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Utilizing every resource intelligently is imperative for every organization as they are the most high-priced investments of any business. Moreover, organizations spend a lot of time and cost in creating the right talent pool. Therefore, when their skills and competencies are tapped to their maximum potential, it enhances overall efficiency and profitability.

Resource management has become an integral part of any business today. It has emerged as an independent discipline after organizations became complex with matrix structure and expanded in multiple geographies.

Efficient project resource management provides centralized data into a single repository and provides a single version of the truth.

Its components include resource scheduling, resource forecasting & planning, capacity planning, business intelligence/reporting, integration with other related applications, and more.

This blog explains all its necessary concepts and aims to steer you through a successful journey as a resource manager.

Let’s begin with what is resource management,

1. Definition of Resource Management
Resource Management is the process of planning, scheduling, forecasting, and optimizing the entire resource lifecycle for successful project delivery. It helps unleash the maximum potential of each resource, improve business profitability, and beat market volatility.

Learn the Key Concepts of Resource Management

2. Importance of Resource Management
Resource management plays a significant role in improving a business’s profitability and sustainability. Let’s highlight how enterprise resource management can help in contributing to both the top line and bottom line of any business.

1. Minimize project resource costs significantly
According to Deloitte, “Cost reduction takes precedence over other business initiatives.”

With enterprise-wide visibility, resource managers can utilize cost-effective global resources from low-cost locations. Having the right mix of local and global resources helps in reducing project costs. Allocating the right resource for the right project enables them to complete the delivery within time and budget. Resource managers can control costs by distributing key resources uniformly across all projects instead of a high-priority project.

2. Improving effective/billable resource utilization
Resource management software helps managers forecast the workforce’s utilization in advance. Accordingly, resources can be mobilized from non-billable to billable and strategic work. Sometimes when resources are rolled off from projects, there isn’t any suitable work to engage them. So, eventually, these resources end up on the bench. Resource managers can initially engage these resources in non-billable work before quickly assigning them to suitable billable/strategic projects

What is Resource Management and its importance?

3. Bridge the capacity vs. demand gap proactively
Demand forecasting, a function of project resource management, allows managers to foresee the resource demand ahead of time. It enables them to assess and analyze the skills gap within the existing capacity. After identifying the shortages and excesses, resource managers can formulate an action plan to proactively bridge the capacity vs demand gap proactively.

4. Use scarce resources effectively in a matrix organization
The resource management process brings transparency in communication and hence facilitates to effectively share highly skilled resources in a matrix organization. The scarce resources can be utilized across different projects rather than one high-priority project. The shared services model will also form teams cutting across multiple geographies for 24 * 7 support operations.

5. Monitor and improve organization health index
Employees look up to their leaders for their professional development. Failing to motivate and provide career development opportunities will predominantly lead to reduced engagement, productivity, and unplanned attrition. Regular monitoring of their skills and performances is beneficial to help them improve and add more value to the organization.

Let’s dive deep into the major components and concepts of resource management,

What is Resource Management and its importance?

3. Resource Management Concepts & its Components
1. Resource scheduling
Resource scheduling involves identifying and allocating resources for a specific period to different project tasks. These tasks can be anything from billable, non-billable, or BAU work.

With a centralized Gantt chart view of the enterprise, resource scheduling eliminates silos of spreadsheets. It also facilitates you to deploy the competent resources to the right job to finish the project within budget and time.

2. Resource utilization
Resource utilization measures the amount of time spent by the employees on different project tasks against their availability. It is a key performance indicator in the modern business landscape as it directly influences the firm’s bottom line.

Utilization can be measured in terms of :

Overall resource utilization
Billable utilization
Strategic utilization
Non-billable utilization
Resource Managers can proactively mobilize resources from non-billable to billable/ strategic tasks and maximize their billable utilization.

3. Resource forecasting
Resource forecasting helps managers predict resource utilization levels in advance and foresee the resources likely to end up on the bench. In addition to these, they can also stay forewarned of the required capacity for pipeline projects.

Leveraging this information, one can

Mobilize the resources to billable tasks from non-billable or BAU activities.
Ensure effective bench management
Bridge the capacity and demand gap
4. Resource and capacity planning
Resource planning is the comprehensive process of planning, forecasting, allocating, and utilizing the workforce most efficiently and intelligently. Resource capacity planning is an undertaking to analyze and bridge the capacity and demand gap well ahead of the curve.

