Recently, NASA and ESA published to the public fascinating photo of visible part of the universe. Source is Hubble Ultra Deep Field. On the photo, you can count 10 thousand galaxies and even more stars. It should be noted that you can see a lot of points with different colors. These are galaxies too.
Pirat 5 june 2014, 8:27

I remember when I was a child I loved playing in the sandbox, and I was lucky too, because my neighbor was a truck driver, who regularly filled the sandbox with the clean river sand. Probably, many of you remember the pleasure of playing with the sand (for example, it is so popular to build the sand castles and sculptures at the beach), therefore, the researchers at the University of California are not exception. Namely, they have created a high-tech sandbox, adding to the normal process of playing with the sand a little augmented reality.
Pirat 13 may 2012, 5:18


Scientists still have not known how the autofocus functions in the human eye and other animals. We know that it functions extremely fast and accurately. When the brain gets blurred image it instantly measures the distance to the object and changes the focal length, the curvature of crystalline lens to get a clear image on the retina.

There is a question, how does a focusing mechanism function in the human visual system? Now, the biologists have come close to answering this question. Experts from the Center of Perceptual Systems, University of Texas at Austin (USA) have developed a self-learning statistical algorithm, which eventually learned quickly and accurately to calculate the defocusing degree of any fragment of the blurred image.
Skull 16 december 2011, 12:54

Cinemagraph was created during New York Fashion Week last month.

The rising stars Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg are the duo that stands behind the wildly popular Tumblr blog From Me To You.

(Some people might say that these stars have risen considering their recent campaign with Ralph Lauren and Juicy Couture, a photo-article in the New York Times and the appearance in Lucky Magazine, but we are confident that this is only the beginning.)
Skull 12 october 2011, 12:03