Recently, I have come across a great website, which explains and shows in details the structure of most types of engines. I will try to retell the most important things in short. But first, I want to ask you a couple of questions.

Can you explain to your girlfriend the difference between a diesel and a gasoline engines? What is the difference between four and two stroke engines? No? Then I invite you to read this article.

Four stroke engine

The four stroke engine was first introduced by German engineer Nikolaus Otto in 1876, and it is also known as the Otto cycle from then on. But it is more correct to call it a four stroke cycle. This engine is probably one of the most common engine types of these days. It is used in almost all cars and trucks.
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Pirat 23 march 2012, 12:50

I just recently have come across a hit parade of the most annoying things for the programmer on the internet.

Here they are:

10. Comments that explain “how” but do not explain “why”

In the university where I was a student studying a course of programming, we were taught to make detailed comments to the code. It’s better to have too many comments than to have too few. Unfortunately, sometimes this advice grows into the paranoia, namely programmer comments every single line of code. For example:

$r = $n / 2; // Set $r to $n divided by 2

// Loop while $r - ($n/$r) is greater than $t
while ( abs( $r - ($n/$r) ) > $t ) {
$r = 0.5 * ( $r + ($n/$r) ); // Set $r to half of $r + ($n/$r)
Skull 15 february 2012, 19:47

Here are 50 best quotes of famous people where you can find answers to most questions that you have.

50. Today programming is a race of software developers who want to write better idiot-proof programs and the universe that is trying to create bigger and better idiots. For the present the universe is winning.
- Rick Cook

49. Lisp is not the language, and it is the building material.
- Alan Kay

48. Walking on water, and developing programs, following the specification is very simple ... if they are frozen.
- Edward V. Berard

47. They do not make bugs like Bunny (Bugs Bunny).
- Olav Mjelde
Killer 12 february 2012, 13:27

[Scene: the office of a computer manufacturer is located in Silicon Valley in early 90s]

- I have a great idea!

image- Bump off.image

- Do you know how the young boys outstrip and trample in the mud the old-timer programmers? These kids just graduated from a college, and they are scribbling the code in C and C + + faster than we experienced old farts, that chicken shit gets me.

- I have had it too. Look at the last trainee, who rewrote the management of memory pages in the kernel ...

- That was the worst review in my life. Well, why don’t we create a new language? It would be so cool and structured, and all that, watch here it could be completely isolated from the OS.
Pirat 4 december 2011, 22:44