These two components are vital to ensure that none of the project vacancies go unfilled or excess capacity gets wasted. Simply put, resource and capacity planning maximize optimal utilization and timely project deliveries.

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5. Business intelligence and reports
Business intelligence provides actionable insights by performing extensive data analysis. Using real-time data, individualized reports, and dashboards on important resource management metrics are generated. These reports strengthen the managers’ decision-making abilities and allow them to monitor the overall resource health index.

Now that we are aware of the significant components and resource management concepts. Let’s understand what skills can help a manager ace this multi-layered process,

The Art of Managing Resources Across Multiple Projects

4. Resource management skills that every manager should have
Resource managers have multiple responsibilities to account for when managing the most significant investment of the firm. From understanding the talent pool to being the key link between PMOs and the workforce, they have a lot on their to-do list.

Here’s a list of must-have skills for a manager to streamline this complex process:

1. Communication skills
Resource managers are accountable for fulfilling resource requests from project managers by assigning the job to the right resource. Since they act as mediators in this process, it’s imperative to have exemplary communication skills. It will enable them to explain the roles and responsibilities to the resources better while also making reasoning with the project managers seamless.

2. Conflict resolution
Often multiple project managers end up requesting similar-skilled resources. In this case, if the project prioritization criteria are not in place, it may lead to conflicts. Also, a lack of transparency in defining goals and objectives can lead to resources being clueless, which can also result in discrepancies. It’s the job of a resource manager to intervene, set the expectations right, and ensure that everyone is on the same page to keep the work going. This is why conflict resolution skill is a mandate.

Enterprise Risk Management Framework: 8 Core Components

3. Domain knowledge
Since the onus is on resource managers to allocate the right resource to the right job, it’s important that they understand the skillset very well. If a resource manager with no engineering knowledge is working for an engineering firm, it will put forth resource planning challenges in the long run. For this, they must have domain expertise to get more clarity.

4. Proactive planning
Every project manager aims to complete the project within time and budget, which makes forward planning a critical aspect. Since success highly relies on the workforce, resource managers need to be extremely proactive to fulfill the demand. They should be quick-witted to make calculated decisions about implementing the right resourcing treatments.

The Holygrail of Resource Planning

5. Negotiation skills
Resource planning is a complex job and brings forward a myriad of challenges for the resource manager. For example, a project manager has requested an employee with advanced-level technical skills. If one skill is missing and it’s expensive to hire another resource, managers have to convince the project owners. In such cases, managers must be able to negotiate well and get the job done.

6. Risk management
What if a resource takes prolonged unplanned leaves? What happens if there is unplanned attrition? A running project can come to a halt. How would a resource manager tackle this situation? If they have a backup plan in place, these situations will seem easy to deal with. Risks are inevitable in the project landscape. Thus, resource managers should hone their risk management skills with forward planning to keep the project going.


These are some of the imperative skills for a resource manager. Let’s now understand what kinds of businesses require resource management.

5. Types of Businesses that Require Enterprise Resource Management?
Organizations with a matrix-based set-up, cross-functional teams, and a shared-services model require enterprise resource management. The level of complexity to which they adopt the business processes depends on their size and functions. Today resource management is part of every organization’s DNA.

Industries such as IT services, construction & engineering, audit & accounting, and professional services organizations, etc. have implemented robust resource management processes.

Other crucial factors that constitute the need for resource management are firms working on multiple projects in ad-hoc environments. It means that they are exposed to several changing variables like project priorities, resource availabilities, and budget constraints.

These complexities demand enterprise-wide visibility and real-time updates to help the managers stay informed at all times. They need to manage their resources diligently and finish the projects within budget and time. Therefore, organizations need to invest in resource management solutions for effectively utilizing their resources irrespective of the industry type.

Formulating a resource management framework is only half the battle won. It is equally important to implement this strategy using an appropriate resource management tool to suit organizational needs. Otherwise, poor resource management will have an adverse effect on the entire resource pool and the firm’s reputation.

The Ultimate Guide to an Efficient Resource Management
Here are some of the consequences,

6. Consequences of Poor Resource Management Strategy
1. Increased project costs
Incompetent allocation or booking high-cost resources instead of the low-cost but similarly skilled workforce spikes project budget. Since the resources’ skills and competencies are not leveraged most effectively, project costs will increase, causing unnecessary budget overruns.

