50 quotes about programming of all time

Here are 50 best quotes of famous people where you can find answers to most questions that you have.

50. Today programming is a race of software developers who want to write better idiot-proof programs and the universe that is trying to create bigger and better idiots. For the present the universe is winning.
- Rick Cook

49. Lisp is not the language, and it is the building material.
- Alan Kay

48. Walking on water, and developing programs, following the specification is very simple ... if they are frozen.
- Edward V. Berard

47. They do not make bugs like Bunny (Bugs Bunny).
- Olav Mjelde

46. Low-level language is when you want to focus on things that have nothing to do with the programs in that language.
- Alan J. Perlis

45. Programming in C looks like a fast dance of people with sharp razors in their hands on just polished floor.
- Waldi Ravens

44. I have always dreamed of my computer that can be used as easily as a phone, and my dream came true: I cannot figure out how to use my phone.
- Bjarne Stroustrup

43. Programming education cannot teach to be an expert, as well as the study of brushes and paints cannot turn anyone into an artist.
- Eric S. Raymond

42. Do not worry, if something does not work. If everything worked, you would be fired.
- Mosher's Law of Software Engineering

41. I think that Microsoft named technology Net so it will not show up in the list of directories Unix.
- Oktal

40. Well, Java could be a good example of what the language should look like. But then the Java programs are good examples of what software should not be written.
- Pixadel

39. Considering the current poor state of our programs, we can say that programming is still a black art, and so far we cannot call it a technical discipline.
- Bill Clinton

38. Using COBOL cripples the mind; hence, teaching this language should be considered as a criminal offense.
- E. W. Dijkstra

37. The object-oriented version of "spaghetti code", surely is "lasagna code" (a lot of layers).
- Roberto Waltman

36. FORTRAN is not a flower, it is a weed: it is hardy sometimes it blooms and grows in every computer.
- Alan J. Perlis

,35. It was a mystery for me for a long time how something very expensive and sophisticated could be so useless. And soon I realized that is a computer, it is a stupid machine with its ability to perform incredibly smart things, while the programmers that are smart people who have the talent to do the incredible stupidity. In short, they found each other.
- Bill Bryson

34. According to me selfish opinion, most C programs must be formatted with margins of 2 meters down and covered with earth.
- Blair P. Houghton

33. When someone says: “I want a programming language that can do everything what I will say", then I give this man a lollipop.
- Alan J. Perlis

32. The evolution of languages: FORTRAN is not a strongly typed language, C is a poorly typed language. Ada is a strongly typed language. C + + is a strongly hyped language.
- Ron Sercely

31. A good design adds value quickly than its cost.
- Thomas C. Gale

30. If we call the Python as a replacement for BASIC, then the transformer Optimus Prime is only the replacement for the truck.
- Cory Dodt

29. Talk is worthless. Show me the code.
- Linus Torvalds

28. As it can be seen, perfection is achieved, not when there's nothing to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

27. C is a quirky, imperfect, but it is incredibly successful language.
- Dennis M. Ritchie

26. In theory, theory and practice are inseparable. In practice, they are not.
- Yoggi Berra

25. You cannot create good programs without a good team, but most software teams behave like a problematic family.
- Jim McCarthy

24. PHP is a little evil, created by incompetent novices, while Perl is a great and insidious evil, created by skilled but perverted professionals.
- Jon Ribbens

23. Programming is like kicking yourself in the face, sooner or later, your nose will bleed.
- Kyle Woodbury

22. Perl is a language that looks the same before and after RSA encryption ...
- Keith Bostic
21. It is much easier to port a shell than a shell script.
- Larry Wall

20. I invented the term "object-oriented", but I can say that I did not mean C + + at the same time.
- Alan Kay

19. Learning to program has the same relation to the design of interactive systems, such as learning to touch typing the poetry.
- Ted Nelson

18. The best programmers are not better than good ones. They are much better than by any standard: the conceptual thinking, speed, ingenuity and ability to find solutions.
- Randall E. Stross

17. If McDonalds was like a software company, one in a hundred Big Macs would be poisoned, and their response would be: "We are sorry, here is a coupon for two more Big Macs".
- Mark Minasi

16. Watch out for bugs in the code above, I have only proved correctness, but not run it.
- Donald E. Knuth

15. Analysis of computer systems is like the child-rearing, we can cause great harm, but we cannot guarantee success.
- Tom DeMarco

14. I do not care whether it works on your machines! We do not give them to customer!
- Vidiu Platon

13. Sometimes, it is better to stay home in bed on Monday, than to spend the whole week debugging the code that was written on Monday.
- Christopher Thompson

12. Measuring productivity of programming by counting lines of code, it is like to evaluate the aircraft by its weight.
- Bill Gates

11. Debugging code is twice harder than writing it. So if you write the code as cleverly as you can, then you are by definition not smart to debug it.
- Brian W. Kernighan.

10. People believe that programming is science for chosen ones, but in reality it is the opposite, just a lot of people are creating programs that use other people's programs, as if building a wall of the small blocks.
- Donald Knuth

9. First, you learn the science of programming and the whole theory. Further, you develop your programming style. Then, you forget everything and just program it.
- George Carrette

8. Many of you are familiar with the qualities of a programmer. There are only three, and of course they are: laziness, impatience, and hubris.
- Larry Wall

7. Today, most programs are like the Egyptian pyramids that were made of millions bricks on top of each other without the structural integrity, they just were built by brute force of thousands of slaves.
- Alan Kay

6. The difficulty of working with programmer is that you cannot understand what he was doing until it was too late.
- Seymour Cray

5. Iteration is peculiar to a man, recursion is divine.
- L. Peter Deutsch

4. I was asked twice [by the members of Parliament]: "Mr. Babbage, what happens if you type into the machine wrong figures? Could we get the right answer? "I cannot even imagine what confusion in my head that could lead to such a question.
- Charles Babbage

3. Most good programmers do their work not because they expect to get paid or get recognition, but because they enjoy the programming.
- Linus Torvalds

2. Always write your code as it will be maintained by the psychopath who knows where you live.
- Martin Golding

1. There are two ways to create a program design. One of them is to make it so simple that it obviously will not have any drawbacks. The other way is to make it so complicated that it will not have any obvious drawbacks.
- C.A. R. Hoare

I hope you will like these programming quotes if you have some to add, do so.

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