds, they will need strong survivability to ensure that they are not harmed. Finally, they also need a building that can transition to boss killing to some extent. Although killing bosses is mainly a game style for the final game build, they require some boss damage. In this way, players have a certain ability to cope even when facing enormous dangers.

Please note that these builds are not very advanced and are only suitable for beginners. Maybe in the middle and late seasons, these are no longer suitable for use. If players are willing to learn more, they'd better learn more professional build guides and buy more POE Currency to help them get better results.
CSCCA 28 october 2021, 1:19

Path of Exile: Scourge pays more attention to damaged equipment than ever. Corruption is a complicated process, and players need to learn and understand in advance. In this way, it is possible to gain an advantage in the game and win more POE Currency and loot.

Path of Exile was originally considered a replica of Diablo, and the release of Scourge showed its own uniqueness. However, Path of Exile is still a game based on loot and POE Orbs.

Corruption is complicated in the game. Players can achieve many effects through it. For example, a corrupted ring can gain immunity to poison, and armor can increase damage reduction. Scourge increases the number of Path of Exile Currency players can get for completing tasks and also increases the value of items. This also means that the difficulty of the game has also increased by a level.

The most common way to corrupt items is to use Val Orb. Players can find rare items from monsters or Arcanist Safes. As expected, players are more likely to encounter them in the Vaal side area. Players can also buy POE Currency to get 7 Vaal skill and a Vaal sacrifice fragment to make them.

Players can also use Corrupted Altar to corrupt. Inside the Atzoatl Temple area is an invasion area called Corrupted Land, upgraded from a standard Corrupted Room. This is an altar of corruption. If the player hands the item to the altar, it has a 25% chance of getting two corruption modifiers and a 25% chance of being destroyed. It can also turn all slots into white or re-roll items into different rare items.

Corruption carries certain risks. It may have a powerful effect, or it may be useless or worse. When players need to upgrade their characters and improve equipment capabilities, they can also choose to buy POE Currency directly.
jamysen 27 october 2021, 5:36
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