2. Reduced employee performance
Poor employee performance is the first and foremost indicator of sub-optimal resource management. Unrealistic expectations, over-allocations, or bookings without considering employee interests and skills can contribute to reduced engagement and productivity. It will adversely affect the project’s quality and lower down employee morale.

What is Resource Management and its importance?

3. High employee turnover
Employees feel disengaged and dissatisfied when their strengths and skills are not exploited at their best. Over-utilization due to unrealistic deadlines can lead to employee burnout. These circumstances can compel your valued talent pool to look for opportunities elsewhere, which will gradually increase employee turnover.

4. Delays in meeting project deadlines
Without visibility of team members and their skill set, resources may get allocated to projects that do not match their competencies. It can result in delivery delays as significant time will be spent to learn on the job before becoming productive. Delays in meeting deadlines also blow up project costs.

5. Client dissatisfaction and loss of business
Inefficient resource management practices lead to poor resource allocation, which causes teams to put in longer hours for meeting project goals. Tight deadlines and a heavy workload can put the team under pressure, thereby increasing the likelihood of errors. Delayed delivery, compromised quality, and budget spike jeopardize project health resulting in client dissatisfaction and eventually business loss.

The decision-makers must therefore formulate an efficient resource management plan to avoid facing these consequences. Managers can formulate this plan using advanced resource management software.

What is Resource Management and its importance?

7. Resource Management trends to look forward to
The emergence of innovative and advanced technology has created a paradigm shift in the ways resources are managed. Modern tools are developed using Business Intelligence that provides precise insights into resource metrics and promotes data-driven decisions.

Here is the list of trends you will witness in the near future:

1. Going beyond simple scheduling and planning tools
Most of the resource managers implement basic scheduling and planning tools to allocate tasks to resources. However, as mentioned earlier, resource management goes beyond these concepts and covers a lot more. Thus, firms will soon start investing in a holistic tool that maintains a single version of the truth across the enterprise and provides all features under one roof.

2. Replacing guesstimations with real-time forecasting to plan future projects
Resource managers still deploy resourcing treatments based on mere assumptions and guesstimations. A modern tool will replace that with real-time forecasting. Managers will get precise foresight into project resource demands, resource availability, utilization, and more.

3. Using Business Intelligence to derive reports and maximize utilization
Modern software is integrated with business intelligence that derives information from the data and provides intuitive reports in real-time. Managers can use these reports to their advantage to assess and improve various metrics. For instance, they can maximize productive utilization of the workforce, which will enhance their productivity.

4. Switching from emails to a well-formulated resource requisition workflow
Project and resource managers still send endless trails of emails to get the required resources. Resource management software will change this by helping you form a resource requisition workflow. The first-come, first-serve basis will become obsolete, and priority projects will take precedence. Moreover, it will form an audit trail that will give absolute transparency to the stakeholders and management.

5. Implementing modeling & simulation to form the best-fit resource plan
Creating a resource plan involves a lot of analysis to eliminate potential bottlenecks in the future. An advanced tool brings a compelling feature ‘what-if analysis’ into the picture. Resource managers can leverage it to simulate different variables, form the best-fit resource plan and mitigate against the potential risks.

6. Empowering employees to choose their areas of interest
Businesses have restructured to become employee-centric which helps them grow professionally while the project needs are taken care of. To stay one step ahead, managers can now create an open seat for relevant project positions and allow employees to choose their areas of interest. It will enable them to diversify their portfolio, hone their skills, and escalate productivity.

7. Introducing a well-defined out-rotation policy for employee retention
When a critical resource is working on one project, managers tend to deploy the same resource to similar projects in the future. It creates a limitation for the employees as they don’t get to work on multi-faceted projects. Thus, resource managers must formulate a well-defined out-rotation policy that will provide fair chances to every employee to polish their expertise.

These are some of the resource management trends that will facilitate managers to unleash the maximum potential of their workforce and maintain a competitive edge.

8. Over to you
It is now evident that resource management is crucial for the success of any business. Resource management is not a ‘one size fits all’ process. Every organization operates differently and therefore needs a tailored resource management plan that suits their needs.

The concepts mentioned above and tips will help you formulate the right resource management strategy for your firm.

What process do you follow to ensure efficient management of resources?

