Abservetech private limited, one of the leading ready-made product development company has developed a fully customizable ride-sharing app business like blablacar with MEAN [MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS] Stack admin panel. By using this ready-made script, a user can start a business like blablacar with it.

The demand for the taxi booking app in the taxi booking industry is increasing. And the number of customers looking to book a taxi to travel is increasing. In this fast-moving world, people prefer to use to taxi as they have no patience to wait for public vehicles. A ride-sharing business will help the customers to save fare prices.

The ride-sharing option is one of the most used options in the taxi booking industry. By using the ride-sharing option, a customer can share their rides with the other customers. In this way, all the riders can share their fare price. As a result, they will have reduced fare prices, less pollution, less toll price, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the general features of the Ride-sharing script.


A user has to register with our ride-sharing app. They can also use their social media account like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. After the signup process, they can book a taxi. 

A rider can offer a ride to the others by enabling the carpooling option in the app. Hence, the corresponding driver can take more riders for a trip.

It is one of the unique features of our ride-sharing script. By using this option, a driver or customer can chat with others by using the default call, messaging app in the corresponding android device.

Our ride-sharing script has an inbuilt payment option in it. By default, our app will have payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, etc. We can also add a custom payment gateway based on client requirements.


Our Admin panel has embraced with powerful admin panel option. One such feature is user management, The admin can add (or) delete a user from the app whenever the admin wants to.

All the revenues generated by the driver(Commission amount), the user(taxi fare amount) will be listed here. The admin can view this report based on the month, year, day, time, etc.
If you are a startup or an entrepreneur, you can use this ride-sharing script to start a business.

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Ridesharing apps are quite different from normal taxi-hailing applications. Ridesharing apps allow multiple passengers to share the same ride, on the other hand, taxi booking apps are focussed on a particular customer. The ride-sharing sector is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.87% from 2018 to 2025, within the period the projected growth is $61.3 billion by 2025. When it comes to the development of the BlaBlacar app clone, here are three different types of applications:

Ridesharing: The application algorithm selects riders if they are traveling in the same direction. Ridesharing services of Ola and Uber’s work based on this model. When a driver is going from point A and point B, the customer requests which belong to the intermediate locations or even the same route are assigned to the driver.

Carpooling: When a driver goes to a particular location then the customers along the same route as the driver tag along. The popular ride-sharing app, BlaBlaCar is based on the carpooling model, wherein driver posts then prospective customers can book the ride based on seat availability. The drivers review them and decide whether to accept or reject requests. It is devoid of any third party negotiations.

Peer to peer sharing applications:
In this model, car owners have the option to rent their vehicles for a fixed amount to customers. It is one of the less explored models when compared to ride-sharing and carpooling services.

Major benefits of using taxi booking applications

Customers prefer ride-sharing services to regular taxi booking applications. There is immense scope still unexplored in the sector of the BlaBlacar clone app.

Affordable travel experience: Customers can travel more conveniently using taxi booking applications. The travel fare is more affordable as the cost is split between many customers.

Faster travel time: The driver assigned is nearer to the customer’s location. In comparison to the regular taxi booking apps, the BlaBlacar clone script offers the nearest ride to the customers. So the travel time is significantly minimized.

Environmental friendly: People are more concerned about environmental protection nowadays. As more and more people use ride-sharing services there will be fewer cars on the road which will significantly reduce air pollution.

The workflow of the ride-sharing app

The best BlaBlacar clone app script must offer amazing services for the customers. Simple workflow makes the app more desirable and suitable for the customer’s requirements.

Request: Customers can request the services by entering the pickup and drop location.

Matching: Depending on the customers’ requests drivers nearby are pinged in about the ride. They can either accept or reject the request based on their availability.

Ride hosting: Customers can share rides with other customers depending on their needs. Based on the number of passengers shared per ride the fare is allocated.

There are three main steps other processes of digital payment modes, reviews & ratings are similar to Uber-like taxi apps.

Carpooling app has a promising future ahead, entrepreneurs can utilize this ongoing trend and invest in ride sharing applications.
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Are you an individual or an entrepreneur looking forward to building a carpooling app business like BlaBlaCar? Then, you have come to the right place. This blog is for you. Here are detailed insights into the features that you can consider to have in your Ride Sharing app.

Before getting into the features you should know the current trends that help in faster development. They are clone Apps. Clone apps are basically readily available scripts that can be used to develop apps much like popular on-demand apps. If you need a Ride-Sharing app for your business. Developing an app from scratch is going to take you up to months and a huge cost. Clone apps are your savior. They help to build an app within a few days and are extremely cost-effective too.
davidryan 6 may 2020, 7:31

Are you an avid entrepreneur looking forward to developing a carpooling app business like BlaBlaCar? Yes? Then, you have come to the right place. This writeup will give an insight into the features that you can consider to include in your carpooling app.

Before getting into the list of features to consider, you should know about the bandwagon trend in the current on-demand app development market — the clone apps. Companies are finding the customization of clone apps convenient rather than building the app from scratch. It is mainly due to the benefits rendered by the clone apps to these enterprises.

Customization of clone apps is carried out in a short period at reasonable prices, saving time and money for the business for which the app is built. You can also make use of this opportunity to get the app for your carpooling business developed in a flash, giving you an edge over your competitors. BlaBlaCar clones are available in the market to ease the development process of carpooling business apps.

Below is the list of features that are must to include in your carpooling app for its seamless functioning.

Easy registration
Verified driver and rider profile
Request/Invite for rides
Instant matching
Estimated time and fare details
GPS-enabled real-time tracking
Payment gateway integration
Multilingual support
In-app communication
Push notifications
Reviews and Ratings
Incentives and referral programs

Summing up

Remember, the BlaBlaCar clone app is a white-label solution, giving you the freedom to change its logo, color scheme, and other associated elements as per your branding requirements.
If you set your mind into the development of the carpooling app, then go ahead and connect with the leading app development in town. They will help you in customizing the clone app as per your business and revenue model. Some companies even assist you in launching your carpooling app on the app stores as part of their app package.
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