RuneScape 3 Rotation Attack Leader Vorago Tips

Unlike other bosses in RuneScape 3, Vorago is more rewarding when he faces a smaller team. Larger teams are possible, but doing this with this boss is starting to get more problematic, so you only want up to 9 people, even if this can be done with five players.

Vorago has 250,000 health during each phase, and every attack against him has a 15% chance of skipping it. He also has an automatic repair mechanic who is removed at certain stages as soon as the requirements are met. Restoring statistics makes processing difficult, so it’s worth giving up on Farago boss RuneScape 3.

The boss drops five playoff combos after a loss. During each phase of the battle, Vorago has three seats to give players rewards for doing certain things. At each stage, players who do the following will receive a drop:

Causes the most damage
Vorago's aggression was at the end of the phase
I got the bluest bomb, though this will skip the stage if the blue bomb is not sent

You can pick up a lot of nice things from Vorago drops that you can sell to get Buy RS3 Gold. Making this Manager is good for anyone, including those who want to increase the amount of gold in their Runescape account.
Attack Rotation: Weekly specials

Vorago attacks change every Wednesday at 00:00 UTC, which means that stages 3, 4, and 5 change every week. Therefore, this guide can sometimes be a bit “useless” like most other guides because Vorago revolves around a lot. Here is the RuneScape 3 boss Vorago tour list:

Roof collapse

Vorago can make the stones fall from the ceiling by pointing upwards to damage them, and then the stones fall from above. Shadows appear where the stones fall for more than 6 seconds. Later, they land in these places. When the rocks fall, Vorago jumps to another square in the room.

Scopulus - During this week, stage 3 ends when both Scopulii die

Instead of players attacking Vorago during this part of the boss battle, they must defeat the called Scopulii. When one dies, the other gets angry and automatically handles 15,000 HP, doubling their attack speed and also attacking AOE and the level of accuracy/damage.


The Vorago RuneScape 3 boss throws a ball that can summon up to 5 Vitaliita, and the ball travels multiple squares before exploding. Players in the blast area will receive 2,000 damage, and for every damage caused by the blast, Vitaliita will be prevented from arising. Therefore, if 5 players are injured, Vitalii will not be born.

Green bomb

While the original green bomb targets a casual player, it can be a little tricky. The player receives a message in their chat box that reads "Vorago has sent a green bomb after you" and a similar warning: "Voragot has sent a green bomb after you. Run!". You don’t want to escape your team unless you really want to skip parts of the fight. A green bomb does 1,000 damage to the original goal and all nearby players, after which it marks a new target in two squares for that player next. If they hit the same player twice, they get 7,000-9,000 damage and can still pass it on to nearby players. If there are no players in the target area, it does 10,000 damage and disappears immediately. Green bombs can bounce here five times before they disappear, and when they’re done, they advance in attack spins.

Team division

When this is activated, Vorago RuneScape 3 Prime will start to explode, which will take less than 8 seconds to fully charge. Half of the players turn red and the other half blue, and then they have to run to chests that look the same color. If a player is not inside when Vorago explodes, he does 8,000 damage. If your health is worse than this, it will kill you immediately.


This is more complicated to explain. When RuneScape 3 boss Vorago launches this attack, he raises his hand and faces the second quarter, and players have a few seconds to get into the area. Each player who is not in this range will initially receive 100 choke damage, increasing by 100 every 2 points. Vorago moves his hands from time to time and players still in this area are thrown to the wall next quarter and inflict 2,500 damage. Players who are not in his arms must move to the next corner where he will focus.

The first quadrant does not contain bombs, but all the other three have bombs. Two and three have either red or blue bombs, while the last corner is always the purple bombs that shoot everyone. Red and blue bombs are fired only by the player who marked them, which means that these two colored bombs should not be marked. It fires purple bombs no matter what, it’s a good idea to mark them when you close the corner.

Other useful things to know

Purple bombs

These turn players into a bio-explosive, so they cause 2,000 damage to all players on two screens in that target. If you get hit, you will see a slowly falling counter on the screen and also a blue bar below the dot bar of your life. When the counter reaches zero, a purple bomb explodes.

The rest of the bombs

To stop the attack, the RuneScape 3 Vorago boss fires every bomb left in the room against all the remaining players. When fired, the bombs lose the same amount of charge as the players remaining in the room, and if there are any left, more bombs will be released until there is no more charge left.
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