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Believe it or not, there's a lot to get excited about in winter. Last minute ski deals are definitely worth waiting for, but in the meantime, now is the perfect time to start planning your next trip to the Alps.

One of the most important things to research while you’re waiting for last minute ski deals to come up is the kind of gear you need to take. If you’re the type who wants value for your money, you’re in luck: off-season is the ideal time to get the best bargains for your gear and outerwear. And since you’re getting them at a lower cost, you may be able to get the best, most-cutting edge gear to make you stand out in regards to style, but also help improve your skills (and safety) on the slopes. Here are a few items you might want to consider buying before you set on on those last minute ski deals.


Of course, the main purpose of a helmet is to protect your head from injury, so maximum impact protection is the first thing you should look for. A helmet with MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) protects you by reducing the rotational force on your skull in the event of a fall or a collision. Beyond basic protection, there are a whole slew of ‘smart’ helmets that feature an assortment of upgrades, from GPS tracking to Wi-Fi connectivity and even fog lights and built-in speakers for your music.


Skis are another piece of equipment that has come a long way. Modern skis are lighter, thinner, tougher, and utilise high-tech materials such as carbon fibre and other hybrids. These provide optimum control, aid aerodynamics, and maximise shock absorption and scratch resistance. If you’re a hard-core ski buff, you can even have bespoke skis made to your specifications, utilising such amazing materials as cedar wood or Alpine granite. Make sure you also look for the best boots, liners, and bindings for your skis; comfort, fit, flex, range of movement, insulation and temperature management, and impact protection are only some of the considerations when choosing the perfect footwear for your needs.


If you’re considering cross-country skiing or just planning to spend all day on the slopes, a backpack with an emergency snow kit is a must. Water, food, a first-aid kit, and extra clothing are some necessities you should bring. In addition, having a fire-making kit, flares/flashlights, a knife, and some hard candies can also come in handy if you get lost, as would extra cords, duct tape, and carbiners in the event of your gear becoming damaged. Modern ski backpacks are lighter, stronger, and more streamlined, ensuring that they don’t hinder your movements. For extra security, get an avalanche airbag, such as one from JetForce, which can lift you to the snow surface or create an air pocket in the event of an avalanche.

Ski Jackets

Modern ski jackets are not only incredibly stylish and flattering and help you stand out on the slopes, but they can also help improve your performance and even save your life! Look for breathable, waterproof, and stretchable material, and a design that incorporates air vents, which help regulate body heat. Additional padding would also be helpful in the event of impact. Jackets made using Condura fabric, known for its durability and tear resistance-free Web Content, can also help prevent injury.
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alontom 30 october 2021, 9:50

tldr: both, but for now everything is in our hands
Translated from a blog post by Derek Lowe, PhD in Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Development Specialist, Columnist for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Chemistry World.

Cover picture: SARS-CoV-2 phylogenetic tree of genomes, circles indicate samples of the last two months, colors indicate different clades. A source: nextstrain.org

Headlines about all kinds of COVID-19 options have been proliferating lately. Some of these materials are simple reports on what is happening ("there was a variant of such and such, but here - here such and such"), but some of them give off an outright alarmism. And although I cannot say that in fact everything is in chocolate, but I am one of those who call for calmness.
Where do the options come from?
The first thing to remember is that SARS-CoV-2 variants began to emerge from the very first days of the pandemic. To put it more, anyone who is infected with the coronavirus almost certainly serves as a laboratory for the production of many variants during the course of the disease. It's just that the vast majority of these options are less viable than the original ones that gave rise to them, so they will never make themselves felt. No sooner had we discovered them than they were already gone: and all because they do not have a reproductive advantage (or even obvious disadvantages) in comparison with the original. By the way, the situation is similar with the human body itself: the bulk of point mutations do not manifest themselves in any way, and of those that do appear, most make only worse, sometimes significantly. Beneficial mutations are rare.
Skull 4 may 2021, 11:29


Engineers hinted that they hid an encrypted message in a parachute, with which the Perseverance rover landed. It took enthusiasts several hours to solve this puzzle.

When NASA's Perseverance rover crossed the atmosphere of Mars last week , the video camera on the device recorded the dizzying deployment of the parachute, decorated with red-orange and white spots.

A secret message was encoded in these spots.

During a press conference on Monday, Allen Chen , the engineer in charge of the landing system spoke about what could be seen and learned from the slow-motion video.

He added, cryptically and nonchalantly, that his team hopes to inspire others. “Sometimes we leave messages in our work so others can find them and get a dose of motivation,” he said. "Therefore, we invite all of you to participate and show your work."
MeLavi 4 may 2021, 11:27

In the comments under the previous entry about the apocalypse in Iceland, the people did not mind if I told about the unique original - Easter Island. I'll tell you a little.