9. The Glossary
A Comprehensive Guide to Resource Planning in Project Management

10. The Saviom Solution
SAVIOM is the market leader for more than 20 years in providing efficient and configurable solutions for managing the workforce. It has been deployed by many Fortune 500 companies across the globe. SAVIOM also provides tools for project portfolio management, professional service automation, and workforce planning software. Contact us for a free trial and we will provide a customized solution to solve all your project resource related challenges.
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UAE is known for its hot climate with a mixed terrain consisting of mountains and deserts. However, the best part is that the road infrastructure in the UAE does not compromise with your ride. The UAE people have a liking towards SUVs due to their fascination with off-road and desert driving. Be it road-tripping across the country or dune bashing, one thing for sure – you will need an SUV or a 4×4.

If you are wondering what affordable yet reliable SUV to purchase in the UAE, then continue reading:

Mitsubishi Outlander
This is a seven-seater SUV having seven airbags for utmost safety. It is known for its extreme ride and has a transition time of 10.8 sec from 0 to 100km/h. Other SUV features include above-average fuel efficiency, Hill Start Assist, and a tire pressure monitoring system. If you are someone looking for a balance between work and play, this is the right choice.

Features of the SUV –

The SUV is priced between AED 79,500 – AED 117,900.
It is packed with a 2360cc engine that comes with 165hp.
The transmission is CVT.
It is a 5 and 7 seater(optional).
The length of the car is 4695mm, and the width of the car is 1810mm.
The wheelbase is at 2670mm.

Honda CR-V
The Honda CR-V is a 5 seater SUV built for style. It packs a 184 horsepower engine and comes with a CVT transmission. The transmission time is clocked at 8.5s from 0 to 100km/h. The SUV isn’t a sigh when it comes to comfort. The SUV interior is tweaked with colossal legroom and headroom space and ensures utmost comfort and luxury. Another essential thing about this SUV is its fuel economy, making it one safe and luxurious vehicle off-road. This is no doubt one of the most affordable SUVs in the UAE.

Features of the SUV –

THE SUV is priced between AED 94,900 – AED 119,595
It comes with a 2399cc engine and packing 184hp.
It has a CVT transmission.
The SUV is 5 seater.
The length of the car is 586mm, and the width is 1855mm.
The wheelbase of the car is 2660mm.

GMC Terrain
This SUV comes with a 170horsepower engine built for an adventurous ride. The transition time is 9.2s from 0 to 100km/h. One of the facts about this SUV is that it comes with a powerful turbo-diesel engine. The car has also taken care of its comfort section with a two-row seat design, ensuring enough legroom and space for rear seats. The SUV is also equipped with a fantastic infotainment system equipped with the latest features that are easy to navigate and enjoy.

Features of the SUV –

This SUV is priced between AED 98,000 to AED 143,000.
The SUV comes with a 1490cc, 170hp turbo diesel engine.
It comes with automatic transmission.
It is a 5 seater SUV.
The length of the car is 4630mm, and the width is 1839mm.
The wheelbase of the car is 2725mm.

Jeep Compass
The Jeep Compass is true to its name, comprising features from the jeep family for a timeless appeal. One unique feature of this SUV is a 7-inch touchscreen with a dazzling interior like its predecessors. Another feature is its all-wheel-drive mode that ensures better handling and safety. The transition time of this SUV is under 10 seconds for 0 to 100km/h. This SUV is built for having the utmost fun while riding through the deserts of the UAE.

Features of the SUV –

The SUV is priced between AED 89,900 to AED 119,900.
It comes with a 2360 cc, 182hp engine.
It has an automatic transmission.
The SUV is 5 seater.
The length of the SUV is 4394mm, while the breadth is 1874mm.
The wheelbase is 2636mm.

Hyundai Tucson
Tucson is known as one of the best and affordable SUVs in the UAE. With a recent rework, the SUV indeed looks pretty. The SUV comes with brilliant projector lights, 18-inch alloys, cornering fog lights with an impressive rear end. The SUV is also packed with a 7-inch touchscreen for the music system compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink.

Features of the SUV –

The SUV is priced between AED 85,000 to 120,000.
It is packed with a 2400cc, 173hp engine.
It has an automatic transmission system.
This is a 5 seater SUV.
The length of the car is 4475mm, and the width is 1850mm.
The wheelbase is 2670mm.
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Does Your Car Insurance Provider Offer Vehicle Damage By Animals

Animals can pose a real threat to your car, whether it’s a collision with a camel or other damages caused by smaller animals. Considering the fact that your car gets damaged by these altercations, it’s necessary to check whether your insurance covers these damages.

