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7-Zip Developer Releases Official Linux Build 22 Years After Windows Release

The 7-Zip archiver does an excellent job of compressing data efficiently. It can be called a "Swiss knife" in the world of archivers. It supports various compression algorithms and a wide variety of data formats such as ZIP, gzip, tar and RAR. A separate plus is that the archiver is free.

The first version of 7-Zip was released on July 18, 1999; in a relatively short time, the archiver could become very popular. A relative disadvantage of 7-Zip is that there is only a version for Windows (official client). But now, after only 22 years, there is also a version for Linux, an official build from the developers.

Linux release released this week ... Version 21.01 is available for both Linux and Windows. The developer's site has options for different systems, including 32-bit, 64-bit, x86, and ARM.

The Linux version received no less features and capabilities than the Windows release. The only thing: for now - you can work with 7-Zip only in the command line, there is no graphical interface. Perhaps it will be released in another couple of decades, who knows.

Of course, besides the official version, there are also unofficial builds for Linux. The most famous p7zip has been around for several years. The developer of the archiver knows about it, and the release says that "the official build is similar to p7zip, but not identical to it." By the way, Igor Pavlov released the official console version of 7-zip for Linux along with the release of version 21.01 for Windows due to the fact that the p7zip project has not received updates for five years. Perhaps, if not for this fact, the official build of the archiver would not have existed until now.

As for the new version of 7-zip for Windows, then, as always, the developer has added a number of improvements and fixes. Bugs fixed, ARM64 support improved.
KlauS 29 march 2021, 13:37
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