PCB printers are able to make PCBs without engraving. they do this by spraying a special type of ink called conductive ink on a flat, hard surface. Printers that can easily print electronic circuits rather than circuit boards are also under development.

In this blog, you will see top 5 best PCB printers on your desk, each with their own advantages of use, for users with different printing needs. You can take a quick look at the features of 5 PCB printers below:
- Nano Dimension DragonFly 2020: World’s first 3-D PCB printer
- Voltera V-One: Circuit board prototyping machine
- The Othermill: A desktop CNC mill for electronics
- Voxel8: 3D electronics printing
- Prometheus PCB milling machine
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What are RAM vs ROM vs Flash Memory?
ROM and RAM belong to the semiconductor memory. ROM is the abbreviation of read only memory, and RAM is the abbreviation of random access memory. ROM can keep data when the system powers off, and RAM is in the opposite, a typical RAM is the computer memory. But sometimes we are not clear: what is the difference between Flash Memory and ROM and RAM?How much do you really know about memory, or RAM, ROM, and flash memory specifically? Here we will tell them in different aspects, this article will act as a guide to basic memories.

I What are types of RAM?

RAM Upgrade Guide - What You Need to Know

1.1 Static RAM (SRAM)

SRAM is very fast and the fastest storage device to read and write currently, but it is also very expensive, so it is only used in demanding places, such as the first and second level buffer of CPU.

1.2 Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

DRAM keeps data for a short time and its operation is slower than the SRAM, but it's still faster than the ROM. In addition, it's much cheaper than SRAM. The computer memory is DRAM. DRAM is divided into many kinds, the most common ones are FPRAM / FastPage, EDORAM, SDRAM, DDR, RAM, RDRAM, SGRAM, WRAM and so on. DDR RAM, one of which is introduced here.
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2N3904 and 2N2222 are the two most popular NPN bipolar junction transistors in the electronics market. In addition, 2N3904 and 2N2222 are similar in appearance.

Therefore, some people may have questions: Why is 2N3904 so popular and 2N2222 is not always used? If you are curious about which one to use, or which is better, which is better? In this blog, we will compare the chip characteristics and pin diagrams of these two transistors.

Comparing transistors is not extensive, because only a few useful parameters are important

Differences between 2N3904 VS 2N2222

Both the 2N3904 and 2N2222 are identical in terms of handling collector-to-emitter voltages, and both can handle voltages of up to 40V. In simple terms, this effectively means that 40V is the maximum amount of voltage that the transistor can handle minus the voltage drop across the load connected to the collector. For example, suppose we apply 70V to the collector of the transistor and the load will consume 20V, this means that the remaining voltage will fall on the transistor which will be 70V - 20V = 50V. this would not be acceptable because it exceeds the maximum VCEO. since the 2N3904 and 2N2222 have the same maximum VCEO voltage, there is no difference in this regard.
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In a world that is reorganizing itself, many changes have become visible: the home office, the masks for going out on the street, the distance and the queues. Yes, that's right: queues! Nowadays, waiting has also become the new norm and processes that we used to do simultaneously with other people, like buying at the supermarket, requiring queues and waiting.

But these queues are not the only ones we are facing, many workers are also finding “digital queues”. Working from their homes, they have to deal with long lines of data, which causes delays and low performance in time-sensitive applications, such as videoconferencing.
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Although the majority of users connect to the Internet directly, some users need to do so through a specific computer or server: a Proxy. A Proxy is a computer or server that acts as an intermediary in our connection, as a barrier. This is responsible for receiving all network traffic and forwarding it to the destination. In this way, it is possible to browse the Internet a little more anonymously or control the traffic of other users within the same network.

Although a Proxy does not encrypt connections like a VPN server can, this server acts as an intermediary between two computers (ours and the destination one). Thus, the traffic is sent to this proxy server, processes it and forwards it to the destination. The same goes for the answer. It first reaches him and then sends it back to us. This helps, for example, that the destination servers cannot know our real IP or our location, among other personal data, since the information that will be reflected will be that of the proxy only.