Such risks from animals can come in any form – from a goat stomping on your car to a rundown with a camel. There is a certain risk factor related to these altercations, which can lead to significant damage to your vehicle. Therefore, one crucial question you should ask yourself is whether your car insurance online or offline provider offers coverage against animal damage or not.

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage against animal damage for both minor and major damages. However, it depends on the sole approval of your insurance provider and the insurance policy. But keep in mind, Third-Party Liability insurance does not cover own damage, nor does it provide coverage against animal damage.

Animal damages can be covered as a total “peril” in some jurisdictions, but there is little chance of injury from a collision with animals. Fortunately, in the UAE, that’s not the case. But always care in places where an animal collision is a possibility, i.e. desert roads. Be alert and mindful of your involvement not only from an insurance viewpoint but also from a legal perspective, since it might still be a crime in some Emirates to hit and kill a camel!

While many of us live in urban areas in the UAE and hardly face any actual animal injury threats along the road, animal injuries are more frequent than one would expect. In an effort to reduce the number of such incidents in the Emirate, Ras Al Khaima also constructed an underpass, especially for camels to cross the route, reporting 213 animal accidents in 2015.

And the damage to the car isn’t the only issue. In 2016, after a serious collision with campers on the road, two men died; in particular, when you enjoy stays and travel by highway among various wildlife areas in the UAE, animals can pose a real threat to your personal safety in the UAE.
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TikTok is marketing is one of the most popular and a great channel for your business growth and brand reachability. If you decide to start a new small business online, TikTok is a great network. because TikTok has around 800 million active users every day.
Most of the business owners don’t know how to use TikTok properly, how to gain more audience, etc,. Because they consider it is only entertaining and the young user base tool.
But now TikTok is a great place and it attracts a wider range of people every second. TikTok offers massive opportunities for all business people to develop their brand and business.
In this article, we will understand the awesome TikTok marketing strategy that succeeds in your business.
Make TikTok Branded Videos
After you create a TikTok account click on the plus sign, then you will see the screen that allows you to record your video. You can make a short video or combine a maximum of 60-second videos. TikTok offers a lot of effects and filters to make your video more beautiful and also you can change your appearance. After you record your video, you can use the post-production area to add some additional effects to your videos like voice effects and filters. After you make the effective videos, you can go through the upload process.
Use Right TikTok Hashtags
If you upload your videos on your TikTok page, you need to receive the audience in your content on TikTok. If you want a wider audience on your page, you need to put some effects on TikTok SEO. It means you are optimizing your content, this helps to display when TikTok users search hashtags on the platform. So, you need to use some relevant hashtags whatever you post content.
TikTok Ads
It is one of the effective ways to market your business on this platform. TikTok offers different kinds of ad products such as In-feed ads, Top view ads, Brand takeovers, Branded hashtags, and Branded effects. One of the advantages of TikTok ads is you don't have to spend your time growing a TikTok audience. If you set up an ad campaign, then you can reach your target audience within 24 hours easily. If you buy TikTok likes for brand success and you can interact with a wider audience and advertise your brand across the world. If you follow this method, you can reach people who are actively engaging with the TikTok network.
Influencer Marketing On TikTok
Most of the popular marketers use influencer marketing to increase sales growth and reach brand identity. It is one of the popular and fastest-growing methods to get better on a social media platform. But, you must find a good influencer relevant to your industry.
TikTok Marketing Analytics
At last, analytics is one of the essential parts of all social media networks. According to the research, most marketers decide to develop their strategy based only on the detailed analytics data. Keep track of your TikTok analytics to improve the way you create awesome content in the future.
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Twitter is one of the great social media platforms for every individual and business people run their twitter account successfully. This will bring many benefits to your twitter account including driving traffic to your website, providing more audience, getting more information about what the industry trends are, and so on. In this article, let us focus on some practical tips and techniques on how to run your twitter account successfully.

<h2>Hashtag Tips</h2>
Hashtags are really helpful to search for interesting and relevant content. Also, this will help users find your tweet whether they are about your brand, products, services, and industry trends. Hashtags are used to reach your social media presence and they can spread your tweet across the world. This will also help to analyze the performance of your tweets. So, choosing some right and trending hashtags are good to reach your profile all over twitter accounts.

