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5 Ways To Combat Declining Instagram Reach

Are you concerned that your Instagram organic reach of your business's Instagram posts is decreasing? There's no need to feel alone! Studies have revealed that identical business pages and brand profiles are facing a steady drop in organic reach across all social networking sites especially Instagram. According to reports, organic engagement on Instagram is restricted to less than 7% of the following of a profile. What is the reason for the decline in organic reach? How could you tackle the lack of engagement? Just read on to know how to solve the problem and get more organic reach.

Be Keen on Quality
It is important to remember that the Instagram algorithm gives priority to timely and relevant posts, or to say giving the users the right content at the right time. Therefore, relevant and attractive content are most likely to be seen first, but also garner interaction from users. Post timely, inspiring content warped with benefitting information in each of your posts. Instagram is flooded with images and videos. So engagement is the main factor which users consider to decide whether to engage which implies that you can get automatic Instagram likes to seem more engaged in the eyes of the target audience

Engage Your Followers
The posts that will match with the interests of your target audience are those that indicate you're fond of learning how they feel and what they would expect from your brand from now. Conduct an Instagram poll, pose a question about your experience to inspire your audience to leave a comment or tag a friend. You can even start by commenting and liking on your audience's posts.

Make more videos
According to recent statistics, Instagram video consumption has increased to 85% from last year. In other words, if you post a video, everyone will take a moment to consider what it is before deciding whether to watch it or not. So, you should post videos and use Instagram's other video features, such as stories, IGTV videos that last longer than 60 seconds, and live videos. Your posts will receive significant engagement from a specific user, causing the algorithm to place a higher priority on similar content on the timeline of users, and placing future posts to get organic reach.

Post Consistently and Frequently
Since the new algorithm now splits content and distributes it throughout, posting too often is virtually impossible. The fact that you are able to post 24/7 does not mean that it is compulsory. There are two disadvantages to posting continuously on Instagram: Your followers do not use Instagram 24 hours a day. Of course, there will be times of the week during which your audience is particularly active on Instagram plus there are times when they are not so active. During these inactive periods, there is no point in posting.

Share user-generated content
Can't afford to pay influencers to promote your business? A similar result can be achieved without spending money by relying on UGC. This is content that is created by users without the expectation that your company will compensate them. The use of user-generated content, whether it is a video in which someone expresses their appreciation for your product, a photo submitted in a giveaway, or a video that happens to show your brand voice intact, has the same benefit as with word-of-mouth advertising. Since your followers are aware that the creator of the UGC is not seeking money, they will be able to trust the content.

Final words
In spite of Instagram's algorithm change, which has put businesses at a disadvantage regarding their organic reach on Instagram, the visual nature of the platform ensures that it remains a captivating and effective place for digital marketing. Approximately 80% of Instagram users follow a minimum one brand. There is no reason why your brand is not one of them.
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JuliaFrank 13 august 2021, 8:37
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