There is one beautiful and exotic place on our planet: Easter Island. Now it is a practically barren land triangle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, slightly larger than Kostroma. But this was not always the case, and about 500 years ago, this wilderness was the center of one of the most unusual civilizations in the world.

This civilization created its own pantheon, unique writing and remarkable moai monuments, but then it actually self-destructed, and by the time the Europeans arrived, only a couple of thousand inhabitants remained on the island, diving back into the Stone Age.

imageWhat happened? If you read the history of the settlement of the island (the first settlers arrived there on giant rafts, which were so huge by those standards that even "hare passengers" were buried there), then they had to go through a lot. For example, the first detachment of scouts that set off BEFORE the main "wagon train" disappeared into the ocean and for this received one of the iconic compositions on the island of 7 statues.
MeLavi 16 april 2021, 15:52

This is where our hero is at the moment.

Representatives of NASA and JPL immediately after the successful arrival of the rover to Mars gave a press conference, and then shared additional information - about the future fate of the rover. "Seven minutes of horror" did not frighten anyone (although it made them worry), but now the most interesting part begins - the exploration of the Red Planet.

We know where the rover is, but we want to see what surrounds it with our own eyes. And soon such an opportunity will present itself. Plus a lot more interesting things.
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xially 16 april 2021, 15:51

There are many examples of a man-made nightmare created by man in the world. What is more amusing, the current example is revered today as an example of avaricious northern beauty, although a thousand years ago it could have claimed the status of “northern paradise”. What is this example?


Iceland before the settlement of the first people was, for a minute, for a THIRD occupied by the forest. Yes, this forest consisted of Icelandic birch, not the best tree. But he was, and the first settlers-Scandinavians, who arrived in the midst of the climatic optimum, liked the island hefty.

A lot of free land, optimum + Gulf Stream - it's not too hot outside, of course, but not too cold. Forests, fresh water ...

The "extra" forests were the first to go for firewood - after all, the sheep need to be grazed somewhere. When firewood was not needed, the forest was simply burned. Then they began to cut down for the sake of wood, since the fin forest did not provide the island for it, and it was expensive to transport logs from the continent.
KlauS 5 april 2021, 19:46

Legislative initiatives, especially in the United States, have often become the subject of irrepressible controversy and sincere misunderstanding. So today I want to tell you about bill 246 - a legal act that was considered in the Senate of Indiana in 1897.

imageThree years earlier, rural physician Edward Goodwin (1825-1902), who considered himself a good mathematician, published an article in the American Mathematical Months in which he claimed to have solved the problem of squaring the circle.
Papay 2 april 2021, 17:08

imageA few days ago, researchers drilled the Antarctic shelf in order to take samples of sediments on the ocean floor. Instead, they found a colony of animals that couldn't be there. About their find tells Wired.

To study the history of the continental shelf, geologist James Smith and colleagues wanted to collect sediments on the seabed beneath Antarctica. To get there, they had to melt 20 tons of snow and create 20,000 liters of hot water. This water was pumped into a pipe lowered into a well. Which gradually melted the ice and sank lower and lower. It took them 20 hours to break through a kilometer of ice in this way.

imageimage After that, the geologists lowered a soil collection tool along with a GoPro camera into the borehole. But the manifold returned empty. They tried again. It's still empty. It was not possible to collect any soil.
Siera 25 march 2021, 19:03


You are at an altitude of ten kilometers, and you fall without a parachute. You have little chance, but a small number of people, finding themselves in a similar situation, managed to survive.
6:59:00, altitude 10,000 m

You went to bed early yesterday and you had an early flight today. You fall asleep shortly after takeoff. And suddenly you wake up abruptly - cold air whistles around you and a noise is heard. Terrible and loud. Where I am? - you think. Where is the plane?

You are at an altitude of 10 km. One. And you fall.
Skull 23 march 2021, 13:15

When humans settled in Central America (about 15,000 years ago), they didn't have to domesticate the avocado. Pick these wonderful fruits from the tree and eat. Save the bones and plant wherever you want. No fiddling around raising fruitful varieties from wild ancestors. These are not millennia-long attempts to domesticate corn.

But how did it turn out so well? The fact is that all the breeding work, even before people, was done by someone else, simple, but big. And people came to everything ready.

imageTo understand how this happened, let's observe how natural selection works in plants. To win the competition, they have to come up with clever breeding methods. The task is to spread the seeds over a large area.

If your seeds just fell and rotted under the tree, there is little use. Part of it will certainly germinate, an even smaller part will survive to adulthood. But the population of such trees is at great risk, because the parent is competing with its own children in a small area. You need to spread in all directions and occupy free spaces, then the species will flourish.
xially 22 march 2021, 17:55
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