What are Air Quality APIs?

APIs for air quality may be used to detect air pollution, carbon monoxide, and the air quality index, among other things. You may get current, projected, and historical information. These APIs may be used to monitor the levels of key air pollutants from a variety of data sources. Maintain your health by obtaining hourly data from various open APIs to determine which regions are at higher risk for heart and pulmonary illness (especially for older adults).

Best Air Quality APIs for Software Developers

The best air quality APIs include:
• Ambee
• AirVisual
• Air Quality
• Breezometer
• API-prediction-pollution NC

Are APIs for air quality available for free?

The cost of using an API varies based on the API. All of the APIs included in this collection are either free or freemium. Freemium APIs are available for use for a restricted range of API calls before requiring a monthly membership to use at a greater volume.

What exactly is an API?
API (Application Programming Interface) is an abbreviation for this. APIs function similarly to building blocks, allowing you to develop apps much more quickly. It is more efficient & easier to use the features of one of the APIs than attempting to build comparable functionality on one's own.
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