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Mention of florfenicol products can be seen almost everywhere in grass-roots veterinary drug stores, and it is also one of the commonly used drugs in major breeding companies. However, there is no doubt that everyone knows that florfenicol alone has the most prominent clinical therapeutic value: it is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases in livestock and poultry.
  As for other application values of florfenicol products in animal breeding production, few people have been exploring for so many years. This is a very regrettable thing, and it deserves the attention of front-line veterinarians in researching drug application and practice.
  The root cause of the difficult use of florfenicol products?
  What people get from professional drugs and pharmacology books is the theoretical drug and pharmacological knowledge of Florfenicol, but what the majority of grassroots veterinarians really need is: the pharmacological knowledge of the clinical application of Florfenicol, which is currently hindering The biggest obstacle to the correct use of Florfenicol products! At present, only human medicine has professional books in this area, but there is not a single professional book in this area in terms of animal medicine and pharmacological application research!
  Here we can take florfenicol as an example. The professional books on florfenicol that you have seen, as well as the contents of the "pharmacological action" section on the product label instructions of florfenicol, are all based on laboratory research and Analytical "models", "simulations" of "ex vivo" theoretical pharmacology. Rather than "clinical application pharmacology" combined with specific animal physiology, pathogens, pharmacokinetics and drug effects.
  Digestive pharmacology of Florfenicol
  1. Florfenicol has good antibacterial effect on Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella and some anaerobic bacteria that cause gastrointestinal diseases; 2. Florfenicol is rapidly absorbed orally, 1 The effective therapeutic concentration can be reached within hours, and the bioavailability is over 80%; 3. For poultry with a relatively short digestive tract, there will be more florfenicol that is too late to be absorbed and stay in the digestive tract; 4. So Let's say, oral administration of florfenicol to chickens is also better for the treatment of chicken bacterial gastrointestinal diseases.
  However, the scientific application of florfenicol in the treatment of chicken digestive tract diseases does not mean that florfenicol alone will be effective. The reason is: Florfenicol is not sensitive to all pathogenic bacteria that cause digestive tract diseases in poultry! Especially for Escherichia coli with a relatively high drug resistance rate and some facultative anaerobic bacteria, it is necessary to synergize and strengthen the antibacterial effect!
  Then, the water-soluble florfenicol and colistin sulfate should be used in a synergistic ratio of 5:6, and at least 5 grams of florfenicol should be used according to the treatment amount of 100 kg of water, so as to treat more difficult-to-treat bacteria Enteritis is effective.
  This synergistic ratio between highly water-soluble florfenicol and colistin sulfate not only enhances the antibacterial effect on gastrointestinal diseases through multiple antibacterial effects, but also expands the antibacterial spectrum of the "prescription" against gastrointestinal pathogens , so as to ensure the therapeutic effect of the prescription for enteritis.
  ● Conversely, although the use of florfenicol products for poultry gastrointestinal diseases is suitable for poultry’s digestive tract physiology and florfenicol’s digestive tract pharmacology, but the antibacterial spectrum and action intensity of florfenicol itself ( Including drug resistance), florfenicol products alone are not effective in the treatment of poultry enteritis enterotoxicity.
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With the arrival of spring and warmer weather, this is the fastest growing season of the year for beef cattle. To seize the favorable opportunity of spring to do a good job in beef cattle fattening, we need to pay attention to the following aspects.

1 To do a good job in feeding management

One is to use barn feeding and fattening. Due to the erratic climate in spring, it is necessary to strengthen the work of keeping warm to prevent drafts and drafts. Especially when it is cold in spring, we must pay more attention to keeping warm. However, house feeding and fattening are less affected by the climate, and the environment is relatively stable, especially for lactating cows. Moreover, high-quality beef can be obtained by fattening in house feeding, and the feed conversion efficiency is also high.

Feeding methods include: free feeding in small pens, regular feeding in small pens, regular rest in the upper and lower troughs, and regular feeding all day long. In spring, when fattening in house feeding, it is generally fed twice a day, and green feed can be supplemented appropriately at night to allow cattle to eat freely.

