A blockchain loan platform will have a simple process to avail credit, institutional-grade security measures will be present, a variety of loan products will be available, and over-collateralization ensures the full repayment of credit on time.

The functional structure comprises a lender depositing fiat funds or stablecoins on the platform, a borrower will apply for a loan, he will commit himself to pay interest on time, if he fails to pay the loan on time, the crypto collateral will act as a cover, and once the entire loan has been paid off, the lender receives all his funds along with the interest income, and the crypto assets will be returned to the borrower.
ericfaulkner999 11 december 2020, 7:45

Your Security token exchange platform will speak to various monetary resources like bonds, debentures, offers, choices, and warrants. The financial specialists will get value, profits, benefit sharing rights, and casting a ballot rights.

Our primary arrangements in the Pre-STO dispatch are delivering legal consultation, landing page optimization, and whitepaper drafting. The token is created along with the logo, listed on the top exchanges in the market, and custodian integration is performed during STO development. Our Post-STO dispatch administrations cover the getting sorted out of STO showcasing efforts across different correspondence channels and delivering specialized help administrations in numerous dialects.

The advantages incorporate the free trade of security tokens by the financial specialists, complete consistency with the guidelines of the SEC, API's set up with the outer trades in the business, and adequate liquidity is given.

We are profoundly gifted in creating value tokens (organization stocks), hold resource tokens (gold, silver, and land), and obligation tokens (with the guarantee of compensation later on) for your Security token exchange platform.

Catch the eye of potential financial investors through marketing for security token. Our five mainstays of STO marketing are deal marketing, STO marketing consultancy, preparation of an STO marketing strategy, proxy marketing, and involvement in STO market research.

Our primary administrations are content curation in various structures, influencer advertising, manual inspecting of the site, online standing administration, brand advancement, email showcasing, putting together disconnected occasions, web-based media advancement, and sharing official statements with the main news sources.
ericfaulkner999 10 december 2020, 8:59

Many sectors like healthcare, real estate, financial services, logistics, education, and retail are using our Security token offering service to the fullest extent.

We comply with ERC-20, ERC-721, and ST-20 standards for tokenization and investors get dividends, buy-back rights, profit-sharing rights, and equity.

We develop equity tokens (for companies to raise capital quickly along with voting rights), asset-backed token development (assets like real estate, precious metals, automobiles), debt tokens (with a payback guarantee after a certain period), intellectual property-backed tokens (provides IP rights to the investors apt for authors and movie producers to avail patents, royalty, and copyrights), and energy tokens (used in smart city projects, green mining farms, smart houses, and oil fields).
ericfaulkner999 9 december 2020, 6:35

Both lenders and borrowers will benefit from using our customized White label P2P lending software.

Lenders can experience greater returns than what is offered by traditional bank accounts, use a proprietary credit algorithm to reduce any unnecessary contingencies, and get a regular monthly payment of EMI.

Borrowers can make use of a lot of advantages by availing credit at low interest rates when compared to the high charges levied by financial institutions, need not submit any collateral, experience faster disbursement of loans, less documentation, can obtain loans for all personal and professional purposes, and no prepayment charges will be levied.

The procedure we have incorporated in our White label lending platform is registration by the user on the platform, uploading the required documents, undergoing KYC verification and risk assessment, borrower listing the loan requirement, an interested lender will directly connect himself to the borrower, fund the loan after going through the relevant loan documentation, and the borrower will be expected to repay the loan fully on time.

Our p2p lending software solutions arrangements incorporate individual advances, credit for little and medium organizations, medical care advances, home advances, travel advances, and giving vehicle advances for the two people and establishments who are in critical need of credit.

The cycle that we have set up is clients need to join on the stage, gain admittance to various tweaked advance choices, pick a financially doable advance proposal alongside the loan cost, length, and installment choices, and get the necessary measure of assets straightforwardly credited to their ledger.
ericfaulkner999 8 december 2020, 6:16

Take over the market from ICO’s, IEO’s, and IPO’s by indulging in security token offering marketing.

We undertake the following steps like preparation of the whitepaper, creating an interactive website, sharing attractive content to your target audience, organizing a PR campaign, doing SEO, social media promotion, distributing bonus tokens through bounty programs, and getting the STO listed in the top exchanges in the market, and tracking the performance of the token regularly.

The five pillars that we strictly follow are deal marketing, STO marketing consultancy, formulation of an STO marketing strategy, proxy marketing, and extensive STO market research.
ericfaulkner999 1 december 2020, 10:06

Receive the most advanced features and supreme functionalities by investing in LocalBitcoins exchange clone scripts.

The features offered are the support for numerous digital currencies, multilingual technical support, a powerful matching engine, real-time information about pricing and market movement, a secure escrow wallet, a swift dispute resolution mechanism, over the counter trading facility, and a preferred trading option.
ericfaulkner999 30 november 2020, 10:49

We are proficient in launching Security token offering development on platforms like Ethereum, Stellar, and EOS by developing ERC-20, ERC-721, and ST-20 tokens.

The features we offer are quick settlement, easy transfer of ownership, fractionalization, reduction in operational costs, legally compliant tokens, access to the top global investment programs, maintenance of transparency, and automated investor rights.
ericfaulkner999 28 november 2020, 7:50

As a pioneer StableCoin development services provider in the industry for a long time, we assure scalability, creation of trust in the minds of the investors, complete decentralization, transparency, fluidity, and easy exchange on the major crypto platforms in the market.

We develop commodity-backed, fiat-backed, gold-backed, cryptocurrency-backed, and seigniorage-backed stablecoins.
ericfaulkner999 26 november 2020, 8:12

It is one of the most famous ready-made cryptocurrency platforms that has created the hype among the crypto entrepreneurs to build and launch their own exchange like Localbitcoin. Getting it from scratch is difficult, but the readymade one really helps.
One can enable peer to peer crypto trading using readymade local bitcoin clones. It makes trading trading discreet and direct. In this case, accountability of the trading is assured through review and rating function.
ericfaulkner999 19 november 2020, 8:34

Get help from security token development to build the trust of investors. STO development services can give you authorization in profit sharing rights, buy back rights, equity at each level and dividends. A team with good technical expertise will be availed to you here. All you need to do is to discuss your thoughts with them and get the service delivered.
Get a rich experience of STO development through our market-leading STO development company. There are issues of gas prices, network overcrowding, and protocols to be followed. To get over these issues, our company has developed customized scalable blockchains and smart contracts to fit your requirements on Ethereum, Stellar or Hyperledger.
Security token development is a source of liquidity which has many added advantages like attracting global investors, access to the market independently, affordable rates with faster execution, fractional ownership, and reach in the market to potential investors. They offer services like landing page optimization, legal services, marketing an exchange platform, and ETO development.
ericfaulkner999 18 november 2020, 10:32
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