Conspiracy Theory

[Scene: the office of a computer manufacturer is located in Silicon Valley in early 90s]

- I have a great idea!

image- Bump off.image

- Do you know how the young boys outstrip and trample in the mud the old-timer programmers? These kids just graduated from a college, and they are scribbling the code in C and C + + faster than we experienced old farts, that chicken shit gets me.

- I have had it too. Look at the last trainee, who rewrote the management of memory pages in the kernel ...

- That was the worst review in my life. Well, why don’t we create a new language? It would be so cool and structured, and all that, watch here it could be completely isolated from the OS.

- It is like BASIC?

- Exactly! It will be impossible to do something right in that.

- I understand. Such a language would be great for teaching

- Let us palm off it and will look like real one. Then, all colleges will begin to teach it, and when our competitors will get it, that one will give them some real troubles.

- It is a clever idea.

- Then the kids will be graduating from college without knowing anything about processors, memory and input-output, in addition they will never even hear about the XOR, and they will go working for some companies, thinking that they know everything. In 10-20 years ...

- We will be safe. They will not get even near the kernel. We will give them some bogus excuse about the wrapping layer over all native calls, everywhere will be blocking I / O, and we will make the graphics in the style of X Windows for the user interfaces. Yeah. I like it.

- How do we name it?
Pirat 4 december 2011, 22:44
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