The second is to group cattle reasonably. Different types of cattle require different nutrients, so the corresponding feed should be supplied according to the age and weight of the cattle. The cattle are grouped according to sex, age, and weight, so that the feeding standard, the feeding amount, and the slaughter can be unified, which is beneficial to management. It is a measure that must be taken for large-scale cattle breeding.

The third is to strengthen the feeding and management of beef cattle. It is necessary to keep the beef barn hygienic, the cattle body clean and the environment quiet. The feeding time should not be too long. It is recommended to feed twice a day at 6-8 am and 4-6 pm. Keep the trough or water tank clean when not feeding, and give water once a day after feeding in the morning and afternoon. The feeding method of concentrated feed is preferably wet mix.

2 Reasonable preparation of feed

It is not suitable for grazing in early spring, and the whole house should be fed and fattened in the house. In order to meet the activities of beef cattle rumen microorganisms, it is necessary to ensure sufficient roughage. For roughage, it is best to choose silage corn, ammoniated straw, peanut seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, etc., and silage is preferred. In order to promote the rapid growth of beef cattle, it is also necessary to feed the beef cattle with concentrated feed. The feeding amount of concentrated feed is 1.5-2 kg per 100 kg of beef cattle body weight.

The recommended concentrate feed is prepared according to the following ratio: 48% corn, 30% soybean meal, 17% bran, and 5% beef cattle premix. Coarse and concentrated feeds must be properly matched. Generally, coarse feed is fed first and then fine feed, rough grass is fed first, distiller's grains are fed, and then fine feed is fed until the feed is full. If possible, use a TMR mixer to mix all the forage evenly before feeding.

3 Let the cattle do the right amount of exercise

Strengthening exercise is beneficial to the metabolism of cattle, promotes digestion, enhances the adaptability of cattle to changes in the external environment, and prevents the decline of cattle physique and the occurrence of limb and hoof diseases. For different types of cattle, let them do different exercises, such as allowing cows and young fattening cattle to move freely in the playground, and adopt "circling" compulsory exercise for breeding bulls, two hours a day, divided into two times in the morning and afternoon conduct. However, for adult shelf cattle, their movement should be limited as much as possible so that they can gain weight as soon as possible in a short fattening period. There are two methods of restricting the movement of shelf cattle:

One is intensive feeding, each cow is given 3 square meters of space, so that its activity space is limited;

The second is to tie (tied) the cattle so that they cannot move.

4 Strengthen disease prevention work

One is strict epidemic prevention. Spring is a period of high incidence of diseases. It is necessary to formulate a reasonable immunization program, prevent and treat diseases in time, and plan immunizations in a timely manner. In addition, regular disinfection should be carried out to keep the breeding environment clean and hygienic to prevent the increase and spread of pathogenic microorganisms; during the fattening process, attention should be paid to observing the feeding, excretion and mental state of the cattle.

The second is to reduce stress. The beginning of spring is the season with the worst body condition of beef cattle, and it is also the season when cows calve and start to estrus after giving birth. Whether or not the cattle can be raised at this time is related to the production efficiency of the whole year. Breeders should try their best to provide a warm, quiet and comfortable beef cattle breeding environment. Especially when it is cold in the spring, we should pay more attention to keep warm. The most suitable ambient temperature for beef cattle is 5-21°C, so the temperature in the barn should be kept above 5°C.

The third is regular deworming. Beef cattle undergo a comprehensive deworming before entering the house for fattening. Oral administration of 4 Chongbuxing Capsules (containing 20 mg of active ingredient) per 100 kg of body weight, or subcutaneous injection of 2 ml per 100 kg of body weight; or 5-7 mg of anti-histamine per kg of body weight, or levamisole 6-8 mg to get rid of various parasites in the body. It is also possible to add 500 grams of fenbendazole per ton of feed, and feed it according to the normal feeding method, which has a good effect on repelling parasites inside and outside the beef cattle.