<h2>Tips For Content</h2>
A twitter account with thoughtful content ranks higher in search engines. Tweeting high-quality content is a great rule in social media. Your twitter account should be a variety of contents. You need to create a tweet with effective and innovative content. Interactions are the keystone of a successful Twitter presence. Very effective and quality contents get more interactions. GIFs, images, videos, quotes, and infographics are some attractive ideas to enrich your content.

<h2>Tweet Others Content</h2>
Tweets from other twitter users are a great content origin for your twitter profile. User-generated content always provides great social proof. So, search some valuable and relevant content from other content and retweet that content on your Twitter account. Retweets are one of the great ideas to run your tweet for all twitter users. So, you can buy real twitter retweets manually, your social proof will be increased extremely. Also, you are able to communicate with thousands of people at one time. If someone retweets your tweet for the first time they will ask your tweet for their audience again, their audience asks retweet for their followers, and so on. So, each retweet asks another retweet for thousands of twitter users.

<h2>Post Regularly</h2>
This method is treated for every social media. Frequently tweets get more engagement as always. You need to tweet your post every day to get more reach and visibility. Make sure to post a variety of content every day. Schedule your tweet time and tweet count then post that number tweet at the correct time. Up to sharing 5 tweets per day is the best count for all twitter users.

<h2>Add Other Website Link</h2>
If you feel you are increasing your popularity you can provide other social media or websites or blog links on your Twitter account. This will help other users to follow you on the twitter platform.

<h2>Twitter Graphics Tips</h2>
Twitter is not a visual platform, but it allows and encourages visually related tweets. Visual tweets always get more attention and engagement than without using visuals. Creating eye-popping graphics, images, and videos will build more attention to your tweets and twitter account.

<h2>Create a Profile</h2>
When you are active on every social media platform, try to use the same profile picture on every platform. People always interested in your product will immediately know they are the right and trusted social media users. Also, both profile and background photos should look great and be attentive to you and your brand.

<h2>Tweet Entertainment</h2>
Twitter shows the result, most of the visual tweets are more popular containing visual contents. Make sure to find funny and interactive videos then tweet those videos on your Twitter account. Because most of the people are likely to watch very funny and interactive videos.

<h2>Make Conversations</h2>
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YouTube has been in the new other social media marketing not for the positive, it is for the brand’s safety where influencers have started the collaboration with the brands which want to promote the brand using the influencers.

Create Engaging content

Some mistake that YouTube is the success when the video has become viral. Some think that making cats video or prank shows helps in engaging the video content. Brands must not always choose YouTube for their promotional purposes. They instead go for other entertaining social media platforms. You need to create engaging, entertaining, and educational related videos which will be the most engaging videos. Google, which is considered as the first search engine, displays YouTube videos that are related to the searches displayed in the search engine ranking pages. Nowadays, YouTube overcomes Tv videos as users replace them instead of Tv.

Be Constant

Most of the YouTube channel is more constant about sharing the videos. Most of the influencers and big brands post videos in a regular period of time that may be videos at the weekend or every couple of days. Brands need to be consistent in planning the content and creating videos that need to be unique.

SetUp A Community

There are many users who are passive where the users just view the video and they may not interact. Creating a loyal and engaging audience is important for creating a community to build highly engaging subscribers. Many businesses build the channel to have interaction and cross-promote the videos to other social media platforms to increase the subscribers.

UpLift Your Channel

It is important to have comments on the videos, which increases the brand’s loyalty. You can also Buying YouTube Commentsamong the audience. The best tool is choosing cards for the promotions which will pop up in the videos which help in where the card can be linked to any other external links or websites which help in a click away elsewhere.

Enhance For Search

The quality of the content should be consistent where YouTube videos are getting maximum engagement and views. How to get your videos optimized for the searches? There are many easy ways that help in the keywords in the titles which add relevant tags to the videos and description which suits the video.

Videos On Mobile

Most of the users watch YouTube at home, where three in four adult users are using smartphones on YouTube. When compared to traditional Tv, most of the users take part in the activity like cleaning their house, and when it comes to YouTube, they might not be comfortable with the other works. Mobile strategy is the best way to deliver the content with engaging content with the time content.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers have the best relationships with brands as they collaborate with the partnerships. YouTube has a crackdown on problems with the influencers. When collaborating with the brands, they have the potential to promote the videos.

