Well, you just became a boss. Now everyone will follow your advice, and your specifications will be cited in the JIRA. Your creation will be forever, and while you are here, nobody can destroy it. To celebrate that, you drink a quarter of gallon of Scotch whisky, and on Monday you come with a dreadful hangover, ready to create!

The first day. Separate light from darkness.

So all you have – that is a lot of information dust: wants, demands, ideas, posts and forum trends. Today, your main task to choose the right direction and finally understand what is good and bad.

Do not try to sit down and write specifications. Dedicate this day struggling with a hangover and socializing with anyone who in any way will be associated with this project.

Talk to your customers, users, listen to the skeptics, drink Alka-Seltzer, eat a delicious lunch with homemade soup, and when you will be ready, open your notebook and begin to create.
BumBum 2 january 2012, 16:02