5 Increase sun exposure time

Sun exposure has a good health care effect on beef cattle, which can enhance the immunity of beef cattle and prevent various diseases and infections. Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun have the effect of killing germs. Moreover, ultraviolet rays can increase the absorption of calcium by beef cattle. During the feeding process in spring, beef cattle consume a lot of heat energy and nutrients in their bodies due to cold resistance, and the intake of calcium is relatively heavy, and the intake of calcium depends on vitamin D. . The natural vitamin D can only be absorbed into the blood by the body of beef cattle by turning into vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 under ultraviolet radiation.

6 Timely slaughter

Correctly judging the best end date of fattening cattle and timely slaughtering can reduce beef cattle feed and capital investment, reduce feeding costs, improve economic benefits of cattle raising, and ensure beef quality. Therefore, it is of great significance in cattle breeding. There are generally several ways to judge whether the fattening cattle have reached the optimal end period:

One is the feeling of slaughtering fat. Fat condition is an important factor to determine whether it is suitable for slaughter. After fattening, the frame cattle become wider and fatter. The whole body of the beef cattle is cylindrical, with thick head, neck and limbs. Large and thick, with thick limbs. If you touch the back, hip, heel, scapula, ribs, abdomen and other parts of the cow with your hands, you can feel that the muscles are thick and the subcutaneous soft; The body condition is good, and it can be slaughtered in time.

The second is the appetite for slaughter. The feed intake of fattening cattle before the end of the fattening period can be followed regularly, and the absolute feed intake increases with the extension of the fattening period. If there is a trend of declining feed intake, it means that the fattening cattle are about to reach the end of the fattening period; if the feed intake When the feed intake drops to 1/3 or less of the normal feed intake, and after some measures to promote appetite, the appetite of the cattle still cannot be restored, indicating that the compensation growth is over and the fattening should be ended.

The third is the slaughter weight. After 3-4 months of fattening, the frame cattle will weigh more than 500 kilograms and gain more than 100 kilograms.
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Sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) is a white crystalline powder, salty, soluble in water, molecular formula is NaHCO3, aqueous solution is weakly alkaline, odorless, commonly known as acidic sodium carbonate, heavy alkali, baking soda or sodium bicarbonate , Oral administration helps digestion, dissolves mucus, neutralizes gastric acid, and has a certain expectorant effect after being absorbed by the body.

Clinically, it is mainly used to neutralize gastric acid, extensive burns, gastrointestinal catarrhal inflammation, sepsis and severe diarrhea, etc. It is widely used in medical and food fields, and is often used as antacids and additives. Sodium bicarbonate can be used as a feed additive with low price, easy operation and good application effect. Adding it to the diet of livestock and poultry can better improve the digestibility of livestock and poultry, accelerate the speed of weight gain, accelerate the absorption of nutrients, and excrete harmful substances. It can improve the body's anti-stress ability, maintain the body's immunity and resistance, prevent diseases, and ensure the growth of livestock and poultry.

1. The mechanism ofaction of sodium bicarbonate

In fact, it is the nutritional and physiological role played by sodium bicarbonate as an electrolyte. The electrolyte balance in the body plays an important role in maintaining water and salt metabolism, osmotic pressure and acid-base balance. Sodium bicarbonate can increase appetite, reduce the viscosity of digestive juice, suppress acid, strengthen gastrointestinal contraction, and strengthen the stomach. Adding an appropriate amount of sodium bicarbonate to the poultry diet can supplement the reduction of carbonate in the blood caused by excessive CO2 exhaled by the poultry, thereby improving the body's calcium metabolism. Sodium bicarbonate can neutralize the organic acid in the stomach and the acidity of silage. It can accelerate the absorption of carbohydrates, cellulose and hemicellulose in the rumen of ruminants, and maintain the stable pH of the rumen at all times, which is conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms and improves the Livestock performance. Sodium bicarbonate can increase the pH and alkali reserve content in the blood, thereby improving the anti-stress ability and buffering ability of livestock and poultry.