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YouTube is the leading video streaming platform. It is a video marketing platform for people to share videos with each other in the digitized world. This marketplace has 1.5 billion users every month. Every minute of 500 hours of videos is uploaded on YouTube.
YouTube has the second-Largest search engine apart from the Google platform. Average 80% of internet users spend the most time on YouTube and watch 50 videos every month. Almost all ages of people are using YouTube for their entertainment and requirements.
YouTube is mostly preferred for enhancing your business and reaching out to the audience via videos. You can post the video on YouTube, and people will react to the videos like shares, comments, likes & dislikes, and maybe an interesting audience subscribes to your channel.
Types of YouTube Channel:
1) Personal Account: This account has the personal account name and adding a profile photo of Google Account.
2) Brand Account: This account has a different name of your channel, it's not dependent on your Google Account.
3) Creating your own channel: You can start the YouTube channel with your kind of interest. It can be several steps to begin your journey as a YouTuber.
Attached your Gmail account on YouTube website and created the other your channel
Fill the information and upload the profile photo (250 x 250 px)
Add a description of your channel with relevant keywords and add a youtube link with your social media pages.
Upload Channel Art to your YouTube Channel

Video Marketing Strategy
The most important step is to develop the video strategy of your channel. Minimum 1000’s videos are uploading on YouTube from various niches. Your channel must stand out in their crowd. Hence, your brand or business will be unique, and you get more viewers and subscribers to built your business
While creating your videos, Target your audience, and their problems, needs, solutions, etc. The videos most relevant to the audience are likely to get the views, watch time, and subscribers. Buying subscribers for your channel is helpful for business growth on YouTube.
Implement your unique ideas and stand out from your niches. You can get help from your pioneers, but you won’t have copied the style repeatedly. Check your competitors and their methods, and you can follow your originality.
Combine with celebrities on the platform and make your videos with your style. This way helps to develop your exposure throughout the initial stages. And you have to get massive traffic, and a new audience visits your channel. This technique will do with influencer marketing and paid sponsorship.
Design your videos with a unique style like funny, quirky, and different from the overall brand. Create a curiosity among the YouTube audience and grow famous. Most of the channels are popular in their innovative ideas.
Consistency is an essential part of video marketing. Many channels become viral overnight, but they miss their consequence because of inconsistency. Plan the video post schedule priority and post the videos in your channel.
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MailsDaddy office 365 Backup Tool creates the backup of the cloud mailbox of Exchange Online into PST, MSG, MBOX, and EML format. It works on the Windows platform to give the best Office 365 backup solution with no difficulty. It does not involve any complex steps or options to export Office 365 mailbox to PST file.


• It designed on GUI-Based.
• Simple and cost-effective solution.
• Backup entire O365 at once.
• Never damaged any single item.
• Never disturbs the HTML formatting.
• Gives an error-free result.
• Backup multiple O365 mailboxes.

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MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Migration Tool supports the inaccessible or damaged Outlook OST file, recovers them, and then moves OST to Exchange Online. It is also compatible with any offline, Hotmail, Exchange Server, and IMAP OSTs to the O365 account. One can easily download this OST to Office 365 converter and upload OST data file to Exchange Online using its simple graphical user interface. It offers users the direct method to migrate On-Premise OST to O365. It is Windows-based software with varied features to execute an error-free OST data conversion process to Office 365 Online Archive, Primary, and Shared mailbox.

A well-developed utility to perform a customize OST to O365 data conversion. The Free edition of the application helps users to migrate the top 20 data of each folder or the OST mailbox.

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MailsDaddy PST to Office 365 Migration Tool is a simple interface solution and operates using the graphical user interface. It equipped with advanced features to provide the best migration process from PST to Exchange Online. The tool designed with clickable options that a user can choose according to their need and perform the single, bulk or Impersonation export. It supports the Windows OS to run the software and upload PST file to Office 365 account.


• An independent utility capable to perform without Microsoft Outlook.
• Migrates offline PST file to O365 Primary, Shared, & Archive mailbox.
• Keeps the Outlook PST file in their original track and never damages them.
• Even the novice users without any advanced technical knowledge use it.
• Cost-effective and prominent solution to export PST to Office 365.

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