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Samsung releases its largest capacity 12nm-class 32Gb DDR5 DRAM product

【Lansheng Technology Information】On September 1, 2023, Samsung announced that it has developed its largest-capacity 32Gb DDR5 DRAM (DDR5 DRAM: fifth-generation double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) using 12-nanometer (nm) process technology. This is another achievement following Samsung's mass production of 12nm-class 16Gb DDR5 DRAM in May 2023, which solidifies Samsung's position in the field of developing next-generation DRAM memory technology and opens a new chapter in the era of large-capacity memory .

"Based on Samsung's latest 12nm-class 32Gb memory, we can develop a solution to achieve 1TB memory modules, which will help meet the growing demand for large-capacity DRAM memory in the era of artificial intelligence and big data." SangJoon Hwang, executive vice president of the memory development group of Samsung Electronics Memory Division, said, "We will continue to develop memory solutions through differentiated process and design technologies to break through the bottleneck of memory technology."

Since Samsung developed the first 64 kilobit (Kb) memory in 1983, it has increased memory capacity by a factor of 500,000 over the past 40 years. The newly developed 32Gb DDR5 memory particle adopts the cutting-edge process technology, which improves the integration density and optimizes the package design. Compared with the DDR5 16Gb chip, under the same package size, the capacity of Samsung's single-chip DRAM memory particle doubles.

In particular, DDR5 128GB memory modules manufactured using 16Gb memory particles in the past required a through-silicon via (TSV) process. Now, by using the newly developed 32Gb memory particles, it is possible to produce 128GB memory modules without using the through-silicon via (TSV) process. Compared with a 128GB memory module using a 16Gb memory package, its power consumption is reduced by about 10%. This technological breakthrough makes the product the solution of choice for enterprises concerned with energy efficiency, such as data centers.

Based on 12nm-class 32Gb DDR5 DRAM, Samsung plans to continue expanding its lineup of high-capacity memory products to meet the growing demands of the high-performance computing and IT industries. By offering 12nm-class 32Gb memory to data centers and customers adopting applications such as artificial intelligence and next-generation computing, Samsung hopes to strengthen its position at the forefront of the next-generation memory market. In the future, this product will also play a vital role in Samsung's long-term cooperation with other core industry partners.
LanshengIC 1 september 2023, 6:28
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