2. Application in livestock and poultry production

2.1 Application in chicken production

Adding 0.7% sodium bicarbonate to the diet of broiler chickens over 2 weeks old can increase the weight of broilers by 5%~6%; adding 0.5%~0.8% sodium bicarbonate to the diet of laying hens can make the eggshell thickness Increase by about 6%, reduce egg breakage rate and significantly increase egg weight and egg production; add 0.4% sodium bicarbonate to breeder diet, the fertilization rate can increase by about 5%. If you choose to use sodium bicarbonate instead of table salt, you can significantly improve litter hygiene, reduce broiler drinking water, and reduce the incidence of chest abscesses.

2.2 Application in pig production

Adding an appropriate dose of sodium bicarbonate to the daily diet of piglets can significantly increase the feed intake and daily gain of piglets, and effectively prevent piglets from red, yellow and white scour; The feed consumption rate is significantly reduced, and the daily gain is increased; when 1.2% sodium bicarbonate is added to the diet of sows during lactation or late pregnancy, the body condition of sows is maintained in good condition, and the litter weight of weaned piglets is significantly increased.

2.3 Application in cattle production

Adding 3% sodium bicarbonate to the ration of calves can significantly increase the feed intake and the calves grow rapidly; adding 5% sodium bicarbonate to the ration of beef cattle can significantly shorten the fattening time and improve the utilization rate of feed , to neutralize the acid-base balance of the rumen to prevent excessive acidity; adding an appropriate dose of sodium bicarbonate to the diet of lactating dairy cows increases milk production by 30%, advances the peak milk production and maintains it for 8 months, and improves lactation performance be effectively improved; in the ratio of 6: 4 concentrate and coarse feed rations, the appropriate proportion of magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate is mixed and fed to dairy cows, and each cow can increase the production of 3.8 kg of fresh milk every day, especially It is the cows fed silage in the early stage, and the effect is particularly remarkable.

Adding sodium bicarbonate can effectively prevent symptoms such as ruminal acidosis, fatty liver, ketosis and abomasum lesions in dairy cows. Adding 100 grams of sodium bicarbonate to the diet of postpartum non-estrus dairy cows, after continuous feeding for 5 days, the effective estrus rate Reaching more than 90%, it has a significant effect on estrus cows caused by follicle development disorders, persistent corpus luteum and ovary quiescence.

3.benefits of sodium bicarbonatein disease prevention and treatment

Use 2%~3% sodium bicarbonate solution to flush the mucous membrane, which can remove the exposed mucus and reduce inflammation; Intravenous injection of 5% sodium bicarbonate can effectively alleviate it; taking it with streptomycin at the same time can improve the antibacterial effect of the urethra; Sexualizes urine to help excrete nitrates from the body.

4. Matters needing attention

At the beginning of feeding sodium bicarbonate, the poultry will appear anorexia, and it should be gradually transitioned in a small amount and several times, and it can be adapted after about 1 week. The concentration of sodium bicarbonate in drinking water is generally 0.2%~0.3%, and it is easy to decompose in a humid environment, thus affecting the use effect. Therefore, it is best to implement the "three-present" principle, that is, adding, mixing, and feeding, and it is not suitable for long-term storage. , so as not to fail. Organic acids, folic acid, vitamin B, and other substances that are easily destroyed by alkali should be avoided in combination with sodium bicarbonate, and when feeding sodium bicarbonate under high temperature conditions, attention should be paid to controlling the dosage to prevent chickens from eating too much Sodium can cause poisoning. In the actual production process, if improper operation causes excessive sodium bicarbonate, it can be remedied in the following two ways: (1) Increase the ingredients other than sodium bicarbonate in the diet to make it proportionate. (2) It can be neutralized by adding acid or acidic medicine.
arshine 21 march 2023, 2:48

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Once the history of credit as phenomena has been clarified, let's define USA current payday loans. After that, consider the causes behind why people utilize them.

