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The National Educational Policy (2020) aims to revolutionize the perception of higher education and diverge from the narrow confines of one dimensional approach of a specialized study. The concept of ‘Liberal Education’ corresponds to the ancient pedagogical designs practiced in the heralded Universities of Taksila and Nalanda. It is a comprehensive scheme of versatile courses ranging from rhetoric and logic to astronomy reflecting the strategic and all-encompassing development of an individual.

The macaulayian system of education coupled with Nehruvian emphasis on technical education contributed to the emergence of a generation solely interested in gaining technical expertise with no concern of nurturing the creative faculty, a crucial factor that shapes the innovative spirit. The consequence of mere stress on the mechanical knowledge has produced a legion of technical graduates without employability and transferable skills creating a greater problem of unemployability in our nation.
adypu 19 july 2021, 13:09

Higher education has changed dramatically with the onset of the Covid pandemic. EdTech adoption has paved the way for remote learning and has been gaining dependence. Similar to other sectors, education is in dire need of a new generation of educators with innovative thinking, intellectuals, and education capability to tackle the challenge of tomorrow.

ADYPU is the epitome of a future ready education for the 21st-century students with educational excellence. It offers personalized and customized education in its wide range of programs. At present, it is offering 80+ courses under its nine schools in; Hotel Management, Design, Engineering, Management, Architecture, Liberal Arts, Film & Media, Information Technology and Law. It aims to be a substantial catalyzer in the creation of Innovation oriented Indian society. With its state-of-the-art pedagogy and international curriculum, it focuses on the holistic development of students that involves; T-shaped Learning, Entrepreneurship facilitation, Experiential Learning, which leads to record placement in top MNCs and renowned organizations.

Covid-19 was an unexpected event that affected every industry. The University coped well during the pandemic because it always has been investing in technology. It raised and paced up learning methodologies to fit with the current scenario. Within the last two years, it shifted its activities to digital platforms, hosted various webinars and online workshops for students and faculty members around the world. It started ADYPU Edge to provide access to lectures by its professors'; Polaris, a student-powered community to keep them engaged and connected; Entrance for You to provide free test papers to practice for various competitive exams.

Recently, it won the 18th Elets World Education Award 2021 under Most Promising Engineering Institute in India, Excellence in Course Curriculum & Design, and Leading University in Innovation. It has bagged many awards in its journey as a domain leader, some of the mentions are Best Education Brand 2018 -19 award by Economic Times, recipient of Best Private University, 2018 by ASSOCHAM and many more.

“ADYPU has been consistently outpacing its peers in the higher education space in student experience & satisfaction since its commencement. We believe our success is a validation of what we have managed to achieve as an Innovation University with a student-first approach. We are built on the undying hard work and zeal of our staff that took our university among the education industry leaders. We envision to spawn a revolution in the manner education is delivered.”– Dr Ajeenkya D Y Patil, President, ADYPU.

Dr Ajeenkya DY Patil is the President of Ajeenkya DY Patil University and Chairman of Ajeenkya DY Patil Group (ADYPG) and holds leadership positions in several other organizations. He has a Master’s in Business Administration from Richmond College, UK. He has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom, for his outstanding achievements in the fields of education, healthcare and social services

After managing the consistency and quality of education delivery during the worldwide pandemic, the university has emerged with more power than ever. It is offering the perfect blend of hybrid learning with digital transformation and face to face education. ADYPU has shown remarkable growth since its inception, and with its innovative approach and flexibility, it is leading the sector by shaping a new discourse and paradigm.
adypu 19 july 2021, 13:04