When the configuration of our computer works correctly we can connect to the Internet without problems. However, when something goes wrong (for example, the proxy does not work or is down) we will find error messages when we cannot go to the Internet. One of the most common messages is " The proxy server is rejecting connections ".
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We do not intend to count here all the hardware and software problems that a computer can present, far from it. But we are going to tell you some of the most common ones.

Computer repair1. The PC is very slow. If your computer has decreased its performance, you may need to defragment the disk or you have installed a malicious executable that affects the speed of the system and you need a virus cleaning.

2. Operating system errors. If you see that Windows does not turn on correctly and indicates that there are errors or that your BIOS does not recognize the operating system, there may be important files that have been corrupted.

3. The computer does not turn on. Or it turns off. You may be talking about some kind of startup problem, but it's also possible that the power supply is failing.

4. Problems with the laptop screen. Sometimes the computer turns on, but if money casino games the screen is black. It may simply be that it was set to open on an external monitor, but the lighting may also have been broken.
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The level of education influences the average salary of an electrical engineer. Therefore, the best way to train is to invest in knowledge. It is essential to look for a quality faculty to positively impact your curriculum. You can count on Pitágoras to specialize in the area, with our Bachelor's Degree.

All courses, including Engineering, alternate between theory taught in the classroom and practice for the market. You can also choose the semi-presential teaching modality to have more flexibility in your routine and plan your studies according to your schedule.

Another advantage for our students is Canal Conecta, our exclusive portal with the best vacancies in the job market. Thus, in addition to being a highly employable training, the salary in Electrical Engineering is attractive even for those at the beginning of their careers. If the trend is to evolve with time and experience, the gains also go up in proportion to your training.

The role of an Information Technology Technician or a Computer Technician has undergone a sea change in the 21st century. The emergence of cloud computing and automation of most tech-related tasks has resulted in the need for fewer technicians, but there are still several specific roles that require human intervention.

It is here that IT Technicians come in. They now specialize in distinct tasks, such as providing security, developing software, maintaining systems, resolving IT-related issues, and other types of technical support.
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This story began when I learned about existence bpytop ... I was amazed at the detail of the charts and I began to figure out how it was done. It turned out that Braille characters were used to display the graphs, which are a combination of 8 points: 2 points in width and 4 points in height. After looking for ready-made solutions using this approach, I found on reddit announcement such the project ... In the very first comment of the announcement, I read:
It's cool, but why don't people just rediscover ReGIS (vector graphics in the terminal) and sixel (pixel graphics in the terminal).
Until this moment, I did not know anything about sixel. Digging deeper, I found out that in theory sixel should be supported by xterm. I ran xterm on my ubuntu 20.04 in vt340 emulation mode

xterm -xrm "XTerm*decTerminalID: vt340" -xrm "XTerm*numColorRegisters: 256" executed the following command (convert is a command from the imagemagick package)

clear && convert <(curl -s https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/7d/Lenna_%28test_image%29.png) sixel:- and saw this:

Wow, it works!
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1. Obtain STM32F4 firmware library and RT-Thread source code

STM32F4 firmware library (v1.6.1):

RT-Thread source code (download on Github, v2.1.0):

2.Create MDK project template

It is recommended to use the ported template so that you don’t have to worry about CPU stack interrupts and other processing code (stm32f40x is used in this example).

At the same time, it is recommended to keep the consistency of the catalog as much as possible when using the official authoritative source code.

For example, this port uses the same structure of the RT-Thread source code directory:
The required documentation can be based on the RT-Thread documentation.
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“What's wrong with the computer - it has an nvme drive installed, but opening the explorer, if you haven't done it for a long time, takes about 10 seconds, opening the .zip file on the desktop takes about a minute, and when you press the“ Start ”key, you need to wait about 20 seconds? "

Around the end of January, I was shown a Twitter post in which a Windows user with a powerful machine talks about random freezes in Explorer. Many unscientific theories have been proposed. I don’t usually do the analysis of performance problems with strangers, but this case seemed interesting, so I decided to study it.
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