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For up to a year, I've been looking for little credit amounts. A variety of banks provide annual paycheck credits ranging from £100 to £1000. They give customers the option to spread out their short term loans UK online payments over a period of time, from a few months to a year, with the cost decreasing with each installment. There are no fees associated with applying, and even if it is approved, the credit is typically deposited into your record within an hour of approval.

Short term loans direct lenders UK have emerged as a major advance arranger in the United Kingdom during the past five to ten years, and banks' commitment to responsible lending and first-rate consumers receiving outstanding financial assistance.These short term loans UK direct lenders plans are fully supported by a few approved moneylenders because lenders are about simplicity and their easy-to-use adding machine allows customers to choose precisely the amount they want to obtain and for how long. This allows you to see clearly how much you will need to reimburse.

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What Purposes Do Short Term Loans UK Direct Lenders Serve?

A short term loans UK direct lender functions similarly to a personal loan in that you are free to use the funds anyway you see fit once they are in your bank account.

Typical justifications for an urgent short-term loan include:

emergency money for a family event, appliances, and car repairs to pay bills or rent

Although they are expensive, short-term loans can be helpful if you are momentarily short on money or simply need a quick loan to cover an emergency.

There are a few midpoints where borrowers take out same day loans UK for around a month, usually just as they find themselves in need of emergency financial assistance. The temporary injection of cash is best utilized to address emergency expenses, such as a broken kettle, unanticipated auto repairs, extraordinary bank overdrafts, occasion charges, or a medical treatment fee that is not covered by the consumer's on-refundable wage. You can use the credit right away to pay down your debts, and then you can pay back the advance on your next paycheck.

What conditions have you to take after before applying for same day loans direct lenders? These are extremely common, such as the requirement that you live in the UK, that you are employed (low-maintenance or full-time), that you earn a monthly net pay of at least £500, that you are older than 18 years old, and that you have a bank account for receiving funds through direct deposit. It is essential for these credits that you also have a credit card.

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Are you looking for a quick and easy approach to set aside money now so that you may avoid the heat of all expenses showing up in the middle or at the end of the month? If this were the case, same day payday loans online would be the best option for obtaining funds as quickly as is practical. The fact that you are not obliged to pledge any type of security in exchange for the stated cash is a great feature.

No collateral is required, so even if you are a tenant, you can benefit from these loans without worry. As a result, you can apply for same day payday loans without having to provide any personal information and receive cash in the range of $100 to $1,000 for a straightforward and amicable repayment period of 14 to 31 days. When compared to other developments, the intrigue rate is only slightly above average.

The financial assistance that you can get from same day funding loans can be used to cover a variety of short-term financial needs, including paying off medical bills, electricity bills, credit card dues, child's tuition fees, unexpected car repairs, buying groceries, travelling costs, and many more. Anyone living in the US who is at least 18 years old and has a stable source of income can quickly apply online for an emergency same-day personal loan and have the money paid directly to their account within a few hours.

Are Payday Loans Online Same Day The Best Option For You?

Even though your firm is fundamentally healthy, there are times when you may need rapid, instantaneous payday loans online same day to address a temporary cash flow issue. You may also require funding to take advantage of a fresh opportunity. In either case, we can offer you the short-term financing you require, adapted to your requirements and financial capacity. Our short-term loans have a one- to three-month repayment period.

Financial assistance that you may acquire through simple payday loans online same day can be used to cover a variety of immediate financial needs, including meeting medical bills, power bills, Visa fees, child care costs, unexpected auto repairs, buying items, travelling expenses, and more. Any US citizen over the age of 18 who earns a steady income can apply online for payday loans online and receive the money directly into their account in a matter of hours.

This is exactly what you need if you prefer to take things slowly and don't like to throw any punches. You won't even remember that you once owed us anything if you pay off your debt using a practical plan of miniscule installments. Enjoy the benefits of a lower interest rate and the ability to make fewer payments as the loan's term draws to a close. Divide and rule, as the saying goes. For those who have the guts to bet with their car. Get access to your fast cash loans online from without giving up ownership. Do you still want to own it? If you only pay back the loan on time, everything will be OK.

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