Recently, more and more news appears like "video chips are not enough", "processor shortage", "laptop supplies are under threat." And this is not just news, but a reflection of reality, which is even worse than it might seem. According to experts, problems in the semiconductor market will persist until the end of this year.

The main reason is the digitalization of everything and everyone, the transition to online, the increase in traffic volumes, etc. The industry turned out to be unprepared for the post-covid reality. As a result, we have a global shortage in the chip market that threatens the normal operation of many industries, from automotive to laptop and industrial systems.
Skull 15 march 2021, 16:11

The story of how NASA, ESA, the Danish Technological University, neural networks, decision trees and other good people helped me find the best free hectare in the Far East, as well as in Africa, South America and other "so-so" places.

kleop 22 september 2017, 8:56

imageWorker is a source of ideas, and not just a pair of working hands.
Bias of Priene.

IT-companies are highly flexible and able to adapt to the changing market conditions quickly, the recent global crisis clearly has demonstrated that ability. In the conditions, which turned around as cause for a significant drop for the companies in other sectors of the economy, IT-companies were able to survive and even show some growth. This is despite the fact that budgets for IT-companies and many market participants were substantially revised in time of crisis. An important factor that provides the ability not only to survive, but to grow is the central position of specialist in the production structure of IT-company. The main costs and the resulting profits are dependent from the people that directly are involved in the process of creating a product, and not from the technical equipment of company. So, for example, the software developing company is able to build its capacity, involving in the development of a greater number of specialists, and increasing their professional level, while for other companies in other sectors the growth will be associated with the development of material and technical resources. IT-companies are able more effectively to realize their potential in the promising new fields without the significant increase of costs in the changing market conditions.
Pirat 26 october 2011, 12:36