Vanilla will be more difficult than vanilla

Bots and gold inflation, cost of consumption that is soul crushing. "Buffing bosses" does not mean more difficulty, just more obligations , but it WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold means more obligations to supplement with more consumables. Players will be forced into doing gdkps. Classic was certainly fun but the game became significantly less enjoyable with AQ and the naxx

Those were mega server problems. It was amazing to have a server that could accommodate 3.5k users. If you're the one who farms your own consumes, you don't have to shell out any additional. Inb4 : not enough nodes there's a mega-server issue. Servers with vanilla populations have never had problems.

Which server? It's not that I'm saying this didn't happen. It was just a little less than the majority of servers. I was on Bloodsail toward the end, but I was already on Thalnos Benediction, benediction and mankrik prior to that. Horde on mankrik. Alliance on the other 3. Bloodsail did not have the issues that other servers experienced. There were people who came to our server in order to pick mats from the AH for sale to other servers.

Vanilla will be more difficult than vanilla, so there will be no wbuffs, or stronger bosses for raids. There were many complaints that MC was an insult. The problem has been addressed to some degree. They're also supposed to fix the mage boost. This will improve the game's leveling experience as well as world interactions.

Many of the "Classic" players want #nochanges. Classic+ wouldn't be Classic, and it will only be appealing to players who aren't vanilla-centric. Modern MMO players will want modern designs, while old-vanilla players would want basic design and prefer "no modifications" because they are bad at the game...

People went to FF14, New World because they now prefer more or switched games. Classic+ will need to be as non-sensical as Classic to make room for "bad" players (LFR), while simultaneously providing modern games to everyone else... It's hard to accomplish, if it ever happens. It's unlikely that the Classic+ community would come together in a single unit because of the fragmentation.

So you're wanting classic but not classic , but classic, but not classic. I'm sorry to say that it seems that you are just trying to play another game, every private server that's tried Classic + died off after some time, which is the only reason you should play this 15-year old game is because of the community aspect.
Weiweismart 15 october 2021, 0:40
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